Community Update: Week 11

This is what happened since the last community update:

Beta Update 2.57

The development of the new Grepolis Update 2.57 has been finished on Friday. The latest changes have already been deployed on our beta environment ( This version features the alliance finder, an easy way for new players to find an alliance!

The current update schedule is the following:

  • March, 18th: NL, SE and SK markets;
  • March, 19th: international roll-out.

Current Progress

On Monday our team focused on bug fixes and the development of version 2.58 started on Monday. With this version the team wants to finish the new Easter Event. Interesting fact is that both the browser and mobile team are working close together on this feature as the event will run cross-platform πŸ™‚

Weekly Stats

The following stats are for activity between March 6th and March 12th:


  • 31 bug reports have been created this week
  • 15 bugs have been resolved this week
  • 6 bug reports have either been a duplicate or invalid
  • 20 bug reports are currently unresolved

Bugs hot-fixed during the week

  • N/A

Support activity

  • 6737 tickets opened
  • 7129 tickets answered
  • 3.77 hours average first response time
  • 254 tickets rated
  • 4.08 rate average (of 5)
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11 comments on “Community Update: Week 11
  1. jimdk says:

    Button / ress for the playoffs
    Now when there is a considerable time before there is a new endgame

    it would be super if we can get a button that can send all ress from all your cities at once to VV

    (depicting me as we push festivals, Olympic Games, Triumft, Theatre Games)

    then there must be a button and send ress to a VV

    I hope others will support this proposal and it takes a war and to send RESS from all your cities.

    mvh jimdk …… unskyd my poor language translation.

    ps also would be nice to see which of the players who actually transfers so VV’en had a list of players who had sent … see it would be interesting and get rid of the eternal freewheel πŸ™‚ I am thinking it should only be leader who can see this.

    • Marcel Zons says:

      I don’t think it makes a lot of sense to now put effort into a feature which will get changed rather soon anyway.
      Don’t get me wrong: I like your idea. However, you would only benefit from this addition for maybe 1 or 2 months. πŸ˜‰

  2. Druvi says:

    Guys what happened to the monthly feature voting?
    The in-game ones????

    • Jordan Coutout says:

      As I already wrote in another comment: we are not able to tell when is going to be the next monthly feature voting. The main issue is that it doesn’t work as we were expecting it to work at the beginning, plus we plan to have some other surveys in some markets which can’t run in parallel. We are currently thinking about better ways for our community to submit their ideas and get them implemented in the game.

  3. jimdk says:


    if I understand the answer really becomes playoff changed?
    It will also include server that is running

    FX I play on PI DK which is about five months for the playoffs, there will come a new endgame before.? we start the playoffs.

    Now we have not got the heroes of the PI as many are disappointed that many are also starting new server and try the heroes a little tiresome we can not get the heroes of the PI would have been a great blow to the server. (there is a possibility we can get it)? There’s about five months for the playoffs sufficient time for heroes and get up and running and will be fun with new endgame and get heroes with.

    mvh jimdk

    • Marcel Zons says:

      We still have to evaluate whether we will offer the heroes feature on old worlds or not. However, right now it is NOT planned to release the feature on old worlds.

  4. jimdk says:

    Proposal for new endgame

    1 / Each VV being boot receives XX number deffpoint, the higher the level the higher the deffpoint (level 1 lavel live 10 highest)

    2 / Alliances can pick VV battle points to one ally on and break through the enemy vv and lowering its Deffpoint if vv will be reset in Deffpoint will go live down if you lose a city vv island will also go one level down and lose the right to vv

    3 / The establishment of a VV Scoreboard these VV battle points one ally collector, and who knows may gain a bonus that can redeem a wire of the Alliance.

    4 / Point board must both contain Deffbonus / Offbonus / Gudbonus, a leader must be able to save these bonus in your inventory (possibly create a furniture ally when vv time starts) and use them when ally themselves believe they need them, or a manager can select and put one’s alliance kp in vv which is low in DEFFpoint.
    FX draft leaderboard

    1/10000 VV KP gives 10% deffbonus / offbonus

    2/25000 VV KP gives 25% deffbonus / offbonus

    3/50000 VV KP gives 10% extra stock for every city in the ally in 10 days

    4/100000 VV KP gives the next 30 days give all VV kp you receive Double up.

    5/175000 VV KP provides less resources to the enemy ally to throw magic on for 10 days.

    7/350000 VV KP will give Alliance 2 new gods Griffen / Calydonian boar and choose imellen.

    8/700000 VV kp will provide a great earthquake that can be thrown at an enemy vv and by going one level down

    9/900000 VV KP will give A city of heroes / gods can be created and owned solely by a leader who ended can build GREAT off types or deff types.

    10/1500000 VV KP will give 100% extra population of ALL Alliance cities.

    ————————————————– ——————————————

    5 / all vv should be continued filled with resources stones, silver, wood, plus a new type ress (to be implemiteres in the game when vv time starts) iron

    6 / Iron must have a function with vv and do?

    7 / All regular game points (kp) must be able to exchange it for VV KP

    8 / For and wins a server must Minimum build and hold 3 vv myself and have conquer a foe VV

    9 / An enemy vv can be conquered by you capture more in 2 cities at a foe vv island

    new feature: The measurement must be resources button for resources shipment to vv as you send all the resources you can now from all your cities at once.

    new feature: a leader must only see how much resources one Medl send to VV.

    little idea of ​​jimdk.

  5. Mim le Fay says:

    re. With this version the team wants to finish the new Easter Event. Interesting fact is that both the browser and mobile team are working close together on this feature as the event will run cross-platform πŸ™‚

    I can not found Jason respectivily The Easter Event on Mobile 1.9.0 on Beta-World πŸ˜‰
    Is it a bug, or only a surprise for live worlds?

    • Jordan Coutout says:

      The easter event is not integrated in this App version πŸ™‚ It will be in the next one (currently pending at Apple for approval).

      • Mim le Fay says:

        Easter Event on Beta have finished in 5 days. Actually my hen Jason have laid 36 eggs, which means, the event will finished today or tomorrow.
        It is not possible for testing the app, isn’t it?

        • Marcel Zons says:

          No, unfortunately the process to get approval from Apple takes quite some time, so we cannot release the App version with the event for beta testing.