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With good reason many of you have brought up the question: “What is going on with the Heroes”. After all, the test on the beta-world “Rise of Heroes” has been running for quite some time. Also, the in-depth survey that we have conducted with our diligent beta players has been evaluated by now!

There were a lot of good suggestions and ideas for improvements from the community, and I can tell you up front that the overall assessment has been largely positive. However, it needs to be said that we will not release the Hero-feature to the live-worlds without a few further modifications and fine-tuning.

To present a few of the results, let’s begin with the positive findings of the survey. Subsequently we can talk about some negative points and possible adjustments.


Although the basic principle has been received positively, this question has to be approached with caution, since it is not specifically directed towards the way we implemented the heroes on the beta. It helps us to determine that we are moving into the right direction with this feature, but should take great care that the exact functionality and the scope of it meets the expectations of the community.


This has been answered affirmatively too, but there were a first few critical or doubtful voices. We’ll get to possible reasons in a moment.


While the impact of the heroes has been generally understood, we learned that the exact rules and values should be made more clear in the descriptive texts for the heroes.


We are happy to see that most of you would like to have an even bigger selection of heroes. In fact, for us it would be quite easy to add new heroes in the future and thus increase the collection on a regular basis.


Some players could not follow the approach with the conversion of resources into experience points. We are debating to also tie the level-ups to “Coins of War” and “Coins of Wisdom”. With this the conversion into experience points would become obsolete.


Here the outcome was largely negative, which is good. Our goal was not to make defending a city too easy with the introduction of heroes. Since the result was not unambiguous however, we will observe this issue long-term and carry out some adaptations to the concept if needed.


Recruiting a hero seems to be easily understood, so we do not plan major changes at the moment.

Now let’s get to the two critical points of the features:


Unfortunately the results are not good enough that we can move this over to the live worlds without any changes. We would like to keep the way how heroes are assigned to a city and how they are used in battle, consistent with the behavior of common units. It might be that you can assign a hero to a city and only that hero can be deployed for an attack that sets out from this city. And while these heroes participate in an attack, they, naturally, cannot defend the city. Only after the attack has ended and the hero has returned to the city, can he devote himself to the defense of his city again. Of course you will still be very flexible when you wish to withdraw a hero from a city and/or add a new one.


Apart from the fact that the option for a world-transfer has caused a lot of confusion, we also heard several concerns about it from the community. The general assumption was that the advantages for old-established players would be too big on new worlds compared to newcomers. For these two reasons we decided to completely remove the possibility to transfer a hero to another world!

This of course involves a whole lot of smaller modifications, on many of which we have not yet made a final decision. For example specific skills of some heroes are now less interesting, because some heroes would have primarily made sense if they could be transferred to another world. Additionally, the costs of heroes and the limitation of five heroes per world must be questioned. To keep the feature more simple (and to make it more exciting for advanced players), it might be an idea to give players the option to own more heroes with higher culture levels – until you have acquired them all and can simultaneously apply them in different cities. As soon as our fine-tuned concept is set, we will of course share it with you in a separate Dev Blog entry.

Finally we would like to thank all of you that have spent a lot of time testing the new Heroes-feature on the beta-world and for your helpful and valuable feedback!

We hope that you are as happy as we are that, by help of Grepolis United, we can better pay attention to the views and ideas of our community.

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29 comments on “Heroes Feedback
  1. DKnukunu says:

    I think you should consider the removal of the possibility to transfer a hero.

    I like the idea that you can transfer a hero, but i agree as it is now possibility to transfer heros is too favorable for old-established players. Instead of the complete removal you could as an example change it’s funktions.

    Such as moving a hero to another world decrease it’s experience depending on how long the world existed. Like moving a lv. 20 hero from a world in end game till a completely new world would reset the hero to lv. 1, and moving it to a world around 3 month into the game would decrease it to lv. 5-10, depending on how much you think it should decrease. While moving it to another world in the middle of the end game would decrease it with only one or a few levels.

    This way would be less advantageous, although it will still be advantageous for old-established players.

    By the way i like the hero feature and would too love to see even more heroes, might even a few more from greek mythology also i think you should add a short summary to the hero’s information (also for those few hero’s you made up) i believe that would improve the feature even more, atleast it would make a difference to me as i think the background history of various things are interesting.

    ~ DKnukunu

    • Marcel Zons says:

      Hey, thansk for your input.
      We also thought about adding a flavor text somewhere and we might do that somewhen (but this is not decided yet).

