Mobile BB-Codes, reports and alliance forum

In the last couple of months this has become one of the top user suggestions and today I would like to show you the current state of our design for the implementation of bb-codes, the new alliance forum and the possibility to publish reports and view them on mobile. This is also a huge topic for us, so it will most likely come divided in several parts.

At first we want to make it possible to see and interact with most important bb-codes (like player, city, alliance, island and some text formatting options – maybe even images). We are already working on that and some of this is already implemented and live – e.g. you are already able to tap on a player bb-code in a message and will be redirected to the player profile of that player. Did you try this out yet?

The next step then will be to bring the new alliance forum fully functional into the app – fitting the more modern and clear style. And with it of course all the bb-code functionality we already have in the messages so far. This will most likely look like this:

Alliance Forum_21-10 Alliance_subforum_21-10 New Thread

In parallel we will work on displaying published reports in messages and forum posts. Because we don’t want to blow up the content too much by showing the reports directly in the messages, we decided to show a small button that will open the report in a small overlay you can easily close to see the thread/message again.

Alliance Forum_reports_21-10 Alliance Forum_report-popup_21-10

And then finally we will enable all mobile players to publish reports and insert them as well as bb-codes in messages and forum posts.

What are your thoughts about this? Any feedback is – as always – very welcome.


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16 comments on “Mobile BB-Codes, reports and alliance forum
  1. Quentin says:

    Fantastic graphics for the alliance forum, and finally the reports and bb-codes !
    That is just really good, I didn’t expected so much of your part ! I’m impatient to test this new features as soon as possible, another thank you for all that work !

  2. zarra says:

    Beautyfull but when there is no elimination of the push notification of the alarm on the app you create even more advantage for the app player.

    I’m a player with only a personal computer. When I leave the house my account is unprotected. When I close the browser, it’s unprocected.

    Players on the mobile, even when there not online they receive a warning.

    So yes, nice to improve the app but for me it’s just one step more to the decision if it’s still the game I want to play.

    • Florian Waldmann says:

      Hey zarra, thanks for your feedback. The attack warner is a part of grepolis for quite a long time and well appreciated by a large amount of players. We introduced it mainly for players who are not able to keep the browser open all the time or that are playing mobile only (and can’t keep the app open all the time). The alarm is freely available to everyone with an android or ios smartphone. Also browser players can use the attack warner in one of the user scripts and we are looking into the possibility to add browser notifications for desktop. All in all we want to enable as many players as possible to play grepolis anywhere, anytime.

    • Devin07 says:

      When will this new update be available?

      • Florian Waldmann says:

        Hey Devin, I can’t tell yet when this will be ready, depends on the effort of implementation and the problems we encounter on the way. Hopefully a first version will be available at the end of this year.

      • Guy says:

        Is there a possibility that we may be able to send MM from the app?

        At present leaders/founders can’t send MM from app although can’t get to a PC to do so. This is a crucial part of the game that i feel would be widely appreciated if implimented soon.

        • Florian Waldmann says:

          Hey, thanks for your feedback. It is already possible to send MM from the app by manually entering all the playernames you want to send to, seperated by “;”. We know this is not convenient at all and will think about adding a MM-to-alliance button in the future.

  3. Pete says:

    The new update on the app does not work properly (version 2.98.1). I have installed, deleted and installed many times to see if it solves the problem. The attack alarm which was by far the best feature of the app now does not sound? All I get is the symbol on the top of my phone. How will i wake up to attacks now with just a symbol? Needs to be fixed asap please.

    • Florian Waldmann says:

      Hey Pete, please check your phones sound settings (also if there is a silent night mode) and if you can’t solve the problem, contact our support – they are way better to help with these kinds of problems: – it might also help to tell them what kind of device you are on. I can just tell you we don’t know of any problem like that yet and it is working on my phone. But back to topic: what do you think about the forum /bb-code changes?

  4. Ramy says:

    Finally! !
    I am a frequent app player so its verry good to see the progress You are making here. A question tho: wil the conquestrapport also be visible after this update

    • Florian Waldmann says:

      Hey Ramy, the conquest reports are not in the initial part, but we are checking how we could include them in one of the later parts of this topic

  5. metaleirog says:

    Great job guys!!!
    Now you can work ob reservations!!!
    Oh and please…try something for those who dont use gold because in the app without admin we cant see our troops movements…
    Ty guys!!!!
    And keep on the good working

  6. Dominik says:

    The actually alliance forum in the mobile app is a disaster. It´s time for a change! I hope, that the changes do not involve more lags. But the design looks very intersting!

    The mobile reports were not previously included. I think it´s very good, that they will come now!

    I really hope, that the upgrade won´t involve lags. That´s the problem in the browser version. But all in all i think, the idea is fantastic!

  7. Quackmaster says:

    The interface really has a clean look! Seems like you did a good job on that end – congrats! 🙂

  8. Mim le Fay says:

    Hey Florian and all,
    It is a long time ago that we have had a very hot discussion in German Forum for the app for the typeface of the App. Unreadable brightness script on dark underground and a lot of other things. After this very hot discussion there have been done so much for the last 2 years and I want to say: “Thank you!“ to the whole app team as for the whole grepolis team as well. You have done a great Job, really.

    To come back to the new BB-Codes, Forums and Reports:
    Really, I like the new Ingame Forum at the app but, as you all know, I like it, to change my city during the time, I am open the Senate or haven etc., but I do not think it is necessary to change the city, if you have a look in the Forum. So the window can be in this case more large. And now to come back to the reports: First of all, I thought: Damned, I want to see the reports and not a button for clicking, but after a few days I think, you are absolutely right! I do not need every report, only the last report and this one can be open by one click.
    Great Job, thank you!
    Actually there are a few reports, in the browser verison, where it is not possible, to publish it and so I think, it will be fine, if you can change it. It should be possible for every report to published it on Browser as well as on App and then there should never any questions marks for nobody.
    And a second thing, after opening a report in the app, it will be fine, if there are links, to come to the city or to the player as well as to attack this member or to send him support.

  9. DOC says:

    YES! AT LONG LAST! I can’t wait for this! I play only on mobile due to lack of a pc. I can’t wait!