Meet the Team

Did you ever wanted to get to know the team behind Grepolis? Here you go!

Team members

Jareth van Bone

What are your responsibilities?
I maintain and improve the code in all three areas of Grepolis – the main game code on backend, the html and javascript for displaying in a browser, and the application code for our mobile app. I enjoy the diversity of working in all the different systems, and having knowledge of all the areas makes it quicker and easier to track down those tricky, cross-system bugs. I also help support the development team by working on the automation and testing tools we use.

Stefanie Schaumburg
Steffi / Naranya
Lead Community Manager

What are your responsibilities?
As Lead Community Manager I coordinate the efforts of all our community teams worldwirde. Being a gamer myself, I know the importance of transparent information sharing while keeping an eye on the needs of both players and the development team. Apart from managing processes as well as making sure that every Community Manager has the tools they need, I also take the feedback we receive from every single market and use it to help guiding product decisions with the community in mind. I represent the community in internal meetings and make sure that your voice is heard. 🙂

Bernard Graham
Game Designer

What are your responsibilities?
As a Game Designer I work to improve Grepolis in anyway I can. I mostly listen to the community (yes, I am talking about you guys), and find good ways to make players life easier and more exiting. I am looking forward to creating and adapting mechanics, to improve the whole experience. I am always open to suggestions and feedback as long as it is polite and has good intentions toward the entire community.

Bernhard Schrader
System Administrator

What are your responsibilities?
Well, the main purpose of my work is to keep the servers running for the players. Updating software like php, nginx and other stuff to keep the games performing as good as possible. I also have an eye on the database backend and telling the team if something isn’t working like it should.
Also if you get a new world, you can be quite sure that I had my hands on it. The bad part of my work is the standby: if for any reason you can’t reach a world during the night, my colleagues or I get a call to get you back in the game as fast as possible. Sometimes it is hard to think straight with only 2 hours of sleep, so please be patient with us 😉

Previous Posters

Marco Behnke

What are your responsibilities?
As a backend-developer I am responsible for the main game code of Grepolis that is running on our servers. This includes programming of new features as well as bug fixing and maintaining old debts.
As a gamer I am playing Grepolis since the end of 2011 until now.

Nils Urban
Nils Urban
Game Designer

What are your responsibilities?
As Game Designer i’m doing my best to provide you with new game features, events and gameplay improvements. Therefore i analyze & play the game likewise to experience and feel the needs of you players. Adapting and modifying the game mechanics to adjust the games balance is another thing i do. Reading the forums, gathering and discussing feedback with my team and the community is part of this as well.

Alexander Kant

What are your responsibilities?
As a part of the great Grepolis Team I do my best to improve the game. This means, I work together with the other guys and girls on new features. Beside developing and testing, I hopefully boost the happiness in the team with my personality and the sweets that I bring in almost every week 🙂

136 comments on “Meet the Team
  1. Aarya says:

    It is really good that u guys r trying to interact with the community and it means a lot to us 🙂

  2. METALEIROG says:

    Hi!Great job you are doing
    But i noticed that you dont talk about the WW´S
    you dont have ideas to change that yet?

    • Marcel Zons says:

      We have some ideas and as soon as we deem our concepts as “ready” we will share our ideas with the community. 🙂

      • METALEIROG says:

        Thanks for the reply
        I´m really excited with this ww´s revision.
        Oh and thank your for be the best and give us the best online game EVER

      • I lost my only city now I have to start over. This game needs a update that dosent let it lose the last city but weaken it. I also want my city back message me in yahoo if you agree because I lost 4 months of work thx to those Jerks of the game.

      • ONYX says:

        Why Ranged weapons no flying units?
        Cutting Weapons: Mantykora
        Blunt: Harpy
        Ranged weapons:? (this may Erynia)

      • Jannika says:

        That’s what we’ve all been waiting for! Great posignt!

  3. Fandovair says:

    I would like to start telling you that I’m Italian and I could do some mistakes.
    I think that to improve horseman’s strength is a very good thing. I do often horsemen, but it could be useful to balance unites training. But I don’t like the fact that your aim is to reduce population required for catapults. I think that in the revolt it could be good because players need catapults very much, but in the siege catapults aren’t necessary and they’re used only by that players who want do a specific kind of game.

  4. buddy1971 says:

    any word on speeding recruitment time ???

  5. Scholz says:

    This is a war game in that seconds can make the different between lost or win. I want timing my attack… captcha is coming. I want send mass mail for support… captcha. We already lost towns or attacks failed coz this damned captcha. Other online games no need this. Stop the captcha !

