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Insights on The Senate Revamp (App)

On the long run of the whole app UI refactoring, one next important step is to rework the senate screen. The senate is a key screen in Grepolis, and beyond the “cosmetic” adaptation to the new bright paper style, we

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Community Update: Week 51

We are also getting ready for Christmas, and todays update is quite short, as our update cycle will be of 3 weeks for a bit. But, small reminder! Don’t forget to get your daily gift from Tyche! I would also

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Community Update: Week 50

So have you collect all shards and unlocked Tyche special prize? If not you still have a few days, but don’t leave it for the last minute. Browser progress We have been hyping for quite sometime the newest changes in

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New community suggestions to come!

Some weeks ago we got a bunch of community requests from all over the world. Thanks for all these interesting suggestions. We want to implement as many as we can, so we estimated the effort for the most easiest ones

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Community Update: Week 49

Tyche, Tyche, tyche! Where is my present? As you know Tyche is the best ally anyone could dream of for this season, every day aa new gift is there waiting for you. Version 2.76 We are quite satisfied with this

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