Community update – new features and Domination

Dear community,

Last months were very busy for us with new endgame preparation, but don’t worry – we did not forget about this DevBlog! Let’s sum up the coolest of the changes we brought to the game since the last community update.

Domination endgame

It is finally here! On August 23rd a new world has started on our beta server – Sandbox 10. It is a very special world, which will see Domination endgame as the first one. Don’t forget to check it out!

As you might remember we already announced 3 worlds prepared for the new endgame. So how does that exactly work? When and where the Domination will show up first?

  • 3 worlds:  nl61, hu46 and dk38 started in June, as worlds ‘prepared for the endgame’ but without any endgame enabled. We enabled the endgame last week, which means the Domination era will start there in October.
  • After we finished development of the new endgame, we started a new, very fast beta world which will see Domination era even before the 3 live worlds mentioned above.
  • Next week, between 18th and 20th September, all language versions will get their own new worlds with Domination endgame!

Available worlds with Domination endgame:

Start date World Domination era start
12.06.2018 nl61 10.10.2018
11.06.2018 hu46 24.10.2018
12.06.2018 dk38 25.10.2018
23.08.2018 zz10 02.10.2018

Planned new worlds with Domination:

Planned start World World name
18.09.2018 ar32 Byzantium
18.09.2018 br77 Olinto
18.09.2018 cz47 Baris
18.09.2018 dk39 Naxos
18.09.2018 de97 Olous
18.09.2018 en110 Leontini
18.09.2018 es74 Mochlos
19.09.2018 fr112 Naucratis
19.09.2018 gr51 Farsala
19.09.2018 hu48 Kalüdón
19.09.2018 it61 Sesto
19.09.2018 nl63 Thebes
19.09.2018 no37 Knossos
20.09.2018 pl73 Katania
20.09.2018 pt54 Idálio
20.09.2018 ro51 Farsala
20.09.2018 ru66 Китира
20.09.2018 sk43 Sparta
20.09.2018 tr37 Naxos
20.09.2018 us74 Mochlos
20.09.2018 se39 Naxos
20.09.2018 fi22 Fii

We hope you are as excited about the new endgame as we are! More details about the new endgame can be found in our wiki:

New features

Version 2.167

With this update we added to the game the first animation marking movements on the map. The new animation shows movement of the troops between cities and Bandits Camp.


Version 2.168

With this update we added to the game a possibility for the Bandit’s Camp to be moved when player looses his cities on his first island. When a player loses all the cities on their first large island, the Bandit’s Camp will be moved:

  • To a new area on a different large island where player has a city.
  • If player has no cities on a different large islands, the Bandit’s Camp will show up on the next large island where player will found a city in the future.

Version 2.169

With this update we added to the game new shortcut, introduced a new hero – Alexandrios, as well as changed the way how leader rights are being granted after the leader becomes inactive.

If all founders have been inactive for 14 days, founder rights will be given to another player:

  • If there is another player with leader rights who has been active during the last 3 days, they will be given the founder rights.
  • If there is more than one active leader, the one who has been playing on the world the longest will be given the founder rights.
  • If no player with leader rights has been active, the player that was active during the last 3 days and who has been playing on the world the longest will be given the founder rights.
  • The new founder will be notified about the change.
  • The old, inactive founders will not lose their rights.

Version 2.170

With this update we added to the game some improvements to the Simulator window as well as new icons in the city drop down menu.

New icons in the drop down menu:

  • [​IMG] Blue icon appears when a city has been attacked and a revolt is being stirred. (Revolt worlds only)
  • [​IMG] Red icon appears when a city has been attacked and a revolt has already started and is ongoing. (Revolt worlds only)
  • [​IMG] Orange icon appears when a city has been attacked and is being conquered. (Conquest worlds only)

Simulator window changes:

  • Battle Points estimations will now be visible on the right side of the window.
  • Powers which influence the battle points generated during the battle (Heightened senses, Divine Senses, Olympic Senses, Pandora’s Revenge) were added to the Battle bonuses list.

Version 2.171

With this version we brought to the game a few small improvements to the Agora window as well as a new tab in the Temple screen which will show new rewards – Artifacts.


Version 2.172 – coming soon

Following feedback from our players, we will add two more improvements to the Simulator:

  • Alliance reductions, which reflect the number of battle points you get if the player you attack is in the same alliance.
  • Battle experience research, which gives battle points for 10% of your lost units.

What is coming next?

After all this hard work on Domination there is another big topic we already started working on! We will not spoil the beans yet, but there might be another beta world coming soon… Keep your eyes on the forums!


My main goal as a Lead Community Manager is to make sure players are happy and enjoy their time playing Grepolis.

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