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Community update: Week 43

Excited about Halloween? We sure are to find out if you are liking it! The browser version These last days were all about making sure the Halloween event runs smoothly, and now that the event is up and running we

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Mobile BB-Codes, reports and alliance forum

In the last couple of months this has become one of the top user suggestions and today I would like to show you the current state of our design for the implementation of bb-codes, the new alliance forum and the

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Community update: Week 42

Sadly sometimes our efforts do not match with players’ expectations, but we are also able to see that and go back on track. This was the case for the new images for the units, your feedback was not as positive

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Community update: Week 41

In the last update we changed the design of the culture tab in the Agora. The reason behind that change lays mainly in the revamp of the farming villages, that is currently under development, where battle points are becoming more

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Community update: Week 40

So your Grepolis has just been updated to version 2.97 and with a few new goodies in the Agora. The browser version So after today’s update we have introduced a face lift to the Agora, we think this was a

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