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The Inner Council’s summary of the first Player Council term

As many of you know, the first term of council has come to an end… We’re sad to end this first term, but are even excited to see what is to come from future Grepolis Player Council members! With elections

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New endgame: Domination

Hello everyone, After 7 long years (one for each World Wonder :)) we are finally working on a new endgame – in close collaboration with the Player Council, and drawing inspiration from Tribal Wars our “ancestor in spirit”. We finally bring

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Morale system: First stage [decision]

Hello again guys, After a lot of feedback and subsequently some more internal discussions, we have come to a decision about our implementation strategy for the new morale changes.  We decided that the deactivation of morale on world wonder islands

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Morale System: First Stage [UPDATED]

(21/09/17) After listening to your feedback and discussing with the team, we decided to tweek the proposed changes. Here is how it looks now: Normal calculation still applies but with an added layer. We increase the minimum morale based on

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Winners of Grepolis Classic

Dear Community, Today we are happy to announce the winners of our classic world “Antiquity”! 1) bambuletka (267,670 points, 31 cities) 2) sztok (249,023 points, 24 cities) 3) AK1105 (219,053 points, 19 cities) 4) ADAM (202,690 points, 20 cities) 5)

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Current and future Heroes of War

Hello everyone, I want to take a moment to get your feedback about a couple of our heroes and give you an idea of what we are planning for the future. As of now, there are a few heroes that

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Celebrating 10 years of InnoGames with Grepolis Classic

​ InnoGames is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year – and we have a great reason for you to celebrate as well! From July 3rd to July 31st you can take a trip down memory lane and play Grepolis version

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Community update: week 19 & 20

Dear Community, we have a fresh community update for you. Here is what you need to know for calendar weeks 19 and 20: Suprises in upcoming months We have quite some surprises planned for this summer and our development team

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Updating the forum layout – part 2

Hey there! This is a quick follow-up post in regards to our progress with the new forum layout. We have gathered a lot of feedback in the past weeks, for the theme itself and the announced features. The overall consensus

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Early colonizations -The fight for survival of new players

Hey you! Today I’m gonna present to you an improvement for the early game phase of Grepolis. We consider it to be specifically helpful to new players and to be appreciated by the adaptable longtime players as it offers more

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