      About the transfer:
      We discussed a toned down version of the transfer as well (like saving the levels individually for each game world). But we have to keep our features as simple as possible. A weakened transfer is of so little use that the added complexity is just not worth it.

      Keep in mind that you will at least keep all your heroes & coins if you restart on the same game world. 😉

      • tjirvingtx says:

        OK do we lose our heroes or not?
        If we keep them will they maintain the level that we have now?
        Can we expect a Hero world to open anytime soon?

        • Marcel Zons says:

          As the “Rise of Heroes” test-world ends, you will surely lose your heroes. We hope to release the hero feature pretty soon on the common game worlds. 🙂

          I’m sorry if you are disappointed about the loss of your heroes, but keep in mind that “Rise of Heroes” existed to test on how well the hero-feature works out. All testers did a great job and really helped us to improve the concept. 🙂

        • Marcel Zons says:

          Oh, and if you are not referring to the test-world with your question:

          If a game world ends, you will lose your heroes. There will be no way of transferring heroes between game worlds.

          But if you get defeated and restart on the same game world, you will be able to keep your previous heroes and their levels. 🙂

  2. Othiana says:

    I doubt the reliability of this survey 🙂

  3. Gregor Bloodstone says:


    First of all, I apologize for the possible lack of understanding of the text.

    I Grepolis player for over a year, and must say it is one of the best strategy games that have been developed. Of those who make history. And for that I congratulate you.

    Include Heroes in the game always seemed interesting, it is one of the classic elements of Hellenic culture. However, the way it has been raised to implement in the game I think, with all due respect, incorrect.

    The idea that all players can have the same Grepolis Hero in their ranks, passing from one world to another, in my opinion undermines the whole concept of Hero. Greek Heroes (and all heroes in general) were unique characters that inspired the men of antiquity

    That’s why I think Heroes should be treated as what they really were, especially relevant characters and unique. Above all, unique. And your game should be limited to the Worlds of Heroes, so make these worlds that I think was intended to make them, worlds where only the best players fit Grepolis to fight with authentic and unique ancient Greek heroes.

    This was an idea put forward by myself in the Spanish community of Grepolis, and here you can consult.


    Thanks for your interest.

    • Marcel Zons says:

      Unfortunately, I cannot understand the thread that you just provided a link to (I don’t speak spanish). 🙁

      However, your idea of having each hero unique per game world would mean that only ~10 players could make use of that feature. We want to implement things that most players can use and enjoy and I guess you can easily understand that. 🙂

  4. Gregor Bloodstone says:

    Actually, the idea is that work similarly to Wonderland and that all members of the alliance can benefit from them.


    Creating a clearly defined objective in the Worlds of Heroes, like the Age of Wonders in normal worlds. The Age of Heroes.


    Currently in the MoF no defined goal game as the construction of Wonders in conventional worlds, so the motivation to play comes by the player knowing that is a MoF and how it develops. When a player enters these worlds (the MoF) and see that, apart from a few investigations over Academy and some special units, it is the same, it is easy to leave that world and prefer to remain in their normal world where and mechanical or routine has acquired and is not to be very hot head.

    In my view, this may be the cause of the MoF are worlds little “villages” or less influx of players.


    The goal is simple. Well after a while of play to determine, or reaching a particular score on the sum of points of all alliances, would open a new period, the Age of Heroes, where alliances, as in conventional worlds, compete to get favors heroic characters of ancient Greece.

    How many heroes have available? The number of heroes available for recruitment would be 12, connected in pairs to each of the respective gods exist in the MoF, and each of them would have special abilities tied to that god bonificarían all players of that alliance. That is, there would be two related Heroes Poseidon, two with Zeus, Hera two … and so on until all six.

    Edit: Why two Heroes linked to each God? When an alliance Heroes get both assigned to each God, the spell effects that multiply x2 God. That is, if the alliance got the two Heroes of Zeus, p. for example., instead of sending a truck with “Divine Sign”, was sent two. Instead of destroying a level with “Lightning”, destroyed two levels, and so with all …

    How to recruit Heroes? In order to recruit these heroes, all you would need is DIVINE FAVOR. But of course, in large, very large quantities … favoring increased temple or building the divine statue, buildings that are not very popular, or use of the Priestess Premium.

    Can destroy the Heroes? No. Unlike in Wonderland, the Heroes are indestructible, and once recruited by an alliance, remain there until its dissolution or destruction shall be available then for other alliances.

