Community update: week 3 & 4

Dear Community,

Welcome to our community update for calendar weeks 3 and 4, brought to you directly from the InnoGames offices in chilly Hamburg!

In Demeter’s name!

Demeter is returning with her event and it’s time to cook up a storm for your guests in order to get Hospitality points and valuable rewards! The event starts on January 26th and lasts until February 10th.

This is a perfect opportunity to check out our new additions for the mobile app. Once the event starts, you get a notification to head over to the browser version of the game to get a head-start on the rankings.

Additionally we added a new notification pop-up for gathered provisions. After some confusion with mobile players not knowing about their provision drops for in-game actions taken in previous versions of the event, we felt it was not only convenient but also necessary to keep you updated while on the go. If you prefer to not see these notifications, you can choose to turn them off and focus on all other actions you were planning to take.

Gathered provisions can unfortunately still only be used in the browser version, however, as the companion app does not offer full event support.

version 2.130

Version 2.130 has been released this week and did not only introduce the aforementioned additions for the Demeter event, but also some new tooltips for world wonders.

Previously you could not really tell what sort of effect a fully constructed world wonder would bring to your alliance – unless you checked out our wiki or waited for the construction to be completed. Now you can hover your mouse over any world wonder in the construction overview and will be informed about its effect even before you start the construction.

Furthermore we have updated the game to become fully IPv6 compliant – a technical change that will be required to be able to play Grepolis in the future.

Current progress

We are in the process of finishing the sprint for version 2.131. This version will include preparations for an upcoming rework of an existing game feature, the Island Quests, and a lot of technical changes.

As the update to v2.131 will not include a lot of visible changes yet, our Game Designers are in the process of summarizing their improvement plans for the Island Quest system and will present these to you in a soon-to-be-published separate article.

On top of that, this version will also include a community request that fits well with the planned Island Quest improvements: Being able to see travel times for Island Quests asking you to attack enemy forces before you send them. As with regular attacks, travel times will simply be displayed in the attack preparation window.

The current update schedule for v2.131 is as follows:

Tuesday, February 7th: NL, SE and SK market

Wednesday, February 8th: international roll-out

If you would like to get a preview of this update, join us on the beta servers and follow the daily changelog to stay updated about all changes!

Weekly stats

The following statistics represent activity between January 10th and January 24th:


New tickets Answered tickets Av. resp. time Rated tickets Av. rating
Week #3 3364 3423 3.89 677 4.11
Week #4 3223 3471 4.23 695 4.12


Status Browser Mobile All
Open 16 0 16
Reported 31 1 30
Solved 16 0 16


See you in two weeks!

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