Heroes – Survey results!

As some of you might know, we had a survey running on those worlds with the new heroes feature enabled. Unfortunately, some worlds without the feature received the survey as well, but those were not taken into account.

Roughly 50.000 players provided their opinion and here it is: The final results without big comments or proposals. 😉


Do you like the Heroes feature?

h_like (Average: 4.12)

Do you have the feeling that managing your heroes is too time intensive?

h_time_intensive (Average: 2.68)

Do you have the feeling that it takes too long until you can afford the recruitment of another hero?

h_too_long_to_afford (Average: 3.73)

Do you like the fact that you collect Coins of War / Wisdom by solving Island Quests?

h_island_quests (Average: 4.12)

Do you have the feeling that your currently available heroes speed up your starting phase?

h_starting_phase (Average: 3.39)

According to your experience, is the Hero window and its whole functionality easy to understand and use?

h_understandable (Average: 3.94)

Would you welcome the introduction of additional unique heroes as future additions?

h_additional_heroes (Average: 4.29)


Of course we will improve the feature as time goes by, considering the feedback all those players have provided to us within the survey. One of the major concerns seems to be the long time frame to gain enough coins. Rest assured that we will think about (additional) ways to obtain them. 😉

Also keep in mind that the results would have been slightly more negative if we would have asked all players. Those players who do not like the feature (for their very own reasons) were probably not taken into account, as they do not play on those worlds with the heroes feature and the survey enabled (for obvious reasons).

This short blog entry ends … now! Bye bye!

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10 comments on “Heroes – Survey results!
  1. Hasan says:

    “Do you have the feeling that it takes too long until you can afford the recruitment of another hero?”

    I don’t think you gave the players enough time to realise the amount of coins needed to develop a Hero.

    and, i do not believe results would have been “slightly” negative.

  2. chalna says:

    i think these questions may have been worded rather funnily and thrown off a few of the stats… not intentional i’m sure though 🙂

    as to the part about te players who don’t join these worlds being ill disposed towards heroes i’d say you are correct, and as the above poster said, it may more than “slightly” affect the numbers, but i kinda like them, we shall see….

  3. Supafletch says:

    I believe including heroes into the tutorial would help gain a better understanding and provide additional coins

  4. dim says:

    “Rest assured that we will think about (additional) ways to obtain them. ”

    Gold then?

    • Marcel Zons says:

      Although Coins may be possible rewards in the course of in-game events (which are always limited), I was referring to something else with that statement. 😉

  5. A gamer RO says:

    You already can multiply the ratio with coins per day.
    You can reach a limit of 36 coins/day so:
    3 coins/quest in early game
    6 coins/quest in mid game
    12 coins/quest in end game.

  6. Bain says:

    I played with the heroes in the Beta server. It was really fun because we received an amount of coins (not going to say how many though) everyday. why dont you guys just do that in the production servers as well. 🙂 give people 20 coins of each a day along with their “daily reward” instead of giving people an option.

    Give them an amount of resources AND an amount of coins based on how many days in a row they have played. stop giving people the option of the free favor and give them the coins and resources and I bet there will be a whole lot of happy players 🙂

  7. Lili says:

    There’s a little bit misunderstanding. I don’t play in hungarian Tau server because I play in Pi and that’s enough for me (you know, it takes time…). So I don’t know the heroes and I think that I can know them later. 🙂
    However, I know that there was a survay in Tau about this.

  8. Archers Arrow says:

    I personally think it takes much too long to recruit heroes, given that island quests can take from no time at all to a few hours, and you only get 2 coins of either one. I don’t believe that there is another way to get coins either. That means 50 island quests at the least just for one bonus. I personally think this takes much too long for the world speed that I am on.

    • Marcel Zons says:

      It seems like it should be possible to recruit and level-up heroes a bit faster, indeed.

      But please keep 2 things in mind:
      1. World speed doesn’t matter for the sake of gaining coins.
      2. Even if Island Quests spawn rather seldom (because you achieved a higher amount of points), the amount of coins you will get per Quest will increase. Every player can earn up to 24 coins / day, regardless of world speed or current spawn rate. 🙂