    • Andy says:

      If you take the anti-timer (I assume thats what you mean by capcha) then timing would just be easy. No strategy in that

      • Geeman says:

        He doesn’t mean the anti-timer he means the Captcha security window that you have to input when either sending a mass mail or now and again during the game.

        I too have had troops/ships land late because the Captcha appears right at the point of sending them!

  6. Dylan (HI McDye) says:

    the amount of mythical powers used to build a manticore is ridiculous and most other mythical units for that matter. Either increase temple productions, or reduce resource and mythical cost.

    HI McDye

  7. Kha Beleth says:

    its a very good game,,,takes a lot of hours to play and have fun…
    thow i could use the new changes that you will make but also i could use some new real fast flying units as only messangers so i can give orders to my supporting troops to go to another city without came to mother city first!!! thank you
    sorry for my english trying to improove them!!

  8. georgebiggdogg says:

    im new to this on line gaming but I like this game very much well done

  9. Knight of Honor says:

    It’s great you finally decided to fix some troops, because the were really useless, but horsemen were good before too and only noobs didn’t recruit them, now I’ll love them more.Other changes are smart too.

    Just a thing…Grepo is very old already so there are some fundamental changes to be done, because all this becomes boring for players who have been playing for 2+ years.I suggest adding more nations and besides adding heros like in many browser games would be good.

  10. claussboss says:

    I play this game for a long time and I still practice when i have time 🙂 , is very good, only sometimes I think I grow up too slowly (ex. culture points,)

  11. Rowan Dubin-Masuck says:

    I would like to see spies travel faster! I know they are already quick but if im looking to conquer a city pretty far away, i first spy, then if it fails i spy again, then i have to use troops to wipe out defenses, then i send colony ship. It just seems like that process takes way to long, right now i am spying on someone and it takes me 3 hours. I think that if the spying time is lessened it will make for more quick action in the game.

  12. HKPhooey says:

    Change the fireship into a catapult ship or give it the ability to knock down walls like a catapult. The fact you have to land a ship in order to hit an enemy wall renders them almost useless unless you are on island. You should be able to bombard the walls from the sea even if it has slightly less impact than an on island catapult. It would also mean people might actually start using the ‘fireship’ again.

  13. Mortemz says:

    I hope you are going to do something about the WW’s soon because they’re coming soon to the world where I’m playing on and nobody of my alliance is looking forward to them.

  14. MoonLx says:

    When we get an World Server for the 150 best players from each country?

  15. Hans says:

    Hello guys!

    Its a really interesting game you put up, although I would like to see another aspect of it;

    For me it seems like these kinds of game just ends up with the same result, even though some take shorter and some longer ways to reach their final goal WAR!

    I would like to see more of the trade aspect; more variaty of different trades for exampel pots, oil, wine, metal and that you can gain “reputation-points” from these that absolutes attacks against you (for a while or completely).

    By culture. I would rather play this game to cultivate my cities that to build armies; with big colluseum, school, philiosophy and so one…


  16. Luís Abreu says:

    continue the good job, the game is huge but can improve more 🙂

  17. Mike62 says:

    I am really glad you guys have set this up, it allows people using your product to have a say in the development of the game we all enjoy.

  18. mike4322 says:

    i was wondering if you guys could comeup with a city telleporter that enables a player to move there city to a new set of cords of his or her choosing ? It would help alliances greatly as well as indevidual players from getting raped by massive players who bully smaller players… I know 3 players who quite playing because they got tired of being crusshed by massive players n couldnot move there city away so they just quite.. THANK YOU

  19. OAL says:

    Hi, thanks for the best game that i just see, but i think that can be more fine if you make the fight to be like the clash of clans, we must see the fight online, or see the movie of the attack when we send the troops to attack other vilage/city.

    please my english is not good, but try understand what i can say, please.

    best regards,


  20. Hedgehog969 says:

    I have a question about Grepolis. Could it be possible you create, guys, something to come back at the principal menue when a player has two cities and more? I think personally, that it could be more simple.

  21. -Ted. says:

    Dear developers.

    You are doing your best to make Grepolis better and better. But you can’t if you don’t listen to the Grepolis community. And right now, I just know you guys aren’t listing. How do I know, very simple. The community are coming with great ideas to make Grepolis better. These ideas are way better then your ideas. All ideas are, piece by piece, rejected.

    So please, listen to the community. The costumers (the community) are the most important of the whole game, aren’t they?

    -Ted. of the dutch server.

