After receiving some feedback about the currently very crowded UI, we had several discussions about what we could do to save some space and bring an additional cool thing to the game. This is when the idea came up to have a dedicated quest window. Just to clarify this first: when I talk about quests here, I mean the tutorial quests on the left side of the grepolis UI, not island quests! This quest window would contain all the quests in a list, so we could remove all the quest icons, and replace it with one general quest icon that has different states if there are new or completed quests.

And while we were working on that, we also decided to tackle two other quest-related problems. One is that you currently have to accept every quest first, before you collect the reward (even if you already completed it) and the other is the missing feedback about progress in quests. We plan on changing both by implementing an auto-accept for quests and showing a progress bar in quests where it makes sense, for example: “loot 10000 resources”.

To also give you a little insight on how we work, we want to share with you the first wireframe prototype. It is really basic, with little in-game graphics, so that we can focus on functionality and screen content.

I can also already show you a very early draft one of our artists has done – still work in progress (and it has the recommended feature in it, which is not yet sure if we implement it or not).


In the future we could enhance this by:

  • adding more quests (also for later game stages)
  • categorizing quests
  • showing completed quests (with timestamp of completion)
  • always having a “recommended” quest to guide new players
  • a possibility to “watch” certain quests so you can track the progress directly in the UI

These are all just conceptual ideas right now, not checked if it is feasible or possible to implement and we are also open to your ideas. What would you like to see in this feature?

And of course as always, we are looking forward to your constructive feedback regarding the current state of the idea.

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4 comments on “Questlog
  1. Bullspirit Dancer/zarra says:

    This will be an great improvement, please work it out and let us use it.

  2. Why not leave their own players to create new missions ? Those who have senses you can implement .

    It costs do this .


  3. cmbstunnakilla says:

    I like this idea.

    I’d like to comment on something else though: if you are going to test things on live servers then it would be nice to notify the players.

    First we had that 10% speed bonus in US server, now it seems like there is a major change in how the anti-timer works on Farsala.

    It clearly jumps backwards or forwards far more than normal. The players should be aware when you are testing things in a live environment.

    I realize keeping it quiet likely leads to less criticism but that’s just unfair.

    • Tobias Winter says:

      thanks for the feedback. Normally we don’t test anything like this on a live world after it has been started, especially not the unit speed. Every new world has its own settings and they can differ from other worlds, maybe that’s what you are talking about. If there is something else going on, feel free to contact the US support. They should help you.