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Morale system: First stage [decision]

Hello again guys, After a lot of feedback and subsequently some more internal discussions, we have come to a decision about our implementation strategy for the new morale changes.  We decided that the deactivation of morale on world wonder islands

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Community update: week 37 & 38

Dear Community, The past two weeks have been quite eventful for us as we decided on some important upcoming changes and prepared for the annual celebration of Grepolis’ release in 2009. Read on to learn everything you need to know

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Morale System: First Stage [UPDATED]

(21/09/17) After listening to your feedback and discussing with the team, we decided to tweek the proposed changes. Here is how it looks now: Normal calculation still applies but with an added layer. We increase the minimum morale based on

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Community update: week 35 & 36

Dear Community, Have you missed us already? Good thing we have the new community update for you today! Here’s all you need to know for calendar weeks 35 and 36… Player Council elections Those of you following our forum announcements

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