Community update: Week 42

Ricardo Vitoriano

Dear Community,

This week we launched a new version of our app, and browser. We also initiated the activation of the donation screen, unfortunately this will not show previous data before the activation.

Weekly Stats

The following stats are for activity between the 13th of October and the 19th of October:


Browser Mobile Total
Currently open: 12 1 13
Reported this week: 12 2 14
Fixed this week: 15 3 18

Bugs hot-fixed during the week

  • N/A

Support activity

  • 3081 tickets opened
  • 3338 tickets answered
  • 3.48 hours average first response time
  • 743 tickets rated
  • 4.31 rate average (of 5)

See you next week!

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20 comments on “Community update: Week 42
  1. Avatar Mattizin says:


    on the beta forums and on the german forums we really dont like the new idea that the vacation mode will not work on cities which are on ww islands. We ahve various arguments for and you only argue with “the comm wanted it” and “its better”.
    Please look at all the negative Feedback concerning the idea and dont implement it. This will stop a lot of players to have a bit of fun with the current ww or will even stop them to build them.

    Wih best regards

    • Nils U. Nils U. says:

      Hi Mattizin,
      we are pretty aware of the situation in the german forum. We are in heavy discussions here in the office about every single point made. We are evaluating for every single one if its legit or not (because to be honest some are definitely not while others are).

      And we also checked how many people currently are in world wonder age, having at least one city on a world wonder island AND are in vaccation mode. I can tell you the number is pretty low.

      But still we are looking into how we can stop people from using the vaccation mode as ultimate defensive or offensive strategy, while not making it painful for those that are currently in this mode. This has been a constant complaint concerning the world wonders, that this is possible.
      I think you would agree on it feeling extremly unfaire and demotivating if you are spending time and effort on building your wonder and someone takes one city and goes into vacation mode with you unable to do anything about it so you could continue. Such a frustration makes former happy people quit a game the played for month and this shouldnt happen.
      I hope you can see what our intentions are with this.

      Thank you for your feedback & be sure we dont take this easy

      • Avatar King says:


        I just wanted to say that I have seen many more people come out in support of this change than against it. Personally, I feel it is a step in the right direction.

        • Nils U. Nils U. says:

          Hi King,
          thank you very much for showing your and your fellow other players support as people being good with a change are mostly silent about it.


  2. Avatar Diodemus says:

    Well Nils (Hi), i pointed this out in the Forum. You can’t conquer a world wonder island with an trope movement over 2 hours. So you have to wait 24 hours than the city is yours. If you activate the vacation mode directly after sending the attack the other alliance still have 22 hours time to replace a colony ship. And on the daily beta changelog your reason for this change was “that there are islands where all 20 towns are owned by the same player…”.

    • Nils U. Nils U. says:

      Hi Diodemus,
      concerning the the moveing times, this example only applies issues when a player has to go in vcm because of a emergency. In this case you are right than it can be super hard to do IF THE ENEMY ALLIANCE recognizes that he has gone in VCM and than starts engaging the city.

      In cases of a planned vacation this can be handled upfront with handy over the city, as enemies dont know at all times how many troops are in every world wonder city of every enemy player. So you will very likely be able to handover the city even with the given times for the colo ships.

      Dont you think its a very rare case in which this will be a real trouble to the alliance, as the enemy doesnt know right away that a player went into VCM ?

  3. Avatar nori says:

    If a player wants to ruin a wonder, he/she can handoff a city to enemy despite this update, wonders can still be ruined, players will be demotivated it is part of the game. There are quitters and sad players even if wonders were lost in real battle…

    How is it fair and any better that some players can go on VM, some players have to give up cities, kill off myth nukes or risk losing a wonder if they have to activate VM?

    • Nils U. Nils U. says:

      Hi Nori,
      concerning your question about fairness.
      We and players asking for a change on this think fairness suffers from pIayers using the vacation mode as offsensive tactic (going on vcm with one city captured on an enemy wonder island). By this one player can destroy the gameplay for several alliances.
      On the other hands handing over cities to other alliance members before going into vacation mode is an option players have and can manage at that phase of the game.

      • Avatar lord says:

        well, but the new rule doesnt concern the player who gets one city one the enemy ww island, he still can go on vcm, with his (enemy)ww-city.

        • Nils U. Nils U. says:

          Hi Lord,
          no thats not correct.
          If he goes into vcm, the enemy city he conquered on the enemy island will not be protected anymore by the vcm.
          (But he could arrang to hand over that city to another player of his ally before so they can keep defending it while he is gone, without making it impossible for the enemy ally to take it back.)

  4. Avatar Diodemus says:

    Hi Nils,
    if there aren’t much players in vacation mode why do you have to change something? In my opinion all seems ok then…
    Look forward to hear the answers 😉

    • Nils U. Nils U. says:

      Hi Diodemus,
      concerning this change, it was asked several times for over the years in the different communities as even a view players going offensively in vacation mode can ruin the wonders upgraded by several alliances.
      So being a small number destroying the effort and game experience for a lot of players this is a big issue.
      In contrast to it, the changes effecting “none offensive” vacation mode users are only affecting very view players. And those even having options for the alliances to prepare or cope with.

