What’s next with our mobile app

Last time we shared the new mobile user interface (MUI) and asked for your feedback. We read your honest opinions and understood that we still have much work to do for the app to be and have all that our

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Sunsetting the classic app

Dear Grepolis Community, We have an important announcement to share with our dedicated and passionate community about the future of the Grepolis app. As you know, Grepolis classic app has been a beloved part of our journey for a long

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The new Mobile User Interface

Not so long ago, we announce and introduced a new app to Grepolis. Our aim has been to have the same features on your mobile as you have them on your browser. The new app finally brings the full browser

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The new mobile app

Greetings fellow Grepolians! It’s been a while since I had the privilege to write here, I am humbled by the sense of nostalgia, for it has been a long time since posting here, and I hope to improve your day

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Olympus changes 2022

Hello players! As promised in last year’s Community Preview, the development team finished off the year by working on some changes for Olympus based on Community feedback, as well as adding some much missed content from Olympus as an endgame.

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World Wonders Rebalancing

Hello players. In this year’s Community Preview, we announced our intentions to make some balancing changes to World Wonders and Olympus. We’ll cover some of the Olympus changes in a post in a few days, as this one is mostly

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Nerfing a deity – Ares Rebalancing

Hello players! Over the course of the current sprint (2.243), we’ll be making our first batch of rebalancing changes to Ares. These changes are in response to Community feedback since Ares’ release, and we’re hoping, should address the areas where

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Giving birth to a god – and the challenges that come with it.

It is done, ship it! In November we opened the first batch of worlds with Aphrodite, the first new god addition to Grepolis since 2012. She is one of 2 new gods that we’re introducing to our beloved game, Grepolis,

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Olympus (Temple Hunt) Update

Hello everyone,We wanted to give you all an update, as well as a sneak peek into some gorgeous new artwork and game screens which will be used in our endgame. First things first, the name of this upcoming feature was

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Temple Hunt – Sneak peek

Hello everyone, In the continued spirit of sharing our progress, and keeping you up to date on our newest endgame, Temple Hunt, we wanted to share some visual sneak peaks. Our artists have been hard at work creating some awesome

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