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Community update: Week 35

Dear Community, This week we updated the app to version 2.119, merging with this version 2.118. Now it is possible to reserve cities directly from the player profile screen. The team has also been working on something special for the

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Community update: Week 34

Dear Community, This week the team has been polishing our fall surprise as well as the app, we have continued with the daily updates on beta, have you checked it out? What do you think about this? Weekly Stats The

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Community update: Week 33

Dear Community, This week we continued to update beta each day, and we are ready for a new world wide release. On this new version 2.119 we bring you an easier way to reserve cities straight from the players profile. And

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What happened to push notifications?

Recently we had a major problem with the push notifications in the Grepolis app that sadly affected our live version. This was especially bad for our players because it meant the attack alarm wasn’t working, which is a vital part

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Community update: Week 32

Dear Community, This week we deployed a major update to the Grepolisscore with many new awards. But the team is already working on a new version and deploying daily updates already in beta, so go take a look! Weekly Stats

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Community update: Week 31

Dear Community, On Monday the continuous deployment started on Beta, so we are updating the game with version 2.119 every day.  We have a super contest on Facebook. The new update is almost ready to be deployed next week. Also next

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