  22. spaman says:

    hey. i just want to say the most people like the conquering method more than the revolt method. please make the next world conquering. please

  23. abdel says:

    The game would be more exciting you stood first new god,and of course that the ARES and that one of the most popular god of war,and of course it would come with 4 more spells and 2 units mythical Chimera and Charybdis.That would be spectacular and clear after the heroes that you are developing

  24. Noz says:

    I would really like to know how you are going to combat two things.

    1) the alliances that use applications such as TeamViewer to control other players cities and send attacks and defense from them

    2) the fact when over 150 attacks are made against a player, the server freezes and it is impossible to even raise militia as the egg timer rotates for about 2 minutes, and when you have 200 cities and they are all being attacked it takes forever and just jams up.

    These are serious flaws int he game, and until they are fixed, a lot of players are holding off playing.

    • Marcel Zons says:

      1) There is no possibility for us to check whether someone abuses an application like TeamViewer or not. After all, Grepolis is a browser game. Thus we are extremely limited in establishing anti-exploit mechanisms regarding 3rd party software.
      2) This is an issue, true. Our development team is constantly working on the underlying game code to increase the performance. The issue with server jams often occurs due to supporting armies, as every supporting player receives a notification as well. The need for processing power increases exponentially for each supporting player.

  25. markh1966 says:

    What I would like to see is to be able to send out stationed troops in other cities out to attack, especially when I’m using my own units stationed in my other cities. And if my troops stationed in other cities supporting other members maybe a time delay when they can start the attack from where there stationed at, depending on how far they are from there home city. What do you think?

  26. vaikaz says:

    Hi Guys!!!

    great game, but still can be greater :). and only one thing i hate ingame is farm clicks. Can be in general possibility to farm all islands/all villages only with one button click? (at least like a premium function?)


    • Jordan Coutout says:

      Yes there is, if you activate the captain (premium feature) you will get access to the Farm Villages Overview which enables you to farm all islands in a few clicks.

      • vaikaz says:

        Hi Jordan,

        i had in mind with 1 click at all, no matter you have 5 cities or have 100. as having 100 cities means in order to farm you need to made boring 100 clicks.


        • Jordan Coutout says:

          Oh no, I’m afraid that’s not possible. Which town should get the resources when you own several of them on the same island?

        • Ascaniux says:

          If you work with the captain, the userscripts from Diony and Quak, and also use special farming town groups, you can easily minimize the amount of clicks needed.


    • Bayle says:

      It’s a plraeuse to find someone who can identify the issues so clearly

  27. Dustballs1 says:

    On the “Farm All” cities feature – it is the most often requested in all worlds. The resources would go to the first city in the farm list. Inefficient, but we are already giving that up to save clicks.

    As for the proposed changes in game design – Grep has come a long way since version 1.0 – although I enjoyed sending my cats for a 7.5 hour ride around the island farms at night so I could sleep.

    The game design needs to be different between revolt and conquest worlds. Some of the speed increases are more essential in Conquest. Power is more essential in Revolt.

    The art work is very good.

    I can’t wait to hear the Grep music for each God when I invoke an attack or stop in the temple. I’d love to listen to Hera’s song as I wait for my harpy nuke to strike.

  28. Lannes D. says:

    Heard about Universalis Imperator? THIS GAME, your game, I mean, Grepolis, has the same bases than part of UI. Great job, [i]bravo[i]!

  29. Marius says:

    i have a big problem in this game.
    i’ve charge my phone with 5pounds to have 600gold.
    i put the number code, but is not charged….so money is take but i don’t have any tallergold.

  30. Christian Brown says:

    You guys might want to alter troop reduction time. I thought it would be more like population growth (50%) + accelerated recruitment (30%) would = time * .5*.7 = .35 * time. However it is 80% aka time * (1 – [.5 + .3]).

    This is a problem because Tyche’s Motivation + accelerated recruitment + (call of the ocean OR population growth) = 0% recruitment time and I built 150 slingers in 2 and a half minutes yesterday.

    Also, can I join your team? I’m a highly imaginative individual, a senior in Computer Engineering and I plan on becoming a billionaire.

    • Christian Brown says:

      I might add that this makes all units take 1 second to build each including mythical units and the colony ship.

    • Jordan Coutout says:

      As we mentioned in one of our latest announcements, we are currently thinking about another way to apply the bonuses to the recruit time 🙂

  31. Gary Neu says:

    Now that you have an App for the iphone you could implement a new way of earning gold by downloading Apps for the iphone. This is implemented in the award winning “Arcane Legends” online browser game by using “TrialPay” which gives rewards through sponsored downloads through the apple store. Why is this better? The apps are all vetted through the Apple app store so no problem with scams and virus websites, which I think are a serious problem with your present method of earning Gold. My ScamVoid app flags many of your websites that I am directed to for earning Gold, and I have finally decided to give up.

