Community update: Week 44

Ricardo Vitoriano

Dear Community,

So last week we skipped a community update, sorry but we were busy, busy, busy! So lets try to summarize the two weeks…

We continued working on improvements for the age of world wonders:

  • The world wonder donation overview feature is expanded with a search function and rights management for all members of the alliance.
  • To prevent unfair advantages and blocking in the late game, we adjusted the effects of vacation mode if you own a city on a world wonder island.

For game worlds with battle point villages, we rebalanced farming villages to streamline all values and give you a more smooth experience with this feature.

Weekly Stats

The following stats are for activity between the 27th of October and the 2nd of November:


Browser Mobile Total
Currently open: 11 0 11
Reported this week: 18 3 21
Fixed this week: 18 3 21

Bugs hot-fixed during the week

  • N/A

Support activity

  • 3273 tickets opened
  • 3505 tickets answered
  • 4.00 hours average first response time
  • 779 tickets rated
  • 3.92 rate average (of 5)

See you next week!

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15 comments on “Community update: Week 44
  1. Avatar Mattizin says:

    The vacation mode change shows you dont really know how the players play the world wonders, do you?

    There will come many bugs with this.
    This wont work at all and wont help against anything you said it would help against.
    This is just a pain in the ass for normal players who want to build ww.
    Worst change in months.
    Just look into the german feedback section we talk about so many things which can happen and will go wrong with this change..
    But as alwaysyou look at feedback and directly put it in the trash.
    Same precudure as every update from inno.

    • Nils U. Nils U. says:

      Hi again,
      concerning if this feature will help concerning the issues we want to tackle in the game, i think i explained already how this is going to happen.

      About the amount of players this feature will be affecting. We have had lots of meeting and data analysis for this so i can tell you that:
      Over all worlds, on which ww-age is active, in average there are 10,6 Players per world at the same time, that have a city on a ww-island and are in vm.
      So this is issues you see (no matter if i share all all of them to be correct) would be concerning extremely few people from the “normal players” you talk about. Most people will never encounter such a case.
      But for many alliances and all their members, being affected by the abusive strategy of this few people by blocking them from building their wonder or enabling them to stop a wonder being build, this will be reducing frustration majorly.

      And concerning the feedback in the forum being put in the trash. To be bluntly you have no idea how many meetings we have and had on this. Its really sad that you think us to be not caring for the players and the game which we love building for and with you. 🙁 We have been discussing about a big load of things our Lead Community Managerin brought to us from the forums on this hot topic.


      • Avatar Mattizin says:

        You only show data which is positive for your point of view.
        How many people abuse the vacation on World wonder islands?
        What should an alliance do when i have 10 cities on an world wonder island and i HAVE to go in the vm for a long time.
        Conwuer them all??
        Great, Players which werent designed to deff ww cities have some then and all units are dead. Deff them for days? Great, thousands of units staying in this cities and they are still not safe..

        The Balance is just not in favor of the chance at all.

        Concerning the Feedback.
        We only see you plan features, ask for feedback, we give plenty(germany is by far the most active in that point) and then we see how these changes come live with no changes at all over and over again.
        What should we think else than that you are ignoring it?
        We are players wwhich maybe play longer than some of you.
        WE PLAY IT, WE KNOW IT and you still do changes only on things YOU think, not the actual PLAYERS.

        I’m really dissappointed in Innogames, your Community work, the quality of your updates and the direction you are choosing for this game, which was really great for a long time.

        To show some other facts:
        Grepolis looses 1000s… of players monthly. Does this show you are doing things right?
        NO. If you would do the right changes player numbers wold be atleast stable. They are in a free fall right now.


      • Avatar Diodemus says:

        Well, if the feedback would have been interesting for you, you wouldn’t made the update yesterday. He’s right. Asking for more feedback is cynicism ’cause you aren’t interested in this at all. Other question, do the founders of Grepolis know about this feature?

        • Nils U. Nils U. says:

          Hi Diodemus,
          as i pointed already out in one of my posts there often is a misunderstanding in how “taking feedback” works.

          Reading, taking, being interested, going trough and refining feedback has not the meaning of doing things 100% or even 10% the way which the FB-giving person wanted it.

          Taking feedback means that you take the given opinion(s), ideas, improvements, or points of disagreement into account and then think and discuss about the topic again. So the feedback is one tool you use for getting more info into a big pool of targets you try to fulfill, problems, improvements, technical possibility,…you have to consider and try to find the one which fits best.

          Else who’s feedback/wish would you follow?
          Those two persons you talked to on a devbloq, that one community manger who contacted you,the one developer in the team, the xy amount of players from community a, or the ones from community b which say exactly the opposite and dont forget about the points all those people forget about a feature or topic. So you might see why single players or even groups of players might strongly disagree with a feature while we still use part of the feedback ALL PEOPLE out there give us.
          So when i say im taking your feedback, be sure that i read a lot of stuff myself on the forums or get parts of it from the CMs and as you can see i take the time here to talk to you, read and listen to your points as well.
          You guys already have influenced the development of many many features with your input, going from complete changes, to small improvements, even putting features on hold. I would wish that you guys could see this much clearer, as you are making such a big difference on developing our game and its feature.

          I hope this gives you a different perspective on this topic.

          • Avatar Diodemus says:

            A game, where you didn’t have the possibility to take an out time, looses every legality to call it a game.

