Community Update: Week 33

Unbelievable one week is already gone… Time does fly when you are working on exciting new things! So what happened this week, we worked a lot on our super top-secret new feature, code name “Gold trading”. But to tell you more I need for the developers to turn their backs.

Right now there are 3 rules about this:

  1. You do not talk about “Gold trading”!
  2. You do not talk about “Gold trading”!
  3. You do not talk about “Gold trading”!

More about this when they aren’t looking…

Thracian conquest

battle_wallpaperWe also got amazing feedback from several communities about the Thracian conquest! Everyone here in the office was glad to see the long hard work being recognized, so to you all from all of us: Thank you!

Just a few more days and the last communities will also receive this event and we hope they enjoy it as much as everyone else.

Right now we are currently working with you boys and girls on testing the newest and perfected version of Grepolis. And yes! We corrected that so annoying bug from the market with the icons; it was bugging us so much! – Bug squashed!Our 2.68 update is live on beta

The mobile app


The mobile app is just getting better and better every day, it is such a petty that our communities only get to see the finished version. It is extremely difficult to explain the big “AWE” every time we see something going from paper to the app.

And this will even get much better, our team is just on fire!

Coming soon

Don’t tell anyone! This is really a big secret! We are currently working on the “Gold trading”. For sometime we noticed that at one point gold becomes important for you to get the full Grepolis experience, at the same time we know that for innumerous reasons some players do leave the game because of this.


We put together the brain trust here and after looking at many options, there were some very complicated drawings, but we came up with a new concept to please all kinds of players.

The idea is a player could go in the market and create an offer, by giving a certain amount of resources in exchange for gold. Then another player that needs those resources could buy them from the previous player.

This is a working concept, but the first thing we discussed was multi-accounting, so be prepared, we are also working on the security of this! Just check out the stolen image…

There will be more about this very soon in your community, now that the secret is out there! And we hope that players will like this new way of gaining gold just because they play and are willing to share (for a small amount of gold).

 and now a word about beta…

Yet another thing on the table is the improvement of our beta community, we really enjoy the positive feedback that we get from you! Actually we are addicted to it. But we also listen to all concerns, this is why we are currently also thinking and planning ways to improve the beta community… so far these are just many yellow post-its around the desk but its getting there.


We are there! Come by visit! And with a bit of luck you might get some one-on-one time with Marcel, if you are one of the lucky ones tell him that we miss him in the office.

Weekly Stats

The following stats are for activity between August 7th and August 13th:


  •  43 bug reports have been created this week
  • 36 bugs have been resolved this week
  • 22 bug reports have either been a duplicate or invalid


  •  22 bug reports are currently unresolved


Bugs hot-fixed during the week


Support activity

  • 5550 tickets opened
  • 5827 tickets answered
  • 5.16 hours average first response time
  • 234 tickets rated
  • 4.06 rate average (of 5)

And the angry mob of developers will be coming after me now after I shared the top-secret files. So until next week if I survive!

Looking for answers to the important questions, like: Why have we never been to an empty room?

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16 comments on “Community Update: Week 33
  1. MDGeist74 says:

    Gold Trading

    Raw materials for gold..such ideas is only your..the event gold you no longer suffice it..I can understand you..such a classy car costs just money in maintenance..

    Thumb pointing down
    german Player

    • Ricardo Vitoriano says:

      The idea behind the gold trading is not selling gold, but to allow players to win gold by playing the game and sharing their efforts with players with less time or experience.

  2. Quackmaster says:

    Instead of this “trading gold” nonesense and finding ways to distribute gold among players why don’t you focus on balancing the game better so people with little or no gold can still have a decent shot? 😉

    • Ricardo Vitoriano says:

      The gold trading feature is exactly about that. While this is still in an early stage, we strongly see it as a way to balance the gold option between all players.

  3. Question says:

    The use Gold is much more significant in the beginning of the game than later when you have like 40+ cities.

    Giving Gold players the opportunity to buy recourses for gold makes the gap between “goldplayers” and those with no or limited amounts even larger. The resource availability is the only restriction they now have not to overrun completely other players.

    Weird idea in my opinion.

    • Ricardo Vitoriano says:

      The is a very interesting feedback! I will make sure we discuss that on the next meeting about this topic!

      Thank you!