  5. Avatar pangolin says:

    My english bad, but i know some of you speak german. So please send one of theme here:
    Hier mal meine Meinung zum UM Thema:
    Diejenigen die selbst noch nie richtige WWs gebaut haben, werfen nun eine komplette Missgeburt an Idee ins Spiel. Eine Idee, die nur entstehen kann, wenn es bei allen Entwicklern und Designer gedanklicher Dünnschiss im Spiel ist. Ich weiß nicht was das Team da geraucht hat, aber muss schon was verdammt Hartes gewesen sein… . Sonst kann man die Folgen auch nicht übersehen. Kritikfähig ist ohnehin keiner in den Büro. Alles wird in den Himmel gelobt und negative Kritik geht ihnen an ihren südlichen Ende vorbei, wenn sie Richtung Norden schauen. Aber egal, Hauptsache die Spieler werden weniger, damit man endlich zudrehen kann. Aber, dass dann doch bitte bald, damit sich das einst so große Spiel in Würde begraben kann. Die Entwickler können dies übrigens nicht. Vermutlich die hirnloseste Änderung, in der langen Geschichte der hirnlosen Änderungen bei Grepo in den letzten Jahren.
    Mehrere Seiten, in denen unzählige Schwachpunkte der Idee aufgezeigt wurden, werden gekonnt ignoriert. Hauptsache ein Sturschädel von Entwickler hat seine Änderung zum geplanten Zeitpunkt auf die Welten gebracht.

    • Nils U. Nils U. says:

      Hallo pangolin,
      normaler Weise würde ich einen solchen Post wie diesen hier, garnicht veröffentlichen, da er mit Verlaub relativ unverschämt und beleidigend gegenüber dem gesamten Grepolis Team ist. Aber ich nutze das , um noch ein zweites Mal in aller Kürze und in deutsch darauf einzugehen, wann wir Posts veröffentlichen.

      Wir veröffentlichen und beantworten hier gerne jede Frage, Feedback, Verbesserungswünsche, oder konstruktive Kritik.(Auch ein freundliches “Feature xy gefällt mir nicht weil….” hilft uns zu verstehen wie wir besser werden können. Wir lesen es und beziehen es mit ein. Das bedeutet allerdings nicht, dass immer alles so umgesetzt wie es sich einzelne Spieler, oder auch kleine Gruppen einer einzelnen Community wünschen. Aber es ist ein Kanal auf dem ihr Einfluss auf die Entwicklung nehmen und uns helfen könnt bessere Features zu entwickeln.

      Aber wir veröffentlich diese Posts ausschließlich, wenn sie keinerlei direkten (siehe der hier kommentierte Post) oder auch indirekte Beleidigungen des Grepolis Development,- oder Support Teams beinhaltet.
      So etwas, habe und werde ich in Zukunft direkt löschen.

      Mit freundlichen Grüßen

      • Avatar Mattizin says:

        Well he just uses some drastic words.
        What he says is literally true, the update is just stupid and makes no sense and brings 100s of bugs. just look into the de forum we talk about it all day and get no answer at all.
        What is with destroyed wws? he islands are still ww islands == no vm??
        What is with lvl 0 wws == no vm???

        you can destroy a safe of an ally with this stupid change.

        • Nils U. Nils U. says:

          Hi Mattizin,
          concerning answering in the forum this is something im not in charge off but i will answer the questions you put up here 🙂

          1. If a world wonder on an island gets destroyed all cities of player that HAS or Will go in VM will be 100% protected.
          2. If a world wonder is currently on the island the cities on this island wont be protected by vacation mode. A WW-with even with level 0 (might have resource in or not) is a world wonder. So the rule fully applies on it.

          I hope this at least clarified some of your issues with it.

      • Avatar Diodemus says:

        Hi Nils, originally I didn’t wanted to reply on this post but I changed my opinion. But I think it will maybe help you to understand. The reason for this kind of feedback is simple. ‘Cause you ignore a huge amount of constructive feedback. And here you see what happens, people get angry and they’ve the feeling that polite feedback didn’t help anymore. And as you mentioned ““ Auch ein freundliches “Feature xy gefällt mir nicht weil….” hilft uns zu verstehen wie wir besser werden können” did not help at all. Look at the feedback threads. If this would help, you would reset this feature.

        And he’s right Nils, your former posts did disqualify your knowledge about world wonders. In best case you handle with them on your Inhouse Servers. But on live servers you have no experience with them.

  6. Avatar Diodemus says:

    Hi Nils,
    good Idea of the worldwonder rights to see the word wonder donation tab. Maybe you could also introduce the permission of starting a worldwonder associate with this new right.
    Look forward to your answers.

    • Nils U. Nils U. says:

      Hi Diodemus,
      thank you very much. That was something which we had on mind very early and the community and the cm’s pointed out to us well.
      That function of starting a world wonder seems to me as this should get another right, as you maybe dont want everyone of your alliance to start a wonder but maybe only see the donations. ( I see an conflict of interest here for the ally leaders)
      And a new right is currently hard to implement, as the interface space in the rights managment now with the last added right is full. So this would require much more effort but i will check if there is a possibility.
      Thanks for your input.

  7. Avatar hbb-1 says:

    On the Dutch servers there not positive either. (only the players who dont build worldwonders)