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Proposed changes to Researches

[UPDATE] 14/11/2017 – Changed cost of research points on some of the proposed changes. Old “new” values are marked in red. Hello guys, It has been for some time that we want to update some of the technologies to make

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Morale system: First stage [decision]

Hello again guys, After a lot of feedback and subsequently some more internal discussions, we have come to a decision about our implementation strategy for the new morale changes.  We decided that the deactivation of morale on world wonder islands

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Morale System: First Stage [UPDATED]

(21/09/17) After listening to your feedback and discussing with the team, we decided to tweek the proposed changes. Here is how it looks now: Normal calculation still applies but with an added layer. We increase the minimum morale based on

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Current and future Heroes of War

Hello everyone, I want to take a moment to get your feedback about a couple of our heroes and give you an idea of what we are planning for the future. As of now, there are a few heroes that

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