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Easier Alliance Entry

In terms of our accessibility improvements that were mentioned on the roadmap for the first quarter of 2016, we want to simplify the way how to get into an alliance. Joining an alliance is a very useful way for new

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New city tooltips?

Wow, it’s already been two months since my last article here … time to show you some more stuff we are currently working on. First, about showing different city states more graphically on the map, namely: cities duringĀ  noob protection

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After receiving some feedback about the currently very crowded UI, we had several discussions about what we could do to save some space and bring an additional cool thing to the game. This is when the idea came up to

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Runtime “simulator”

From time to time we just have those small, random ideas that sound pretty good and would be easy to implement, but we are sometimes not sure if they will have any obscure side effects. So we thought why not

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Mobile BB-Codes, reports and alliance forum

In the last couple of months this has become one of the top user suggestions and today I would like to show you the current state of our design for the implementation of bb-codes, the new alliance forum and the

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Market & Trading Screens

We would like to thank you for your feedback regarding the recent changes of the farming villages and today we would like to show you what our designers came up with according to your feedback. At first we would like

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