Community update: Week 29

Dear Community,

So this week both our teams and our players are still getting used to the new forum, and at the same time we are working on improving some visual aspects of the forums.

Also this week we deployed a new version of the app with the long awaited fix on the notifications bugs.

We are happy that although the initial problems, our summer event has received a positive feedback, the team appreciates.

Last but not least, we plan to bring more life and quicker fixes to our beta community with future updates, but this is just a teaser, so stay tuned with us for more updates on this topic.

Weekly Stats

The following stats are for activity between the 14th of July and the 20th of July:


Browser Mobile Total
Currently open: 21 5 26
Reported this week: 16 3 19
Fixed this week: 11 0 11

Bugs hot-fixed during the week

  • N/A

Support activity

  • 2930 tickets opened
  • 3134 tickets answered
  • 4.97 hours average first response time
  • 716 tickets rated
  • 4.11 rate average (of 5)

See you next week!

Looking for answers to the important questions, like: Why have we never been to an empty room?

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2 comments on “Community update: Week 29
  1. Cygnus the Demigod says:

    Any plans for updates for the mobile application?

    Fundamental features are missing such as how much favor looted from Temple Looting doesn’t show on reports.

    Not to be rude, but, the mobile app feels as though it is patches behind the browser version. Attack Planner is missing as well as a number of other features offered by the Administrator.

    Thanks for your time.

    • Nils U. says:

      Hi Cygnus,
      somehow this post got overlooked so im gonna provide a quick answer to that.
      We are focussing more and more on the browser version of the game as a huge majority plays there and in comparison only a view are using the app. We will add some small things here and their, fix bugs and were it is critical to the ongoing usage of the app we will add those features.
      But the general manpower goes to the browser version.