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Updating the forum layout

Hey everyone! The forum users among you may know that we have switched to a new forum software and design last year. Ever since then we have received valuable feedback about the overall style and usability of the forums. In

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New city tooltips?

Wow, it’s already been two months since my last article here … time to show you some more stuff we are currently working on. First, about showing different city states more graphically on the map, namely: cities during  noob protection

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Early Game Changes and New Farming Villages

Today I would like to talk a bit about upcoming changes to the early game. With early game, I mean the first 2 gaming weeks on a new world, especially the time when you have only one town and are busy

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Insights on the Advisors Graphical Redesign (Part 3/3)

As promised, I am now back for the last episode of the advisors revamp, presenting our new 3D workflow along with the more modern look we are aiming for. This is the last post about them before I disclose more details about their

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Insights on the Advisors Graphical Redesign (Part 2/3)

In my last post I shared our redesign process regarding the Commander, from the original design you have known for 5 years to the new style we are aiming for. You might now be curious about the 4 other advisors?

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Insights on the Advisors Graphical Redesign (Part 1/3)

Today, I would like to talk about the advisors. More precisely, on the advisors’ graphics. These characters have been a core feature of Grepolis since the beginning, and they lived through the evolution of the game quite unchanged… until now.

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Insights on The Senate Revamp (App)

On the long run of the whole app UI refactoring, one next important step is to rework the senate screen. The senate is a key screen in Grepolis, and beyond the “cosmetic” adaptation to the new bright paper style, we

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Fullscreen Town Overview

Hey there, this time I would like to provide you a sneak-peek at our upcoming change: The Fullscreen Town Overview. Maybe you would like to know why we are doing this. It’s simple: from time to time, we have to

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Interface Redesign: Final Version

We just wanted to give you an update on the final design of our interface revamp. Thanks to your feedback we were able to tweak and optimize the design which we presented in a previous blog entry. We are very

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Illustration work on heroes

This time, we want to give you some insight into our process on creating our hero-illustrations. The challenge was to fit the images to both the original lore, as well as the requirements set by our Game Design. Pictures are

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