Current and future Heroes of War

Hello everyone,

I want to take a moment to get your feedback about a couple of our heroes and give you an idea of what we are planning for the future. As of now, there are a few heroes that we think deserve a few changes based on usage data.

Current Heroes

While looking at some data for the hero usage in general, I got to think a bit about some of our Heroes of War. Let’s take Hector to start with:


One of the most important heroes of Troy. He was the leader of the defending armies and is the son of Priamos.


Swordsmen and slingers have 10% (+1% / Level) increased offensive and defensive values while fighting at Hector’s side.”



We can say this is a useful effect but at the same time, it is arguable that especially for more experienced players, it is a wasteful effect. Why do I say that? Because after you know a bit more about the game you almost never will have a city with Swordsmen and Slingers. It does not make sense strategically since most players will opt to specialize their cities, focusing on attack or defense (disregarding mythical, naval offense, and naval defense).

Proposed Change:

So I would propose a change in this heroes effect to remove the Swordsmen and add the Hoplites, making it a more efficient hero altogether. This would also bring some changes to another hero, Themistokles.


He was a statesman and commander of Athens when Greece was threatened by the Persians. He was victorious in the fight of Salamis.


Divine Envoys and horsemen have 10% (+1% / Level) increased offensive and defensive values while fighting at Themistokles side.”



Proposed Change:

Divine envoys are barely used by the majority of players, so I would also propose changing this hero’s effect to remove the Divine Envoys and add the Slingers. Also making it a hero that has more strategical value.

Future Heroes

This brings me to future heroes, we are planning on bringing a few heroes that are specialized in single units (some of you already seen Telemachos). This will allow players to have a bit of an advantage when creating single unit nukes and help to defend cities. Of course, these single unit heroes will have a higher effect than double unit heroes, let us look at Telemachos, a future hero that will be joining the list soon.


The son of Odysseus and Penelope, he was an able fighter and important figure during the Trojan War.


Swordsmen have 15% (+1% / Level) increased offensive and defensive values while fighting at Telemachos side.”



So unlike Hector and Themistokles that render 10% (+1%/Level) to two specific units, and Deimos that render 5% (+0.5%/Level) to all units, the single unit heroes will have a head start with 15% making them tactically different from the others. We have a few more single unit heroes and a few more two unit heroes already designed and coming soon.

We do have ideas for other heroes with different effects as well, but for the moment I would like to focus the feedback on these. I would especially like to hear what you think about the changes on current heroes. Of course, all feedback and ideas are welcome, I am looking forward to hearing what you think.

Best regards,

Bernard Graham


As a Game Designer, I work to improve Grepolis in any way I can. I mostly listen to the community and find good ways to make players life easier and more exciting.

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3 comments on “Current and future Heroes of War
  1. mik says:

    Nice idea, both single & double unit hero will help to add an edge in both Attack and Defence.

    Is it possible to limit heroes to specific Gods e.g.
    If you have selected Poseidon limit the Hero selection to naval attack or defence heroes. (or does that tell everybody what you have in each city?)

  2. Amazon-King says:

    I agree with all of the Proposed Changes made to both Hector and Themistokles and logic behind it, it just makes no sense to build both units that they power up.

    Any idea when changes to Hector and Themistokles will hit live worlds?


  3. Thass says:

    Hector provides universal usability (which I prefer to only att/deff usability) thanks to slinger and swordsmen. As slingers are almost always combined with hoplites or horsemen, replacing swordsmen by hoplites could lead to buffing the whole attack in fact. I’m afraid it’ll be quite powerful… and he’s cheap.

    Themistocles – similar situation to Hector. Let’s compare Deimos – he adds 5.5 – 15 % to all units in attack. His cost is 120 coins. Now, we would have Themistocles who costs 60 coins and who makes exactly same effect. Why same? Because attacks usually contain slingers + riders + catapults. It has the best ratio power/cost.

    So, making these heroes clearly offensive (it’s quite funny that they also improve defensive values even though the units are off) could disbalance Deimos.

    When seeing the list of heroes, I’ve noticed other issues.
    Agamemnon – provides buff to hoplites and archers. Hoplites can be combined with archers – it means that both units can gain his bonus at once and he… he’s the cheapest from all the heroes of this type.
    Heracles – really expensive… I’ve never seen him many times. I think situation where he’s almost the only one suitable is very rare. Another heroes are more suitable.

    And what about heroes of wisdom?
    Apheledes – isn’t he expensive again? You welcome his effect in early game stages… but you need to quickly get him and level up… otherwise he doesn’t worth it.
    Democritus – almost the only hero which is powerful in all game stages… and he costs only 70 coins.
    Ulysess – why does he cost 115 coins and not 105 like Cheiron or Aristotle?

    And I also think that the algorithm of the daily changed offer of heroes should be adjusted. I couldn’t get into the offer heroes who are (the most) useful in my currently game stage. E.g. I need Orpheus, Christopolus… but I get still Aristotle, Cheiron etc… which I can use only on ‘several’ units. Or in case of heroes of war – Iason could be fine (as plundering is acted especially in the early game stage), however I get to the offer heroes like Urephont, Deimos, Zuretha… Battles in early game stages are small, so impact of these heroes doesn’t worth it. Or Atalanta – fights are mainly led on short distances. So, these are useful later imo.

    These heroes should be prioritized by the algorithm in my opinion:
    war: agamemnon, pelops, hector, iason, themistocles + helene
    wisdom: apheledes, christopholus, orpheus, resource heroes + democritus

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