      • Question says:

        I would like to follow up on the posting I did in the previous thread about Gold trading.

        After thinking about that feature I came to the following conclusion:
        It is an interesting feature and will probably improve the game in general.

        However the main restriction should be that this feature should not be available in the start phase of a game. That means that you have to have certain amount of cities (I’am not sure what the right number should be but something like 10 cities at the minimum) in order to be able to buy resources for gold. Otherwise in will create imbalancies in the game so that “gold players” will be able to completely overrun other players due to the fact that the only restrictions they now have, resource availability, is not anymore an issue.

        The result will be that players with no or limited amount of gold will lose the interest to play the game. and in the long run also the “gold players” since they will lose interest in the game because it will be to easy… Ergo a lose-lose situation both for Innogames and the grepo community!

        Outside those necessary restrictions it will be a nice feature both for gold players to buy some resources the might be short on and to “transfer” the gold to others who can use the gold to activate i.e. the administrator, captain and so on. This will create a better playing environment for all players. More chances to succeed for non-gold players by giving them the opportunity to buy some gold to activate important features. This might lead to that some of those players will see the benefit of investing some money in the game later too also. It will also be more thrilling for “gold players” to play the game since it will not that easy anymore to overrun someone just by using their bigger pockets… And they will now have the opportunity to “transfer” some gold within the ally to make it even stronger.

        A win-win situation both for innogames and the grepolis community.

        • Ricardo Vitoriano says:

          Thank you! I was reading this comment and just had to share with the guys in the office, these were very interesting questions that we need to have a good look into them!

  4. dingstar says:

    Those premium should be open to everyone playing the game. Gold can be used many ways such as you can upgrade your wall to lv26 if you pay say 50 gold and you can automatically collect resources if you are willing to pay 50 gold every hour.

    • Ricardo Vitoriano says:

      We could’ve gone with a buy resources options, but we wanted a feature that would give back to the best thing we have – the players! We don’t want to sell resources to our players. In fact we want the players to build their own market, and if gold is traded let it be amongst players so that players are wining.

  5. a gamer RO says:

    With this feature you must to change two things
    1) ratio. Will be to trade only 9 wood for 3 gold. (ratio cannot be maximum 3)
    Proposal : eliminate it.
    2) The minimum of resources that mustbe offered at the market (now is 100, but i suppose that will exists offers with 5-10 gold.
    proposal: change it to 5, 3 or 1.

    • Ricardo Vitoriano says:

      Our initial idea is to leave it as a free market players could make good or bad deals. But it was been brought to our attention that we should look closely to the ratios. We will kept this suggestion in mind, thank you!

  6. Quest says:

    I do not know about this gold trading, it feels like a poisoned gift. Don’t understand me wrong, I’m mostly a free user, I would like to earn some “free” gold!

    But why suddenly change your minds to obtain “free” gold because that’s what you do? Resources are virtually free and very easy to obtain.
    And Innogames makes his profit from players who buy gold? So why the changing?

    Since you find this useful for the new endgame there must be something that we don’t know .. Something that makes it clear why we would exchange resources for gold?

    Also Innogames attacks his gold users a bit, they are like the good customers they have spend real money for gold, and now they can obtain it for free? I would be really angry.

    It’s so easy and tempting = something’s not right, or we don’t know every aspect yet.

    I’m curious…

    • Ricardo Vitoriano says:

      I know its hard to believe, sounds to good to be true? but it is just like that!
      All players can earn gold but producing resources and trading with players that want to get them with gold. At the end of the day, it is a free market of supply and demand.

  7. GothamSoldier says:


    I have been playing this game since 2010 and truly enjoy it. I have played through the many changes to the game, some good, some not so good. I think this is a poor idea. I have linked a thread from the forum on this so you can peruse other players ideas.

    My only comment would be that if this feature is implemented, please consider deactivating it for the first 45 days of each new server. The start is already imbalanced in favor of heavy gold use. This feature would make the start completely unbalanced in favor of even more heavy gold use.

    If it must be implemented, please consider keeping the start as it currently exists.

    Thank you for reading.

    • Ricardo Vitoriano says:

      The start of the game is something that has been many times mentioned, and is also one of the main reasons we are taking our time with the testing phase. Everyone here shares the opinion that a good balancing is irreplaceable.