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Hello players!

As promised in last year’s Community Preview, the development team finished off the year by working on some changes for Olympus based on Community feedback, as well as adding some much missed content from Olympus as an endgame. We will be releasing a new Olympus world next week on Beta. We also have decided to open a single live world with these changes on them, similar to how we’re currently doing with World Wonders, towards the end of March. Providing nothing is super broken, we’ll then release live Olympus Revolt worlds next for all remaining markets. Without further ado, lets get into it!

Temple Buffs Balancing & New Gods

With this batch of changes, we introduce some mechanical improvements, as well as some balance to the buffs offered by our Small & Large Temples for all gods. For Zeus we’re adding a new 4th buff to Large temple, as well as adjusting some of the existing Large Temple buffs for the others (except for Poseidon, who stays the same). We’re also adding Ares and Aphrodite to the game, along with the respective temples.

Below you can see the beautiful illustrations for Aphrodite and Ares’ Large Temples:

For the small temples, these will not be listed here, as the list is quite exhaustive, but the overarching theme is mostly small changes to existing temple buffs to mitigate the effects of having several temples which offer similar or the same buffs. These changes should result in an overall more balanced feel for the game mode.

Below is a table of the new buffs for the 5 gods we’re adjusting, as well as two separate tables for Ares and Aphrodite, and their Small and Large Temples.

GodOld buffs (reference)New Buffs
ZeusAttack bonus – Flying (12%)Attack bonus – mythical (15%)
Defense bonus – naval (10%)
AthenaFavor production (8%)Favor production (20%)
HeraRecruitment time reduction (32%)Recruitment time reduction (40%)
HadesAttack bonus – mythical units (5%)Attack and defense bonus – non-mythical (10%)
ArtemisAttack bonus – Non-mythical land units (25%)Reduced recruitment costs (40%)

Small Temples

AphroditeAttack Defense bonus – Satyr (6 %)
Attack bonus – Siren (8%)
Resource Boost (10%)
Charitable Festival reduced Victory Procession cost (10%) (Improves potency of charitable festival)
Defense bonus (2%)
Defense bonus – Hoplites (15%)
Recruitment cost reduction – Biremes (15%)
Defense bonus – Archers (15%)Portal Temple
AresAttack bonus – Blunt (8%)
Attack bonus – Spartoi (8%)
Attack bonus – Ground non-mythical (8%)
Sacrifice increased Fury generation (15%)
Recruitment time reduction – ground (4.5%)
Recruitment cost reduction – ground (10%)
Attack bonus – all (3%)Portal Temple

Large Temples

AphroditePopulation boost (+50 Population)
Reduced favor cost – mythical units (20%)
Charitable Festival reduced Victory Procession cost (25%) (Improves potency of charitable festival)
AresPopulation boost (+50 Population)
Movement speed all units (15%)
Attack bonus – naval (10%)
Sacrifice increased Fury generation (50%)

We’re changing the distance that temples appear from the center, adjusting the position to be 65% between the center of the world and the far edges (compared to 50% currently). Lastly on the topic of temples, we’re also setting the positioning of Large Temples to be fixed. This final change makes the distribution of these Large Temples predictable, and more balanced, as it doesn’t result in multiple powerful temples in proximity with one another. The distribution is as follows: Zeus -> Athena -> Poseidon -> Hera -> Hades -> Artemis -> Ares -> Aphrodite. The positioning of the temples will be random (for example, Zeus might spawn in the South West) meaning players won’t be able to predict when joining a world which temples they will spawn beside.


The long awaited missing part from Olympus is here. There isn’t a huge amount to say here, other than to clarify a few points:

  • To ensure a competitive gameplay, when being conquered on a revolt world, temples act like player cities, not like ghost towns.
  • Temples will have a ‘blue’ and a ‘red’ phase for revolt, just like a player city.
  • Any player in the alliance can land a colony ship in the temple during red phase to successfully conquer it, not only the player who initiated the revolt.
  • Active revolts are cancelled if the player who initiated the revolt leaves the alliance, or if the alliance is disbanded.
    • If a revolt is cancelled, either from the player leaving, or from another alliance successfully taking over the temple, all members of the alliance will receive a report.
  • The temple info window will indicate ongoing revolts for your own alliance, as well as the phase the revolt is in.

The other really important point to cover here is that this is our first iteration at tackling Revolt on Olympus, and, your feedback will be paramount in understanding if we missed the mark, and what changes we should make in the future. We wanted to deliver the core elements of Revolt to Olympus, and make it available for players in 2022, but with this, we may have to make more changes, similarly to the rebalancing we’ve done with Conquest. So please play it, try it, and break it, so we can improve it for future iterations. We already expect to have to make changes to Revolt Olympus, so more than ever your feedback is needed.

Minimum Attack for Temples

To combat the very significant impact on server performance when temples are under attack, we have introduced a minimum population value for sending attacks to temples. You will now not be able to send an attack to Olympus with fewer than 400 population’s worth of units.

Olympus Curse Fix

Olympus curse will now always kill at least 1 unit. This is to plug the exploit where players supported Olympus in batches of 19 units to avoid the curse.

Cooldown on First Olympus Spawn

Currently, when Olympus first spawns, it is after a fixed 72 hour cooldown after the final Large Temple is conquered. This is generally insufficient time for players to rebuild, especially if the last Large Temple is in contention. Instead, we will bind the cooldown to game speed, with speed 1 being 10 days. The calculation then uses game speed factor to determine the cooldown duration:

1240 hours
2204 hours
3168 hours
4132 hours
596 hours
660 hours

With this change, only speed 6 is faster than the original fixed value of 72 hours, and should give alliances time to rebuild before Olympus spawns.

Remove Attack Visibility on Temples

Currently, the contents of incoming commands to an owned temple can be seen by the temple owner. This results in it becoming virtually impossible for alliances to take a temple from an alliance which owns it. With this change, the contents of incoming commands will be hidden, just like the contents of incoming commands on a regular city.

And that’s all I have for you today! We hope you enjoyed learning about our upcoming changes. Keep an eye on our Beta forums for the first new world coming soon!

Community Management Specialist – Grepolis

Community Management Specialist - Grepolis

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4 comments on “Olympus changes 2022
  1. moonlight says:

    No information on the wall?

    • innogames says:

      Thanks for your response. There are no changes to walls in this rebalancing, no. That isn’t to say we won’t change it, but not in this batch.

  2. Mim le Fay says:

    Looks like well for the moment.

    There is another problem in this case of Olympus Worlds with the Revolt System. Up to know, there is no chance for any Drag- and Drop possibilty for copy revolts to Ingame Forum or Ingames Messages. If there will be so much Revolts for example the Olympus temple where there is a high probability that this will happen it is a must to implement something like the conquering windows for revolt systems. It should be at least have informations about starting Revolts.

    What are your plans in this?

    • innogames says:

      Thanks for your comment, and glad to hear you’re pleased with the concept. For your idea, can you elaborate a little? I’m not sure I quite understand.