Temple Hunt – Sneak peek

Hello everyone,

In the continued spirit of sharing our progress, and keeping you up to date on our newest endgame, Temple Hunt, we wanted to share some visual sneak peaks. Our artists have been hard at work creating some awesome concept art for the different temples, which we hope to incorporate into the endgame for its final release!

This concept art might also be used as inspiration for the temples you will see on the map itself once the endgame begins. Check out this mock up of how it may look in your game:

We hope you’re enjoying these updates, and as excited as we are to deliver this awesome new content. Can you guess which gods the temples are for? Let us know in the comments below.

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9 comments on “Temple Hunt – Sneak peek
  1. alfa says:

    Will we see this new content in 2020 or will we have to wait longer?

  2. Alain FAUDIER says:

    Bonjour à tous, il faudrait svp mettre le texte en Français sur les croquis je ne parle pas l’anglais.
    Je vous souhaite une très bonne journée.

  3. Gabriele Richter says:

    können sie mir bitte helfen…? wie kann ich mich mit handy-app und pc zusammen schliessen…? vielen dank für ihre hilfe….

  4. Oussama says:

    I’m is a great builder

  5. Daniel says:

    could this be made that we have to battle The AI to win the world. Meaning that the AI will actively defend the temples with snipes. This way it would force alliances to have better timing on there support and attacks.
    Also if this were implemented there would need to be AI controlled city’s also spawned in with the temples. To defend the temples.
    The ai would need to have a variable skill level for each alliance. If they are up against a really good alliance. The ai would defend really well. If they were up against an alliance that was not as good. there skill level would be decreased.
    It would also be interesting if The AI could win the world. If an alliance dose not win the world quick enough. maybe the option could be introduced that an alliance could align them selves with the AI. To often do we play worlds and we know exactly who the winner of the world will be. Long before the endgame even starts.
    I would also suggest introducing mega powerful myths that were only used to take the temples. The myths would be created in a simpler process as to how the wonders are built. My suggestions for the monsters are. The Kraken, Nemean Lion, Sphinx. and perhaps a few mega powerful versions of the myth already in the game.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Before releasing this new end game, can the developers sit down and carefully consider how this might get abused. I have come to notice that when anything new gets introduced, nobody considers whether bad actors can abuse the new feature.

    Take a look at Domination worlds. Alliances no longer fight one another, instead they fight their own members. Here is what they do in a nutshell. Due to the nature of Domination, city count matters, therefore alliances will give members free BP by building many colony ships, then having the member leave the alliance and attack all those colony ships. They will do this with BP tokens and I have seen people get more than 1 million battle points in a single day. Domination has given rise to this and this is not the way Grepolis was meant to be played.