Community Update: week 25 & 26

Dear Community,

Were you already waiting for our bi-weekly community update? Well we had some great news to share first, but you shall get all the important information nonetheless!

Celebrating 10 year of InnoGames with Grepolis Classic

Our big mystery of the last months has finally been revealed!

Starting July 3rd you and your friends can get nostalgic. We’re reviving Grepolis v1.26.9¬†along with classic versions of our other games for a month full of celebrations!

Join us on and experience an old-school Grepolis version from back in 2011. Without events, heroes, island quests, world wonders and other new features, you use the power of just 4 gods to dominate this world.

Every player will get 5,000 gold to spend with no way to obtain more. Make the best of what you have and be among the top 3 of this world to win 5,000 premium for your regular accounts. But that’s not all, stay tuned for even more news as we have some merchandise to give away! ūüėČ



This week, we updated to browser and mobile version 2.141 for all live worlds.

This version brought a big update to colonization mechanics and the user interface, with only the interface changes being availble on live worlds while the other mechanics are currently being tested on our new beta world Sandbox 7.

On Sandbox 7 you will find that the colony ship research has been moved to an earlier Academy level (13 instead of 20), that colony ships require a lower harbor level (10 instead of 20) and that the tutorial has been adjusted – although we already discovered a misleading quest that is about to be fixed soon.

Additionally we had further smaller changes for all live worlds. The island quest “Desperate Village” had one of its reward items replaced for Slinger Reinforcements after we heard some valid concerns about there being no Slinger rewards in the island quest system. Furthermore we adjusted the behavior of island quest icons in the city overview to show only quests that still require some player action and brought information about negative effects for island quests back into the quest log.¬†Last but not least we enabled the context menu for cities on the strategic map.

Next version preview

This week we concluded the sprint work for version 2.142. This version includes some visual improvements to make units more self-explanatory.

As you can see from the screenshot above, we have added new icons next to the unit name to explain the type and function of each unit. Hoplites are hybrid units, useful for both offensive (swords) and defensive (shield) duties. Additionally they are regular land units (helmet). Icons for defensive stats were also replaced to become self-explanatory to new players.

Unit types and functions are displayed as follows:

 Icon  Definition
   Offensive Unit
   Defensive Unit
   Hybrid Unit


 Icon  Definition
   Regular land unit
   Mythical land unit
   Regular naval unit
   Mythical naval unit

Additionally there are more icons for special unit types:

 Icon  Definition
   Flying units
   Wall destruction (catapult)
   Self destruction (fire ship)
   Colonization (colony ship)

As shown in the screenshots above, new icons were introduced to describe defensive stats. They have the following meaning:

 Icon  Definition
   Defense against blunt weapons
  Defense against sharp weapons
   Defense against distance weapons
   Defense against ships

These icons were placed in all relevant areas, e.g. in the description of advisors, to be consistent in all game areas.

The current update schedule for v2.142 is as follows:

Tuesday, June 11th: NL, SE and SK market
Wednesday, June 12th: international roll-out

As per usual, you can already test these changes on all our publich beta worlds on Let us know what you think!

Weekly stats

The following statistics represent activity between June 1st and June 14th:

New tickets Answered tickets Av. resp. time Rated tickets Av. rating
Week #25 2391 2231 3.77 469 4.27
Week #26 2194 2048 4.00 445 4.11


Status Browser Mobile All
Open  13  5  18
Reported  24  5  29
Solved  15  1  16

Have a nice weekend!


As Lead Community Manager and passionate gamer, Steffi knows of the importance of transparent information sharing while keeping an eye on the needs of both players & development team. She takes community feedback and makes your voice heard at InnoGames!

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9 comments on “Community Update: week 25 & 26
  1. to1sky says:

    is that right that the hoplites unit speed will be pimped up from 12 to 18?

    • bernardgra says:

      Hello To1sky,

      No. Those are just screenshots from different worlds with different unit speed configs. If you don’t know unit speed is a world config that adjusts all units’ movement speed in a balanced manner.


  2. MDGeist74 says:

    “This version includes some visual improvements to make units more self-explanatory.”

    Why do you do that, everything was perfect. Now returns long loading times, because again this graphic and the other other graphic must be loaded. Specifically gives players here the still ISDN (2 lines) are on the way, until the new graphics are loaded. The Kolo is in town and the city has changed owners.

    Hui Buh

    • Steffi says:

      Most of these graphics are mere replacements of existing icons and should not create any more load.

      Any graphical additions with these are processed in a very efficient manner that should not cause a noticeable increase in loading times, even for players with a slow connection. The icon files themselves are rather small after all. As a matter of fact, we just conducted a brief test that revealed no difference in loading times for the barracks whatsoever between live and beta. ūüėČ

  3. bob says:

    A bit off topic perhaps, but didnt find a more apropiate place to ask:

    How and where does one make a complaint about the conduct of a CM(community manager)? (sending a ticket wouldnt be useful for obvious reasons)

    with regards, Robert

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