New Endgame: Temple hunt – Part 1

Hello everyone, once again I come to you with a new endgame. We are in the early stages of this concept, and just like we did with Domination we want to hear your thoughts and suggestions about it. Just remember

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June community update

Dear Grepolis fans, as the month of June is almost over, and summer is visiting even the usually-cold Hamburg, we are bringing to you another community update. Enjoy reading! Summer Grepolympia On June 24th, another edition of Grepolympia started on

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May community update

Dear Grepolis players, it is time for another community update! Let’s see what cool updates we have brought to the game over the last few weeks… Changes in Hero exclusivity status Every time a hero is added to the game

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March community update and Gold Exchange

Dear Grepolis Players, welcome to another community update. This time, we will mention some cool new features already available on our testing servers. Attack screen changes With version 2.185, we will add to the game a new, reworked attack window.

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February community update

Dear community, Can you believe it is already 2019? After a busy end to 2018, we are happy to bring you yet another community update! What happened since last update? What will come in the future? Casual Worlds After releasing

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Community update – new features and Domination

Dear community, Last months were very busy for us with new endgame preparation, but don’t worry – we did not forget about this DevBlog! Let’s sum up the coolest of the changes we brought to the game since the last

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Summary of the first Player Council term 2 event (July 13th, 2018)

Dear Grepolis Players, We are happy to report you about our work as Inner Player Council members and the first official event – a video conference – we had with the following participants: Innogames: Thorsten Schankin (Product Manager), Bernard Graham (Game

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Community update: week 23 & 24

Dear community, Another week means yet another community update. We hope you will enjoy reading this week’s post and leave some comments! Greek Cup – let’s get the ball rolling Have you seen our new awesome video? Bernard (Game Designer)

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Community update: week 21 & 22

Dear community, We are thrilled to bring you yet another community update. Upcoming world starts and Domination Do you remember Domination endgame that Bernard mentioned in his last blog posts? Next week we will start 21 new worlds and 3

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Community update: week 19 & 20

Dear community, We are thrilled to bring you yet another community update. Player council – election results The elections for the Local Player Council have ended on May 13th. You will soon find a list of elected members on the

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