Call for community questions!

Avatar Hey hey!

As we see a lot of questions popping up regularly on the community forums, we would like to have another round of “Questions & Answers” with the next episode of InnoGames TV.

Without much hassle: we will select 5 to 10 questions and answer them with all honesty. 🙂

So, how are you supposed to provide a question? Simply write a comment to this blog post. You can also mention your in-game nickname and your language version (i.e. Spain, England) in case you want to be mentioned in the Dev Blog for asking your question. 😉
Keep in mind that we can only consider questions that are submitted until the 7th of July.

Let’s roll!

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31 comments on “Call for community questions!
  1. Avatar Figtree2 says:

    Why is there such a lack of experience in players today?

    • Well, I think because Innogames changed the game to much in a Casual SimCity game set in the Greek era.

      Nowadays it`s a run to build World Wonders. Put a silly crown on your head and shout: I`m the winner.

      After building 4 out of 7 World wonders most players quit and hop on to the next world.

      I like to play for a couple of years on the same server. Where the battlefield is moving. Where enemy`s can become friends and vice versa.

      Where each enemy needs a different strategy to beat.

      Oh yeah. Why do you need experience? If its possible to pay off your lack of strategy if you want to.

  2. Avatar Diodemus says:

    Most Important Question from DE:

    !Why do Grepo don’t start a Classic-World!???

  3. Avatar Mim le Fay says:

    How do you create the World settings for new one? Which are the fundamental Ideas for this?

    Why is there any navel units reinforcement as a boost absolve the Island Quests?

    We, your Grepolis Communities, have so much new Ideas for Grepolis improvements. Unfortunately you stopped the monthly voting for our ideas. What is the reason therefore?

    Can you tell us a ore two little thing/s about the WW Revamp?

    How was the average value in gold, a Grepolis player spend for the game in 2013? What was the highest amount from one single player?

    Over a year ago, we heard that there will be a Re balancing. What have you done therefore during this long period of time, how do you will test it and what about a chance of fine tuning?

  4. Avatar Bentito says:

    Question from Brazil:

    The winners of the Wonders of the World should be who builds all the wonders. The Wonders should be built faster and maintained for some time to encourage war game (e.g. 1 week each one). One who destroy the enemy and preserve its wonder, is the winner.

    So, what’s is your real plan about the new World’s Wonders?

  5. Well, today was a good day.

    No world wonders on hero worlds. A lot of players will celebrate your decision on this point. Thank you for listening.

    Though, i kinda liked the idea of hero worlds, only the concept was misplaced in my opinion.

    Especially on the dutch server it was quit a misplaced world. Speed was set very slow and morale was active. (I understand it was active to give the people who join after one year have a little bit protection) And don`t forget, the condition`s to enter the hero worlds are really really low.

    So, my question. Will there ever be a world only for experienced players. Players who had more than 1.500.000 battle points or something like that. Speed very high and ofcourse, no morale active.

    Grepolis will adapt more and more features to protect the casual tiny nooby players who spend little bit gold.

    But there is never a world only for the high ranked, gold spending players who are really up for a challenge.

  6. Avatar MDGeist74 says:

    Most Important Question from DE:

    last month Voting
    When will the new effects to be found in the simulator?

  7. Avatar Thasoss says:

    I have two questions, I hope it doesn’t matter. 🙂
    1. What do offensive and defensive numbers by transport ships, fire ship and colony ship mean? These ships cant destroy other ships (excluding fire ship in defense).
    2. Do you plan something like Thracian conquest in permanently form, not only like event?
    (I mean for example fighting in campaign for daily reward… or it could be something like island quest… change resources or gold for points to buy mercenaries… and if you win a battle, you get certain reward 🙂 )

    Thasoss, Czech

  8. Avatar shadow.empyre says:

    What are you doing to address the abuse of the morale system on worlds that have it enabled?

    When is the re-balancing going to happen? I have heard this subject get discussed for over 2 years now…

  9. Avatar -Achilles-- says:

    1. When are you going to introduce improvements to the alliance chat?

    2. you putting coins opportunity to gain wisdom and war as the name suggests with wlak? and not just from the mission island?

    3. When the hero, giving a bonus to attack land units?

    4. What about the sustainability of the game? You were planning to introduce them a year ago but so far there’s nothing doing.

    5. Why did your last not appear in the game with the proposals anikiety players?

    Poorly know English but I think I understood the questions.

