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Giving birth to a god – and the challenges that come with it.

It is done, ship it! In November we opened the first batch of worlds with Aphrodite, the first new god addition to Grepolis since 2012. She is one of 2 new gods that we’re introducing to our beloved game, Grepolis,

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Why the Christmas peace time wasn’t so peaceful…

Dear players, As probably a lot of you have experienced or at least got to know, our peace time didn’t really feel like bringing peace into the game this year. And unfortunately, this didn’t happen for the first time in

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What happened to push notifications?

Recently we had a major problem with the push notifications in the Grepolis app that sadly affected our live version. This was especially bad for our players because it meant the attack alarm wasn’t working, which is a vital part

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Daily Beta updates

Here at Grepolis we really appreciate the time players on our beta market take to test new features and give us feedback. We’ve been looking for ways to make this feedback system faster and more beneficial for both the development

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How We Taught Math To Hades

Recently we have implemented many new rituals that cause a side effect for spells of our gods. One of them is the Divine Aura which has a side effect to the spell City Protection of Athena: Aura Of Healing. When that

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Lost Messages

Today we would like to explain the recent issue we had with the messages which got lost and recovered, to let you know why and how it happened and also to give you some technical details on how we treated

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