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Community update: Week 25

So this week we are all rejoicing in our summer event “commander of Rome” and apparently the bug count on the event was low that left us some extra time to work on some of the community requests. But our

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Early Game Changes and New Farming Villages

Today I would like to talk a bit about upcoming changes to the early game. With early game, I mean the first 2 gaming weeks on a new world, especially the time when you have only one town and are busy

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Community update: Week 24

Here we are at the final countdown for the Commander of Rome, are you as excited about the new event as we are? Starting tomorrow everyone will have the chance to experience first hand what our Beta players have been

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Community update: Week 23

Over the last few days our newest event has been available on our beta community and has gathered a positive feedback form this community.   The browser version This week the team worked mainly in the backstages of the game,

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Market & Trading Screens

We would like to thank you for your feedback regarding the recent changes of the farming villages and today we would like to show you what our designers came up with according to your feedback. At first we would like

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Community update: Week 22

This week we continued to gather the negative feedback of the battle packages, we are aware that this feature is not liked by many and your feedback is valued! We would also like to remind that it is something being

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