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Community update: Week 30

Dear Community, As our event is coming to an end, the team decided to raise the bar to a whole new level of development, we call it live updates on beta, Jareth wrote a pretty nice article about this. With

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Daily Beta updates

Here at Grepolis we really appreciate the time players on our beta market take to test new features and give us feedback. We’ve been looking for ways to make this feedback system faster and more beneficial for both the development

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Community update: Week 29

Dear Community, So this week both our teams and our players are still getting used to the new forum, and at the same time we are working on improving some visual aspects of the forums. Also this week we deployed

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Community update: Week 28

Dear Community, During this week we have been completing our forum migrations, things are still not at 100% but very close. Also this week we launched our Sparta vs Hades event, and released a new version for our browser.  

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Community update: Week 27

Dear Community, So last week we had several community managers here in the office, and the team got to brainstorm and also listen carefully to our communities concerns and complains. From this meeting and with self-aware of our past mistakes,

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