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How We Taught Math To Hades

Recently we have implemented many new rituals that cause a side effect for spells of our gods. One of them is the Divine Aura which has a side effect to the spell City Protection of Athena: Aura Of Healing. When that

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Community Update: Week 48

So today was the last role out to 2.75! and it now active in all communities with the new balancing adjustments. Christmas event So this past week we have worked on many preparations for our Christmas event, but it is

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Community Update: Week 47

We got to work this week on an old issue, for quite some time our communities complained that it was time to revive the game graphics and this week we present the new city animations! Christmas! Thankfully with our beta

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Community Update: Week 46

This week we brought live a super fast edition of our Christmas event to the beta community! And the team is already working on the newly found bugs! Halloween Just ended this week, and we were happy to see that

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Community Update: Week 45

This week since I wasn’t in the office the team did manage to do many things, but most of the work was focused on Tyches return for this upcoming holidays! Halloween Halloween is almost over, and we hope you got

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