  32. I am locked out and can’t get an e-mail through to get help.

  33. Terry Matthews says:

    Great job on the game guys! Keep up the great work, Got my support.

  34. maeda says:

    i see same problem in all change you made:

    defensive bonus can be equal to offensive bonus.
    If i apply a defensive bonus to a city all supporting unit in that city will have the bonus. But when i attack i have to apply one bonus for every attack. This mismatch (summing to all the other advantages defender has) is a great problem.

  35. Lulú Porras says:


    I am so proud of you!!

    Keep it up!!

    Pura Vida!!

  36. ciamak says:

    Hi guys
    Would you answer me please ?
    I’m from Iran, you haven’t server for Iran (Yes we are Boycott ,I know) But at least you guys can make a idea that we can buy Gold , we use en. servers and can’t buy Gold ,Although this game have more favor peoples in our country , or you can make Persian language on this server.
    I didn’t understand that Iran’s regime is boycott or Iran’s peoples

    • Marcel Zons says:

      We cannot offer payment methods for countries we don’t officially have a service for, sorry. However, there should be some services available to you like PayPal. 🙂

  37. Ascaniux says:

    Hello, What I’m about to tell you is regarding your recently published Update that changed the Way the town is seen. You do now see it Fullscreen wich is not good for the Gameplay. Why exacly we dont like the new town overview we are already discussing in the german forum. Maybe take a look at that and leave your opnion there.


  38. Robina says:

    I’m leaving the game as 3 times now my city is taken over before I have the chance to develop and generate enough defense. Just and idea but maybe you could code so that ppl don’t lose all their cities and can be left with 1, just a suggestion as it’s very disheartening.

    • Marcel Zons says:

      This is something a lot of players complained about. Well, Grepolis is a hardcore PvP game, but some players would like to play the game a bit differently. This is why there will be a new type of server (hopefully) by the end of the year. These special servers (called “casual worlds”) will protect your first main town, so it can never be conquered.

      For now, how about you give a Hyperborea world a try? 🙂

  39. Jurgen Mehja says:

    How can I become part of the team?

  40. Gargamel says:

    The community wants Bulgarian servers (or i do :(), seriously don’t you have any plans to open such? I really enjoy the EN servers but i wish i can spend my money playing with my non English speaking friends as well. :/

  41. Rei Abutre says:

    I play Grepolis for almost three years, and I have some suggestions for improvement, I believe that putting in the Brazilian forum, the path is too long to come to you. I would suggest some improvements:

    – In overviews, City Groups, could have a list of cities in which groups each city is registered, under the name of the city. We often have many cities that should belong to certain groups, and how to find out if they are properly registered is complicated.

    – In overviews, Farming villages, could just show the cities of are currently selected in group of cities, not all the cities.

    Thank for your attention.

    Rei Abutre

  42. Rayman says:

    Excellent game and excellent work on the improvements and add-ons. Used to play this game 3 years ago, and now I am hooked again.

    Can we have a tab that will show when the next island quest will be generated (maybe in the council of heroes tab).

    • Marcel Zons says:

      We plan on improving the quest list overall in the future. With that, we might add a timer displaying on when the next Island Quest will emerge. 🙂

  43. will mueller aka 'wyld chyld' says:

    we have enjoyed playing together so much this past year, and gotten close as an alliance in tau, we our now own community *grin*. in two weeks, about 10 or more players are coming out to my area to all spend our vacations together, including several birthdays. so thank you for bringing us all together.

  44. Jim says:

    I have an idea for a new hero in the game with the name Tiresias, with the skill to reduce the favour needed for mythical units (manticores, harpies, minotaurs, medusas etc), depending on his level. He will reduce the favour needed by 10% on level 1 up to 35% on level 20.