            And live with it Nils, it’s the worst update in the long list of bad updates to Grepolis.
            Cancel your next vacation and don’t stay away anymore from Grepolis. You should be reachable every single hour for us players, as you want to do, from world wonder players…

          • Nils U. Nils U. says:

            The Question of when a game deserves to be called a game is something were many people find different answers to.
            Concerning the update, lets agree that we disagree here but that is okay for me.
            But even so, from my point of view its good that we have this open discussion here and i would like you to keep on sharing your thoughts here with me.


          • Avatar Mattizin says:

            Hi again.

            Even with all the points you just said beeing true im really disappointed in the Communicatopn process then.
            – We dont know at all where pur feedback goes/went
            – We dont know at all what you do with it
            – We dont know at all why ypu dont change ANY THING from the beta servers to the live worlds.
            Every Update which gets huge Criticism geets on the live worlds 100% the same for the last 2 years.
            And you want us to think you are really thinking about our feedback?
            Thats a crazy way of thinking…

            We see the Beta Updates, give Feedback, report Bugs and so on and still the things come exactly the same on the live worlds, with many bugs which were reported before and the feature itself changed not at all..


          • Nils U. Nils U. says:

            Hi Mattizin,
            concerning our communication process i can tell you that our new Lead Community Managerin identified some issues as well. (But im not going deeper into that as that is not of my responsibility)

            – Regarding your third point about us not chaning “anything”. I just openly tell you that this is wrong. There have been several things were we improved features we brought to the beta with your feedback, be it interface optimizations, mechanical changes, stopping the new unit picture which we worked on for long or adding infos like on the ww-donation screen a city column or the rights management for it.
            Repeating myself, im just sad that you and many other players either dont seem to recognize or we failing to communicate it in the past, how much you already influenced the development of Grepolis and its features.
            But once again often the perspective of a small group or even one countries community might be, that a lot of them are against a feature or parts of it. And if we then dont change it that way they are angry. This is understandable as there perspective is “All of us (forum community xy) dont want this but you still make it”
            But they miss out that there might be lots of other people who think this to be okay or good so the feedback of all of them + design issues, company interests, effort, time,…. and many other stuff influences how a feature in the end gets shaped.
            And after its on beta or live we also check back on it, we measure, we read the forums, we check the devbloq, we play it, talk wie the CM and then add/remove or change things.


          • Avatar Diodemus says:

            Why should we give feedback, if it don’t matter. Take an example on your colleague Anec. He said, that he didn’t have enough experience on world wonders to take an decision about it. That’s a good point of him. He is at least honest.
            Well and Nils, on link for you.
            Please take a look at it, if Lead CM Naranya didn’t forwarded it already. Even if the idea is still voteable or not, it was the idea with the most voters for a long time. And you can see, what the community wants. The Dutch CM closed, the feedback thread because he won’t read anymore about this topic. So there are many community, which don’t want this feature. Think about customer satisfaction. This would bring new players to the game and money to Inno….

          • Nils U. Nils U. says:

            Hi Diodemus,
            thanks for sending the link as well. I already saw it but still its good that you pointed it out.

      • Avatar lord says:

        well you are not yuite right

        10,6 players are in vm, but this new rule, doesnt concern only them, but all their allies. so 200 players? depends on allylimit

        and this blocking due to vm? how many are concerned, maybe 2 or 3 cities (offensive by blocking to recapture) and 1 to 7 ww (defensive).

        for me i guess its more the same number of allies and member who are effected by the old and the new vm, maybe even less with the old rule.

  2. Avatar Thasoss says:

    Generally, the late WW’s age is related to massive breaking the rules. That’s my experience. It is more likely a player will share his password with e.g. leader or close co-player. You will force players to do this even more. It is a such easy thing to say ‘Here is my password, take care of it!’ than find members who have free culture slots… Nowadays, it’s no problem to log in via more connections/devices or just set the Shared Internet Connection. Chances to find that breaking the rules gets lower then.

    My ally has built WWs many times. I have guarded their islands too. What are our experience? We waited for the age +-10 months and for the closing +-5 months. During these +-5 months our enemy started to use absolutely stupid tactics. Fake attacks at night (or over the all day), sending espionages, casting negative (include plague or bolt)… and real attacks were very rare. And if they tried to break our defense, they were crushed (defending in the whole game is easy). To be honest, they had no chances to beat us during active-playing game phases, so… Do you think these players should be awarded? Is it our problem that they are simply worse? Why shouldn’t we have the opportunity to be in the vac. mode when the countdown is launched?

    Every ally which could win takes WWs era very seriously. It is condition to have enabled push notifications. ‘Tactics’ of losing alliances are annoying, disturbing and foolish. Every single world… again. I notice number of players who want to secure WWs islands is decreasing. It is considered as a punishment more than a sign of confidence or a privilegium. Our enemies have never tryied to defeat us in battle. We were under psychological pressure. Nothing else. And now, you implemented that change… I am quite afraid nobody will want to take cities on WWs islands.

    I believe in that exactly these players are complaining about vacation modes… they are not able to admit they are weak.

  3. Avatar MDGeist74 says:

    his is the worst update that has been posted here lately, because you are unable to program an Endgame punish the players with changes to the holiday mode.

  4. Avatar MDGeist says:

    We’re not just angry, we’re pissed off. You just are not able to develop a new endgame here, because I think nothing better changes your simply times the vacation mode here. Otherwise you have no Problems here, the German Commiunty is a good year without CM, these are indeed more important changes in the world. Prefer to continue pushing stupid resources back and forth. Anyone who can not do this is simply blocked. Why should you as a player this Game still have a real Life, the real Life is overestimated here anyway.

    german Player
    (Former tester on the beta server)