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Community update: Week 12

Dear Community, This week we kicked off with a new article by Thorsten, the System Messages and Grepolis Score, we believe that you will like it, but we still need your feedback just to know if we are on the

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System Messages and Grepolis Score

Hi guys, We have a small work-in-progress for you today. First, we are finally tackling the old system messages. You know them as the red and green stripes that pop up in the game as feedback for an error or

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Community update: Week 11

Dear Community, The team has been working hard to polish the rough edges from the Easter event that is currently live for our beta community. So if you still haven’t seen it, give it a try and leave us your feedback . This

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Community update: Week 10

Dear Community, Last week our UX artist Florian published our ideas about an easier alliance entry. So far we want to thank you for your very constructive and helpful feedback here on the devblog and also on all other forums.

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Easier Alliance Entry

In terms of our accessibility improvements that were mentioned on the roadmap for the first quarter of 2016, we want to simplify the way how to get into an alliance. Joining an alliance is a very useful way for new

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Community update: Week 9

Dear Community, Last Friday we published the new game version 2.107 to beta. In this version we added a shield graphic to cities on the map. This shield is displayed while a player is under beginners’ protection. Additionally, quests that

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