    Can you use the Heroes in an attack or defense? Heroes are not entities “physical” game and its treatment should be similar to a Wonder, ie provides general bonuses across the alliance, both in attack, defense, favor or resources.

    What are the heroes available? As already explained, are twelve, two by God. And suggestions are welcome here, in the Heroes as their bonuses. Enamorad @ s of Ancient Greece, make your choice …

    How many should recruit Heroes to win the game? I think a good number would be 6, but may vary.

    What do I get if my alliance wins MoF? Apart from a hole in the Pantheon, the victory would be good to appear reflected in the player’s profile, as seen when you get the seven wonders (the Crown), and this is important, a prize of 500 gold coins each player of that alliance. This not think it could have a setback for Innogames, as these coins quickly revert your system, and is an incentive to play the MoF. Also, always be reduced by alliance members in these worlds and leave it at 50 players or so …


    It motivates the player with the awards, new objectives, Greek Heroes … It increases the playability of the MoF, the number of players increases, more alliances, etc, etc …


    Create an Age of Heroes likeness of the Age of Wonders, with new characters, bonuses and awards.

    Again, apologies for an incorrect translation.

  5. Gregor Bloodstone says:

    Aim: MoF is a mistranslation of MdH (acronym for Mundo de los Héroes, Worlds of Heroes, in Spanish) and should be WoH.

    Thank you.

  6. cosmin per says:

    yes i love world of heroes, and I think it is time for new generation a grepolis game more interesting and exciting

  7. Chris says:

    It would be a great Feature to have Heros. It would be nice if there would be many Heros, but each could only exist once in a world, but can be captured as example. Or to make it to have more Heros, he could have a brother, father or son with the same abilities, but so still each once exists only once. Somehow to have hundreds of the same hero is unrealistic. It only would be good if the Heros Change the game in a tactical matter.

  8. Hasan says:

    I hate the very idea about cancelling transfer of heroes.

    ” The general assumption was that the advantages for old-established players would be too big on new worlds compared to newcomers.”

    This was the only thing in my 2.5yrs of gaming which was meant to help the old players, now even this is being removed.

    We must understand, that all players only get 1 slot at the start of the world. They cannot really get too many heroes. Also all players got 1 lvl20 hero in the start. So till you actually get to culture lvl 5, you can’t add another hero. This should take about 20-40days for active players, depending on world speed. I believe new players have ample time to do quests and buy hero. Ofcourse, their heroes might be at lvl 7 or 8, but then, heroes are not really so strong, and big of a game changer.

  9. DKnukunu says:

    I have a question which right now is cause to a lot of rage/frustration on the Danish servers.

    In End game (time of wonders) the server is closed off for new players, however old players who already once were part of the server can still restart.


    The requirements for building a wonder at a island is to have full control of it, however full control do not have to be every single free place on the island but every city which exist (free places, where there haven’t been a player yet cannot be settled on) therefore it is possible to build a wonder on a island where there is only 1 or 3 cities as long the alliance control them all.

    These two things are the cause to the problem. It is possible for a new player (those who once played on the server) to restart and by “coincidence” start on the island where a alliance is building a wonder. Just starting on the island don’t have influence on the wonder but when the city is conquered by another player than the alliance who is building the wonder, it becomes unbuildable or destroyed (drops from 10 to 9) if it were complete already.

    However this is possible for other alliances to exploit as it is happening on our servers, the enemy sees no means to win by fair means and notices that their enemy by coincidence have some of their wonders on a island like mentioned above. They happen to know someone who once played or might even have a second account themselves. Then that player (or themselves) continue to be conquered and restart until they start on the island where their enemy are building their wonder. And the by once again letting their city be conquered (ofcourse not by their enemy) they successfully destroyed their enemy’s wonder.

    All of these things which happens coincidence might sound unreal to happen all in same said manner but in a game with multiple players it is quite easy to meet.
    And now to my question is it intentional that this i possible or was it just not noticed because the case is rare to meet?

    ~ DKnukunu

    • Jordan Coutout says:

      As already mentioned, World Wonders were not well designed from the very beginning and this case shouldn’t have been allowed. Please understand that we can’t change it right now because it would require a complete redesign of the feature. All in all, this would require a lot of effort, time and work. For us, it wouldn’t be smart to do that now considering that a world wonder revamp is planned for 2013. So for now we have to keep it that way but we plan to change it at some point.

