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Community update: Week 8

These days the event “In Demeter’s Name” is coming to an end. During the whole event time we received lots of feedback about our changes to the event and about ideas for further improvements and adjustments. We will evaluate everything

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New city tooltips?

Wow, it’s already been two months since my last article here … time to show you some more stuff we are currently working on. First, about showing different city states more graphically on the map, namely: cities duringĀ  noob protection

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Community update: Week 7

The event “In Demeter’s Name” is running for nearly one week now. We got already lots of feedback about it and would like to thank you for sharing your ideas and impressions with us. Mostly the feedback so far has

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Community update: Week 6

So one more week has passed… testing this new event really makes time fly! The browser and app teams This week is update week, and as we roll out the newest and shiniest version of Grepolis to you, our team

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Community update: Week 5

This week we released a new version of our app, that includes the possibility to see published reports in private messages. This was one of the first steps in including a larger plan for the app to support the BB-codes

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