    Grpolis Poland

    “1. Kiedy zamierzacie wprowadzić ulepszenia do czatu sojuszu?

    2. Wprowadzicie możliwość zdobycia monet mądrości i wojny jak sama nazwa wskazuje z wlak? a nie tylko z misji wyspowych?

    3. Kiedy pojawi się bohater, dający bonus do ataku jednostkom lądowym?

    4. Co ze zrównoważeniem rozgrywki? Planowaliście wprowadzić je rok temu ale jak na razie nic z tym nie robicie.

    5. Dlaczego ostanio nie pojawiają się w grze anikiety z propozycjami graczy?

    Słabo znam angielski ale myślę że zrozumieliście pytania.”

  10. Avatar Auditoree says:

    1. Is the international world come?
    2. What are you going to replace the wonders of the world?

  11. Avatar Susi17 says:

    Question from italy:
    There is 90% of players who use bots to farming villages and build units..

    Why there are no systems that block the use of bots?

  12. Avatar Hasan says:

    Will worlds without heroes get more mercenaries in the “thracian conquest” event? I mean, it would be tougher to defeat all rebels without hercules.

    • Avatar Marcel Zons says:

      I think I can just answer this question here (I don’t think it’s a biggie that all people want to know about):
      “Hercules” within the event isn’t a common hero. It’s just a basic functionality which is a part of the event. So “Hercules” will be available to all players, regardless whether heroes are enabled on that world or not. 🙂

  13. Avatar ArekPro says:

    Question from PL:
    Do Grepolympia start this year?

  14. Avatar Hasan says:

    Is Grepolis not capable of launching higher speed worlds, like 4 or 5. I know it would reduce no of players allowed, but i thought servers were upgraded to have bigger caps.

    I mean, atleast one speed 5 world on .en servers please!

  15. Avatar Stork says:

    The answer to your success is simple – remove as many of the grinding elements as humanly possible.
    Make every part of the game fun and rewarding to play.

    To do this, you must know what it’s like playing your own game. Something it seems like you don’t. (No serious grepolis player would for example even think about deleting 30 day old private messages or harbor checks from the game).

    To make a great game the devs actually need to play it so they know what they’re doing when they’re making changes.

    Also, right now, the game is being dragged down by grinding tasks, such as the repetitive village farming (which by the way only benefits botters.), endlessly repeating resource transfers (let’s not even mention World wonders). These things should be
    avoided at all costs and instead you should focus on developing
    time saving functions.

    The only reason many people keep playing is the social interaction.

    When you realize that the game’s core is about nothing but grinding, you just want to win the world and never look back again. Which is a shame because there’s also many positives
    about this game.

  16. Avatar chalna says:

    1. is there a particular reason that there are no naval quests? I would propose that this be a selectable option as it makes it tough to do some quests in specialized cities.

    2. Why can we not have a one click farming feature with the captain? I know that the time consuming features of farming make some people quit, I personally have quit farming in all current worlds and am considering not starting another one as I hate the grind farming. I have spent roughly 300$ on this game, not a huge ammount, but enough to call myself a paying customer.

    3. Why does grepolis favor the defender to such a massive extent? why is that extent increasing? and is there anything that we as players could do to convince you to stop it?

  17. Avatar maleda says:

    why not add some configuration parameters when opening new server?

    should be nice to add:
    1. alarm on/off
    2. hero on/off

    NB: i agree with chalna too many defensive bonus

  18. Avatar Curlypaul says:

    I would like to know why the main rank is based on city points, and not battle points? Do you not agree that this fools some people into thinking that Grep is a simmer’s game, and they would be better directed to Forge of Empires instead?

    • Avatar Marcel Zons says:

      Gaining battle points will help you to own more towns (as you get culture points). So in the end, the fighting player will still have a benefit. 🙂

  19. Avatar WINNING says:

    Hello, my name is Pablo,

    my question is: why did you decide to open the Hiperborea world in the Spain Server?

    Thank you and answer whenever you can.

  20. Avatar WINNING says:

    Will you ever open a world with a higher speed than x3 in the Spain Server?

    Thank you for your time.

  21. Avatar WINNING says:

    Are you thinking about introducing a new God?


    • Avatar Marcel Zons says:

      This is not part of our current roadmap. There might be improvements to the Gods in 2015. 😉