  10. Talita - Lady Stark ,server BR says:

    I loved the idea of heroes, but I’m afraid there are complications to use them.
    I tried to play the “BETA” to test how it would be, but it ended up being much more complicated because I do not speak fluent English,
    I play on a server BR
    With the new heroes is coming, I’d love to you the idea of new “Gods”, there is still Apollo and anfrodite

    Desculpem os erros de Inglês

  11. GEORGE says:


  12. Draqone says:

    Better late then never.

    I admit I haven’t tested the heroes fully here are some observations:

    I like your recent changes – I think it’d be good to spend coins of war/wisdom rather then resources to level up the heroes.

    The Hero Training interface is incredibly unclear. “Borrow” the Gerpolympics training screen and make it use coins rather then troops.

    I think Chiron’s bnus was not clear. I think giving him “When Chiron is assigned to a city all quests completed from this city give +500% more coins” – or something like that. It’d work well with the change I mentioned above.

    • Marcel Zons says:

      We will probably have to change / adjust the abilities of Cheiron, Helen, Andromeda and Terylea. We will see in which way, as this is not decided yet.

  13. Maurizio Marangio says:

    Hi Marcel,
    the server is very nice , i asked to your staff to procastineted the close-date.
    You can permitted to play again until the new server is all ready.
    So we can test better the server beta .
    a lot of us spendig money to play 🙁
    Best regards

  14. Marianna says:

    I’ve just read the announcement in Rise of Heroes, that the world is going to be closed in a week.
    I just wonder, are my money (in the form of gold there) going to be returned to me or be stolen? I am highly disappointed by your decision if not to say more. Mods were asked many times by players if this world will be played until the end (WW times). The answer was that you dont have any decision on its closure. Thats why many players believed (as its a very active world and a lot of players are there) it will not be closed and began investing personal time..money. And now you tell it will be closed. I feel myself cheated. Disgusting. We have been helping you to make the game better (for our own money) and now we are going to be robbed. And be sure, that not me only feel this way after your decision.

    • Marcel Zons says:

      “I just wonder, are my money (in the form of gold there) going to be returned to me or be stolen?”

      – Your remaining Gold is not lost. You will be able to use it in future Beta worlds.

  15. Very disappointed this world is closing especially when I have recently purchased gold last week. What will happen to my gold I still have? I shall not be happy to lose this 🙁
    Why cant this world be left open until your next beta is ready????

    • Marcel Zons says:

      You can use your remaining Gold on future Beta worlds, as your Gold is bound to your master (beta-) account and not to a single world. 🙂

  16. Linda Fillion says:

    Hi Marcel,

    what is that closing thing so early, we spend money, we spend time, we spend a very good time enjoying this beta rise of heroes, and boom bang bang you decide to close everything now.


    do you know how long it takes to have a good running of a beta. more than a few weeks.

    so, please let people play until the end of this world.


    On behalf to this world, we hope would re-consider you closing thing.


    • Marcel Zons says:

      Adressing me about this issue does not help, as I don’t have anything to do with the opening and closing of worlds.

      I suggest adressing your issue to a community manager. 🙂

  17. ratty69 says:

    you have really pissed alot of people off by announcing the shut down of this world!!! me for one….

  18. Harbinger I says:

    I was not aware of the proposed server closure until the Announcement in game today (6 days notice)

    See forum post http://forum.beta.grepolis.com/showthread.php?1921-Rise-Of-Heroes-closing-Gutted&p=10020&viewfull=1#post10020

    I appreciated that this was a Beta server and so I was a little surprised that the company accepted premium members and gold purchases
    But they did and to my mind this puts the company under some obligation
    It is irksome that (1) the server is closed after such a short time only to be restarted as Beta and (2) there is so little notice

    The company has actually benefited from premium users as they have been able to progress faster and thus more adequately test advanced features

    I would like to ask that the company live up to these obligations by taking the full value of Gold bought on the Beta server and transferring it to a nominated live server account. The relaunched Beta server should not allow premium users unless conditions for server closure are adequately made clear in terms of conditions of a premium account.

    I would appreciate feedback from the company to my registered e-mail address to this formal request.

    Harbinger I

  19. HadesHeadies says:

    I play on the beta world, their are 1364 players above 40,000 points, the mixing of countries has lead to some interesting nationalism and fights with and against players never seen before. People have spent lots of time and some have spent lots of money. Anyway the heros still need alotta work.

    Don’t close the beta! Dont close the beta! Don’t close the beta!

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