What’s next with our mobile app

Last time we shared the new mobile user interface (MUI) and asked for your feedback. We read your honest opinions and understood that we still have much work to do for the app to be and have all that our players want and need for the truly competitive experience that is Grepolis.

We are dedicated to refining the MUI based on your feedback, focusing on both usability and readability. Our priorities are aligned with player requests, even if we cannot address all of them immediately, we are committed to implementing your requested features.

As such, and based on what our global community has shared we defined some topics to tackle in the upcoming weeks, consider the list below without any priority or order. For example, the server time is right now being tested and hopefully will be out mid October.

Recruiting and Construction Windows – For the two buttons at the top left, the opened windows are replaced by new windows that show the current units or buildings in the queue. There you can finish or cancel running productions. You will also have links to the corresponding windows to start new productions. This was planned this way. That’s why the numbers on the buttons already show the number of productions current running in the queues.

Server time – Time and date will be shown always in the main UI. Overview shortcuts in Activities In the browser UI, you can access some of the advisor overviews directly with one click.

Easier access – We are now adding some direct links to overview tabs in the Activities window to speed up the flow of the game again.

Units View – The display of land and naval units in the active city will be added. Since it is quite a large UI element, you can collapse it like the main menu.

Attack Icon – So far, this is only visible in attacked cities. The attack icon will always be visible in the future, even if there is no attack. So you can use it as a direct link to the commands overview.

Activities Window Tab Numbers – In the browser interface you can see directly at the top how many movements or trades are active in the current city. The activity buttons only show the cumulative amount. When you open the activity window, you will soon have numbers in the tabs that also show you the number of movements etc. in the active city. So you will have the same information as in the browser as long as you have this window open.

Minimised Windows – Of course, we will bring back the function to minimize windows. There will be a special button for this next to the main menu button (bottom left).

Cycle through city groups – We will bring back the functionality to cycle through cities of a city group like in the browser.

Quick Bar – We will enable this shortcuts bar quite similar to how it is in browser. We will also add an option to toggle it on and off in the settings.

Close all Windows Button – Will be added at the same place like in the browser UI.

Spell Button at God – So far we used the context sensitive UI of our old app to limit the amount of shown buttons. But we will separate the spells from the gods so you can easily access temple and spells.

Main menu UX tweaks – The main menu will be open as default when opening the game for a faster session start. We will recolor the inventory number marker so that it is less prominent and distracting.

We have seen and felt your disappointment with the last version of our app. We take this very seriously and will do our best to make sure you can appreciate the full potential of our app soon having a great competitive experience at the tip of your fingers. With the new UI, we believe we have laid the foundation for it to be good to use even on a small phone, despite the browser UI base. Your help is crucial so that we now make the right next steps forward.

We thank you for your honest feedback, both the positive and the negative aspects. Please continue to support us with your feedback, so that together we can make the Grepolis app a real great one.

Looking for answers to the important questions, like: Why have we never been to an empty room?

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3 comments on “What’s next with our mobile app
  1. Jabato says:

    More options are never a bad thing, while you guys work on this new UI would be awesome that there is an option to have the old UI so everyone is happy, i dont see how its a problem to let people who enjoyed the app looking exactly like the brower game. I understand you think this new UI is the future and you guys have invested a lot of time and money on it so keep working at it but PLEASE, let us still be able to have the last UI it was almost perfect it just needed a few more buttoms bigger

  2. SunTsi says:

    I was a very vocal critic of the new app. Glad to see you are taking players feedback seriously and are trying to fix the problems.

  3. yonut says:

    Suggestion: add the numeric attribute to all inputs that are used for units/resources so when focused they will open the numerical keyboard instead of the full keyboard