Community Update: Week 33

This is what happened since the last community update:

Grepolympia 2013

Fresh week, new discipline! Archery is starting on Monday morning and will stay for one week!

Portal API

In the past month we have been working on integrating Grepolis with our Portal system. Portal is not only our public gateway to all of our games, but it also is the connection of all account related data. This makes it very easy for services to interact with each other as well as allowing us to accurately track important statistics across all games. Therefore, we have planned to switch Grepolis to the portal API. This can only be done offline and therefore a 30-minutes shut down of our services is planned for each market.

The following markets have already been switched:

Tuesday, August 6th DK
Thursday, August 8th EN
Wednesday, August 14th AR, FI, NO, US, TH, TR, SE, SK, CZ

The following markets’ switches are scheduled:

Thursday, August 15th HU, GR, PT, RO, RU, NL
Monday, August 19th IT, PL, BR, ES
Tuesday, August 20th DE, FR

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!

Beta Update 2.44

The development of the new Grepolis Update 2.44 has been finished on Friday. The latest changes have already been deployed on our beta environment ( Unfortunately for our players, there is no real noticeable change as the main goal of this version was the to implement the first part of the new UI.

The current update schedule is the following:

  • August, 15th: first French and German worlds;
  • August, 20th: EN market;
  • August, 21st: FR and DE markets;
  • August, 22nd: international roll-out.

Current Progress

On Monday, our team has started working on the development of version 2.45. The focus for this version is once again the new UI. This will be second and hopefully last part of implementation. Here is a sneak peak of the current state, bear in mind it is work in process ;):


Weekly Stats

The following stats are for activity between August 8th and August 14th:


  • 32 bug reports have been created this week
  • 9 bugs have been resolved this week
  • 2 bug reports have either been a duplicate or invalid
  • 28 bug reports are currently unresolved

Bugs hot-fixed during the week

  • N/A

Support activity

  • 5243 tickets opened
  • 5513 tickets answered
  • 5.54 hours average first response time
  • 137 tickets rated
  • 3.79 rate average (of 5)
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3 comments on “Community Update: Week 33
  1. Quackmaster says:

    I like how you put the jump to town button next to the minimap. Logically this makes sense to me as this is a operation concerned with moving on the map. However putting the color button in between looks aweful but I guess you guys know that ^^ You could maybe safe some space if you don’t use 3 buttons to switch between townview/sea overview/island view. I think using 1 button for this could be enough. Use the minimap to switch between sea overview and island view like we now do. You could maybe think about adding two little buttons in the corner of minimap if hover over it to change between sea overview/island view (btw: I would like to see it possible to zoom in or out in the island-/ and sea overviews – I will implement that in my next update of the Toolsammlung to show you what I mean). Another possibility could be this:

    Anyways…take you’re time doing this because I think it is key to the users gaming experience. But so for you’re doing a great job on this! Hope you give us enough time to test this out.

    Kind regards

  2. Jim Bean says:

    Awesome work Team!

    Will the team implement the “current city points on the main UI?”
    possibility: Some-ware close to the city name… Or anyware else in the main UI’

    This would make it easier to see what cities need more upgrades, as we scroll trough cities.


    • Jordan Coutout says:

      Hi Jim, it is not planned to display town points in the new UI at the moment but we will keep it in mind and see if more people are asking for it!

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