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Community update: Week 47

So winter has arrived with the cold and the festive holidays. But the teams have been working on our next typical event, getting things ready and crushing many bugs. The browser version The team has been working on version 2.101 and

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Community update: Week 46

One hundred updates to version 2 of our favourite game! It seams like it was last week we were playing the first version of Grepolis and not only we have jumped to a new version as we have gone more

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Runtime “simulator”

From time to time we just have those small, random ideas that sound pretty good and would be easy to implement, but we are sometimes not sure if they will have any obscure side effects. So we thought why not

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Community update: Week 45

As usual, our latest event produced a lot of feedback, and the most important part is that thanks to it we can understand where you want us to go. So as usual, thank you for your support and every idea or

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Community update: Week 44

So how do you like our Halloween event? So far we gathered some valuable feedback, thank you for that! The browser version This cycle we implemented changes to the cultural screen (Agora) accordingly to community requests and feedback. At the same

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