  45. Norberto says:

    Good morning, I wanted to tell you that the server Argentina have trouble with multiaccounting players have sent complaints to the moderators but in most cases we have no answers.
    We know that looking for a fair game, and clean, I get this comment in order that they can help this server is more organized

    sorry for my English, I’m using google translator

  46. Tomek says:

    I have a problem with vacation logic, I can not understand why is forbidden attacking MY OWN cities (for colonisation break purpose) in 2-day pre-vacation state. Being unable to attack other players seem legit, but people waiting for vacation are more vulnerable because they can not save themselves with an attack. Please try to make an exception. (sorry if this was already solved)
    Tomek, CZE

    • Jordan Coutout says:

      If you decide to go on vacations you shouldn’t be involved in military actions anymore. Make use of your alliance by asking other players to help you breaking the siege 🙂

  47. Concerned Player says:

    To whom it may concern:
    There are some serious problems going on in Grepolis on the US servers. Thought I would make one last effort to bring it to the attention of someone might care and have the ability to rectify the problems before I abandon a game that I have been enjoying. However much I have enjoyed it (and spent on it) the current situation has gotten so bad, I am quickly losing interest. I currently play and buy gold on three worlds, that will soon end if efforts are not made to fix the problems. The problems stem from cheating players. While I understand InnoGames does their best to stop cheating, I do realize all cheating cannot be prevented. The problem that makes the situation untenable is the response of the game mods. In response to clear evidence of bot use, nothing is done. Rumor has it, it is because there are game mods in the alliance of the bot users. If that wasn’t enough, now they have banned a player for “using script” when they did not and won’t even investigate to see if the player really is.
    I used to love this game and I really hate to see what is happening on the US servers. It is no longer really a game but a contest to see who has mods in their pockets. I am not the only one to have become this dissatisfied with the game. Most of the players in my alliance are on the brink of quitting. Unfortunately for Grepolis, those are the more serious players, the ones who use gold to enhance their game play. With the number of online games out there, there is fast becoming little to hold us, some of your most active players, here playing.
    The response of the game mods so far has been sadly lacking as far as addressing the problems or even informing us of what has been done. As far as we know, no investigation has even been done. Your response will to much to determine how much longer I will be playing. And from the way I have heard some others talk, you may be losing many more players soon. It is perhaps time for someone higher up to step in and find out what the US mods have been doing. Good honest players have been losing cities during peace time and others banned and penalized, while cheaters and bot users go undeterred.

    Please do something before it is too late.

    • Jordan Coutout says:

      Hi! The bans you are talking about have been made by the system and not by the moderators team as you might think. Our developers team recently found out a flaw in one of the bots massively used on Grepolis by some players. We unfortunately didn’t ban all players using the bot, only the ones using it at most, to avoid false positives. The moderators team is answering your support request based on the information the system is providing them but they are not the ones directly responsible for your ban. Those bans have been made worldwide and don’t affect only the US servers.

      • Hadsrubal says:

        Am I wrong in assuming that the script in question appears on a list like ?

        If so, I hope you could take time to illuminate on the conundruous in banning players for using a script that has been explisiced as legal.

        • Jordan Coutout says:

          We are talking about the use of a bot, not the use of a script.

          • hasdrubal says:

            Ok, misread what you wrote.

            Certainly appreciated that you are making efforts to avoid false positives. As I am sure youll agree to, banning those that hasnt used bots surely would be a disaster.

            How confident do you feel that you have succeded with this, do you feel confident that 100% of the players banned had used bots?

          • Jordan Coutout says:

            From what we have seen on the technical side, the reaction of multiple players on bot websites and the similar answers we got to support inquiries, we are quite confident that those players had used bots.

  48. Blake says:


    If you have a suggestion for a design in-game of the chat, then where should i post my layout?

    Here, support or forum (if forum then where).

    In advance thank you,


    • Jordan Coutout says:

      Hi Blake! You can share your ideas on your local forum in the suggestions section and discuss it with the other players 🙂

      • Blake says:

        Hello Jordan,

        Thank yo for the reply, and i will try and do that eventhough the US forum doesnt seem to have many mods looking at it, compared to the EN forum.

        However thank you for your help and i will do that,


  49. benjamin lopez says:

    Where can we write some suggestions for the game.
    I have alot of ideas i want to share with the creators.

  50. Bond 007 says:

    I’m sure that you are aware of these issues already, but I would like to draw more attention towards these.

    1. WW Revamp – Yes I know its under development, but it needs to come soon 🙁
    2. Release of servers – Markets like US are getting a new server every month, even though they do not have as many players as the EN servers. EN servers, however, are getting servers every 4-5 months, which is a long, long wait. Plus now with the added building levels, servers are reaching caps quickly (en80 met point requirements for WW stage in ~4 months) and are becoming too competitive, restricting people with lesser free time to play properly. I have a suggestion here:
    a) Release a new server every month alternating between revolt/conquest, to keep the game alive, but not too competitive.
    b) Do a double release every 2 months – 1 revolt and one conquest, and give players a choice on which one to join.

    Currently there are no conquest servers available except for a couple of super old Speed 1’s who are about to hit WW stage, and one hero world, so a new one is really needed.

