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Community update: Week 42

Dear Community, This week we launched a new version of our app, and browser. We also initiated the activation of the donation screen, unfortunately this will not show previous data before the activation. Weekly Stats The following stats are for

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Four hoplites driving a “sharp” car

Hello guys, the Game Design Team has been talking about the units and their current roles in the game. Thereby the following point is clearly visible. Hoplites and chariots are currently really similar. Both are hybrid units with sharp weapons

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Community update: Week 41

Dear Community, We are currently preparing to deploy one more update, although this week our work was mostly under the hood and improving several thing in the backend and solve some bugs! Weekly Stats The following stats are for activity

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Community update: Week 40

Dear Community, The team just release a new version on our communities, with several bug fixes and a lot of background work for Grepolympia! Weekly Stats The following stats are for activity between the 29th of September and the 5th of October:

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