Community update: week 19 & 20

Dear Community, we have a fresh community update for you. Here is what you need to know for calendar weeks 19 and 20: Suprises in upcoming months We have quite some surprises planned for this summer and our development team

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Community Update: week 17 & 18

Dear Community, Time flies, doesn’t it? It’s time for a new community update. Let’s see what there is to share this week, shall we? Ongoing island quest improvements and more information on settlements The past weeks we have continued working

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Community Update: week 15 & 16

Dear Community, We hope you enjoyed a few days of easter peace time if that was the case in your community. Now let’s get back to the game with the community update for calendar weeks 15 and 16! Easter event and

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Updating the forum layout – part 2

Hey there! This is a quick follow-up post in regards to our progress with the new forum layout. We have gathered a lot of feedback in the past weeks, for the theme itself and the announced features. The overall consensus

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Community update: week 13 & 14

Dear Community, Have you already been waiting for our community update? Good, you shall have it! Easter preparations and concept reviews Easter is around the corner and we will re-launch our Easter event – Trial of the Slingers. Become a

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Community update: week 11 & 12

Dear Community, Welcome to the community update. Here is a quick summary of what happened in calendar weeks 11 and 12 and a small outlook for future development. Researching changes in early game phase & new forum layout proposals In

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Early colonizations -The fight for survival of new players

Hey you! Today I’m gonna present to you an improvement for the early game phase of Grepolis. We consider it to be specifically helpful to new players and to be appreciated by the adaptable longtime players as it offers more

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Updating the forum layout

Hey everyone! The forum users among you may know that we have switched to a new forum software and design last year. Ever since then we have received valuable feedback about the overall style and usability of the forums. In

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Community update: week 9 & 10

Dear Community, It’s time for another Community update. Let’s get to all the good stuff, shall we? Research, preparations & more changes to come! Yesterday we started testing the announced changes to the island quest system that Andreas has outlined

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Community update: week 7 & 8

Dear Community, We hope you had a wonderful time with your loved ones on February 14th!  Here is our community update for calendar weeks 7 and 8. Valentine’s day and Grepolympic ambitions On February 14th, Thessalonike the Mermaid paid a

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