    Also would like to draw attention to the forums of all markets. I have seen some wonderful ideas, a lot of them “passed” in voting, but not implemented. If our ideas can be listened to and implemented, that would be great! 😀


    • Tobias Winter says:

      1. Yes, the world wonder revamp is still ongoing, but we are still in conception phase. Probably we will remove the world wonders totally and come up with something new. So, there is still time to gather good ideas from the community. If you have any, let me know and send me a link to your thread. Otherwise we will discuss the new end game concept with you guys, as soon as we are done.
      2. That’s something you need to tell the community manager of your market.
      3. I am not sure if all the “wonderful ideas” arrived at my desk, so feel free to forward them to me.

  51. jeroentjuh says:

    seriously. warfare packages? don’t implement that. the balance between players who spend some gold and players who spend their entire month salary on gold already is screwed up because of instant buy and gold trade and now this? lots of players will quit playing the game if you go through with this including me.

    why don’t you spend time on useful things the community is already asking for for so long such as a new end game. also try to actually implement some of the ideas from the forums. here in the netherlands there are ideas that are approved a couple of years ago and aren’t so hard to implement so why aren’t they in the game? simple. you guys are now simply inventing options to make even more money of the game.

    stop being greedy. stop instant buy, gold trade and warfare packages.

  52. Quentin says:

    Where there new developers this year, was the team updated ?
    Is John Doe still working on Grepolis ?

  53. Quentin says:

    On wich community is Anna Pawlak ? Jordan was our French community manager replaced in July.

    • Tobias Winter says:

      Anna is not a Community Manager for a specific market. She is our new Lead Community Manager, responsible to manage all Community Managers worldwide.

  54. Kevin Day says:

    A thought on the game to boost activity and not only aggressive play but also generate more income to grepolis. Have in each ocean 2 – 4 Treasure cities. These cities are Grepo managed and hold and never ending limit of gold. These cities will produce 60 gold per hour and those players that hold the city will have the gold dispatched to them daily on a per hour basis. The cities will be fought for and a tremendous struggle to hold onto and maintain that gold flow. The resulting continual battle will burn troops and thus a constant running of troops and gold to produce. Once the cities are taken for the first time, the treasure city holder will have to hold said city against any and all oncoming attacks. This will hopefully assist in pushing through some of the lulls that happen during the grind that is Grepo!


  55. Mim le Fay says:

    Hey Nils,

    I am very pleased, that you will be with us here and will discussing the feedback with the community. I wonder a little bit how you will do it, because you have no nickname. If you are under cover, It’s just confusing, to discuss with a Game Designer without knowing, that you talk to one.
    I am glad, to have a lot discussions with you in the German (?) Forum with us. Otherwise please be so kind to come to us so we can discuss very special questions for the last events and other changes.

  56. alex1999 says:

    Dear Grepolis Team,
    First of all, can I write hear also in German or is that a problem? Because my english is very bad and as far as I know are you all german people ^^ Hope that isn’t a problem! I will post my questions in the next comment in the desired language.


    • Tobias Winter says:

      Hi Alex,
      I am sorry, but the communication language here in the devblog is English only. But you don’t need to write perfect English here. If you feel uncomfortable with that, but you still want to send us your feedback, feel free to write in German. We will read your comment but as it is not in English, we unfortunately can’t publish it here.

  57. crynho says:

    Dear Grepolis Team,
    Can somebody tell me when a new world open ?

    • Tobias Winter says:

      Hi crynho,
      You are playing on the RO market right? Currently we have no date for a new world yet, since the last one just opened 4 weeks ago. We are opening worlds every 7-10 weeks. You can check your local game forum/ from time to time. When we open a new world, it will be announced there.

  58. Maicon Pires says:

    Hey men, can i suggest you guys to implement a bank system in alliance manager? Would be cool if alliance had a bank where players could deposit the excess of woods, stones and plate in a way that others players or himself can use it. Another way of resources trade.
    …Sorry for my poor english.

    • Tobias Winter says:

      Hi Maicon! Thanks for your feedback. I like the idea, but I am not responsible for the design part. I will forward your idea to Game Design.

  59. Chris Fletcher says:

    It would be great if the lead CoMa for Grepolis could get intouch with me, i have some complaints and things i need to discuss.

    • Tobias Winter says:

      Hey Chris.
      This is the devblog for communicating with developers, artists and other team members that work on the development of Grepolis. If you have complaints and want to talk to the Lead CM, please write to Thanks for your understanding.

  60. question on the game says:

    Changing graphics, but the game does not change.
    You are no longer interested in the suggestions of the players?
    May have the opportunity to change the game itself?
    New features to Add (the naval blockade of the island, encounter battle), to cancel the settlement, change the end of the game?
    Software ban on the automation of the game. It is not accepted.
    Not accepted none of the offers players to ban automation of the game – why?
    Thank you, sincerely, Sergey

    • Nils U. says:

      Hi Sergey,
      changing graphics is often connected to changing or add features/interfaces which are often suggestions by players.
      For example:
      – we improved the interface of the “strategic map so you can better highlight alliances and players by setting specific colors. Looks like “only” some graphic changes but helps a lot when navigating.
      – We were asked to make it possible to publish reports which we specifically added
      – Indicating that you self or other players are currently in beginners protection was something which was asked for as well, so we gave it a thought and added the shield graphic over those cities.
      – Adding BB-codes to the Message in the app was a change in the game that was requested and received very well

      Concerning game automation/bots which are used by a few players:
      – That is something we are constantly working on but this is a never ending race between us and the bot-guys. The bot-developers improve their bots to be more invisible and we improve on detecting them and we will keep always doing that. So be sure that we hear your calls and that we are fighting those bots.

      New features:
      – That is always a hot topic. We discuss, design, rework or sometimes trash new features. Those are sometimes based on community feedback/ideas sometimes the basic idea comes from the Grepolis team itself. We then use all input we have from devblog, different forums, the team itself to design a feature.
      – The features sometimes might be solving a specific problem in the game, enhance a element of the game everybody is super interested in, or it might be giving more action to specific player types that need more content to stay in the game. That is one of the reasons why we are working on the Grepolisscore currently. You can read more about that new feature here


  61. Капча says:

    Когда наконец будет только нормальная, разборчивая глазу капча.
    Я не знаю кем надо быть, чтобы придумать совершенно неопределимую зрением картинку типа
    чёрно белую с кляксами, смазанным почерком и ещё в 2-х вариантах.
    мы вам тут что – разшифровщики? люди хотят играть, а не мучится. Настройте наконец эту капчу и в одном варианте. И уберите эти даунские варианты.

    • Nils U. says:

      Hi Капча,
      as far as i understood you are asking for a better readable captcha function in the game.
      We will have a look into that and see if that is a topic that we can take care of.
      Thx for your feedback

  62. ресурсы says:

    Когда будут устранены проблемы с казармой и гаванью. эта ошибка мешает играть уже не один месяц. вы чем там занимаетесь ?
    очередь застывает и не меняется

    • Nils U. says:

      concerning the error in the barracks/harbour we are already working on it.
      Thank you 🙂

  63. unknown says:

    Why, when admins are doing mentenance into the game, why they are no stoping all the attacks?Why they are give us a global message with 3 days before about the mentenance?Why they are not give us a message with 5 mins before just to know is we are in the game in that time?To save all the troops?

    • Tobias Winter says:

      Hi. Sad to hear that you lost troops during the maintenance. I can totally understand your point. I will forward the feedback to our developers.

  64. Yanis says:

    je n’arrive plus a me connecter sur un monde alors que je n’ai pas perdu de ville ,rien du tout
    que puis je faire

  65. Nils U: I have read your statement regarding the very high volume of players that get beat down at the beginning stages of the game and do not return, and how you guys are trying to change some things to help new players… Allow me to give some advice.

    Most of the players I talk to and have interacted with think that the protection period needs to be a lot longer than 7 days because that is not anywhere near enough time to get prepared for the extremely high level long time players. It’s like putting Gold fish in a tank with Sharks. This game is very very expense, extremely time consuming, and there are so many variables that are involved in playing, that it really makes someone angry when they lose everything within a week or two after starting the gave and having invested so much. Extending the protection for approximately 30 days gives a person that wants to really make it and become a long time player a chance to spend money and build their city up to a level that makes them competitive. If I would have gotten the opportunity to build for 30 days without being attacked, I would have something like 7000 – 9000 points which would allow me to build a nice size city and add a few conquest cities and be able to enter the world and have the ability to take care of myself. Or, start new players out on a world with other players of a certain level, let’s say, 200 points – 1000 points, then allow them to graduate to the next world with players from 1000 points – 5000 points, then graduate to the next world from 5000 points – 10000 points, etc., this way people are on a world with players that are more evenly matched, this will hold a persons interest and keep them wanting to spend money and grow and grow and grow. I guarantee that if people had a real chance to grow because they got the chance to build and learn the game, they would stick around, but as it is now, even with the new things that you are trying to implement or have implemented, it’s just not enough to make people want to stay long term. There are way too many other games out there on the market that, although they are not as good as Grepolis, they are still very good games and not as difficult, not as expensive, and that do not throw new players out to the wolves like you do with Grepolis. Grepolis is much much much more expensive, very very very very difficult, and it’s hard to learn because there is just so very much to learn and have to practice, nobody wants to go through all of that and then be destroyed by someone at level 10000 – infinity when you have only been playing for a week or two. Basically you have created a monster, the game makes people want to play, but based on the aforementioned issues, nobody wants to stick around because the losses are too sudden and to overwhelming right from the start…….

    • bernardgra says:

      Hello Donald,

      Thank you for the ideas, indeed there are several possibilities to improve the early experience of the players, and we are trying to look at all of them. I will add your insights to our research and they will definitely be considered, for now, I can only tell you that we are trying our best to improve the early experience one step at a time. Thanks for the dedication.

  66. Michael (Mike the Emperor) in Mionia says:

    Hello! Mobile version of the Grepolis doesn’t recognise me as the gamer. I can not use it. And technical support have no idea what to do with it. I use Galaxy A3 (2016). Android version 7.0 Can anyone help me? May change my name in game on server or whatever?

  67. Weronika says:

    I won the antiquity serwer and so far no prize was given.

    • Steffi says:

      We have contacted the winners today after confirming their eligibity. Please check your inbox. 🙂

      • Steffi says:

        Given that we only started en100 and en101 recently, it will be another while until the next announcement.
        However, we’re talking weeks and not months, so make sure to check back frequently to not miss the notice on our forums! 🙂

  68. H says:

    What is your time frame on CM responding to questions? Seems here in the US we have a CM that does not respond for days, still waiting for a response from her, as a matter of fact, and its been 6 days since first initial contact, that was responded to the next day by an IGM and referred to the CM, and no response as of yet from her. Is this avoidance to the question, inability to answer the question, lack of time, or just a lack of give a darn?

    • Steffi says:

      Our Community Managers usually do their best to respond as soon as humanly possible. Depending on the current ticket load, you can usually expect a first response within a day.

      We were trying to look into potential (technical) issues with relaying the ticket to the Community Manager, but were unable to find any recent tickets for the account associated to the e-mail address you used for creating this comment. Could you please put forward the ticket ID of the ticket in question in order for us to be able to investigate?

      You can find the ticket ID at the end of the URL displayed on top of the ticket window.

      Thank you very much in advance and apologies for the inconvenience.

  69. Hi Guys! I’m playing on sever of Romania.. I’ve got a problem with the admins from there. They don’t want to ban a player because I think he buys a lot of gold and they are friends each other. I gave a lot of tickets myself and all my alliance but without answer .
    I’ve got a lot pictures with his attacks. What should I do if they do not care?
    Look at the time between 23:59:49 – 23:59:50

    I don’t know what to do guys.. I’m donee .. Is not the first time I can show you moree..

    • Steffi says:

      Hey Andrei-Daniel,

      Thank you for sharing your concerns. Seen as you shared the ticket number with us in a separate comment, we will of course look into the issue and confirm that there is no bias in play.

      Please be informed, however, that our support staff may only ever punish on offenses that can be verified with the data provided within our logs and tools in order to make sure that we don’t ban any innocent players. Furthermore they may not share any information about the actions taken due to data protection reasons.

      Furthermore, the ticket you linked was opened with the English support team, although the issue concerns the Romanian language version. Please make sure to always report players on the support for your language version as these teams are the only ones with access to all relevant data.

      Should we find that the player in question was indeed breaching the rules, appropriate consequences will follow of course. 😉

      Thank you very much for your understanding.


      • vladsk44 says:

        problem with events reciepts that are purcased but does not work

        playes do not purchase ingredients for gold
        that is important

        please contact me in skepe


  70. vladsk44 says:

    problem is that i purchased manticore reciepts for gold
    purchased all 4
    and instead of 3 in recipe book is 4
    and instead 4 in recipe book in reality is 3

    the fact is that i purchased wrong receipts
    and later purchased wrong ingredients

    and kept them
    \today i tried to use and discovered that they are wrong
    so i spend gold for that i did not need (

    i play on server ru Retsinia

    that is urgent as some others can have same problem

    • Steffi says:

      The development team is aware of this issue and has instructed the support teams with the steps to take in case of the wrong item having been produced.

      Please get in touch with your local support team to have the issue resolved for you personally as soon as possible. There we can provide a lot more timely support than on the DevBlog. 😉

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