Rebalancing 4.0

Although the rebalancing took longer than originally expected (also due to technical reasons that were unforeseen) we never forgot about it! This is why I would like to show you the most up-to-date changes that we will be testing pretty soon on the beta world.

All things that have been affected by new changes compared to the last update are marked in green for your convenience. ๐Ÿ™‚


Land units:

Unit Changed value Old Value New Value
archer Archer
Blunt defense 6 7
Distance defense 12 13
horseman Horseman
Attack 55 60
catapult Catapult
Resource Costs 1200 each 700 each
Building Time 5h 43m 3h 30m
Speed 1 2


Unit Changed value Old Value New Value
transportboat Transport Boat
Transport Capacity 20 26
trireme Trireme
Attack 180 250
Speed 9 15
Silver Costs 900 1300

Mythical units:

Unit Changed value Old Value New Value
hydra Hydra Wood Costs 5400 6750
Stone Costs 2800 3500
Silver Costs 3800 4750
Favor Costs 400 300
Attack 1000 1310
Sea Defense 715 1400
erynies Erinyes
Wood Costs 2500 3300
Stone Costs 5000 6600
Silver Costs 5000 6600
Favor Costs 480 330
Attack 1210 1700
Blunt Defense 688 460
Sharp Defense 688 460
Distance Defense 895 595
manticore Manticore Wood Costs 4400 5500
Stone Costs 3000 3750
Silver Costs 3400 4250
Favor Costs 405 270
Attack 945 1010
harpy Harpy Wood Costs 1600 2000
Stone Costs 400 500
Silver Costs 1360 1700
Favor Costs 130 85
Attack 266 295
Speed 25 28
cyclop Cyclop Wood Costs 2000 3000
Stone Costs 4200 5000
Silver Costs 3360 4000
Favor Costs 360 240
Attack 756 1035
Blunt Defense 945 1050
Distance Defense 1310 1450
minotaur Minotaur Wood Costs 1400 2500
Stone Costs 600 1050
Silver Costs 3100 5450
Favor Costs 202 180
Attack 450 650
Blunt Defense 675 750
Sharp Defense 300 330
Distance Defense 560 640
centaur Centaur Wood Costs 1740 2300
Stone Costs 300 400
Silver Costs 700 900
Favor Costs 100 70
Attack 156 134
Blunt Defense 150 195
Sharp Defense 450 585
Distance Defense 60 80
cerberus Cerberus Wood Costs 1250 1950
Stone Costs 1500 2350
Silver Costs 3000 4700
Favor Costs 230 180
pegasus Pegasus Wood Costs 2800 4000
Stone Costs 360 1300
Silver Costs 80 700
Favor Costs 180 120
Blunt Defense 900 750
Sharp Defense 250 275
Distance Defense 300 275
medusa Medusa Wood Costs 1500 1100
Stone Costs 3800 2700
Silver Costs 2200 1600
Favor Costs 210 110
Blunt Defense 625 480
Sharp Defense 435 345
Distance Defense 375 290
griffin Griffin Wood Costs 3800 4100
Stone Costs 1900 2100
Silver Costs 4800 5200
Favor Costs 250 230
Attack 860 900
Blunt Defense 240 320
Sharp Defense 270 330
Distance Defense 100 100
Speed 20 18
calydonianboar Calydonian Boar Wood Costs 2800 2900
Stone Costs 1400 1500
Favor Costs 110 120
Attack 250 180
Blunt Defense 450 700
Sharp Defense 950 700
divineenvoy Divine Envoy Attack 35 45
Favor Costs 15 12
Blunt Defense 20 40
Sharp Defense 20 40
Distance Defense 20 40


Future functionality
diplomacy Diplomacy You will receive 15% additional resources from demanding and looting from farming villages.
espionage Espionage A dispatched spy will receive a bonus of 20% on the invested silver coins.
cryptography Cryptography Whenever your town loses silver coins due to an enemy spy your loss will be decreased by 10%.
breakthrough Breakthrough Instead of making an adjustment, we will keep the research as it is for now. We are still open for suggestions. ๐Ÿ™‚
meteorology Meteorology Changes position in the academy and will be available in the second column.
architecture Architecture The resource costs of all buildings in this city will be reduced by 15%.
buildingcrane Building Crane The construction time of a all buildings in this city will be reduced by 15%.
cityguard City Guard Changes position in the academy and will be available in the first column.
shipwright Shipwright Changes position in the academy and will be available in the fifth column.

As you can see, we chose not to delete existing researches, but rather adjusted all of them to keep the diversity.

Special Buildings

Special buildings are no topic for now. First we would like to adjust units and researches.

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17 comments on “Rebalancing 4.0
  1. Hasan says:

    “Special Buildings

    Special buildings are no topic for now. First we would like to adjust units and researches.”

    According to the data provided, special buildings were the most unbalanced. Then why did we decide to leave them alone?

    • Marcel Zons says:

      The whole rebalancing already has been postponed due to some technical issues. Changing the special buildings is quite a lot of effort. That’s why it makes sense to split the rebalancing into two parts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Dom says:

    When will these take effect on regular worlds like US-36 Lamia?

    • Marcel Zons says:

      There is no date yet. There will be quite some extensive testing before we will roll out the changes to live worlds.

  3. Sauron3 says:

    The changes made to the mythical units will certainly help improving the usage of them, for instance the erinys, manticore, harpy, cerberus, medusa and devine envoy. For others, however, i believe the changes will not be enough to improve the usage of the units. This is caused by the fact that either the divine powers of those gods are more useful than the units, or the units have a fatal weakness that severely reduces the usefulness in battle.

    Although the changes made will turn it into a brutal naval unit, it lacks speed. Speed is one of the things that wins battles, surprising the enemy can be key of conquering a city. The other mythical units dont have this problem because they are either shipped in transports or are flying (and all flying units are fast). I think that with a base speed of 8, it will still not be used very frequently. Increasing the speed to 10 would already improve the usefullness of the hydra.

    The cyclops isnt used because the lack of defense aginst stab, and because this doesnt change, i dont think the amount of cyclopses built will increase. It is clearly not an option to increase the stab defense, and increasing the other defensive stats is nice, but doesnt cover the weakness. I was thinking, a cyclops throws large boulders at enemies, like catapults do. Why not make the boulder of the cyclops damage walls? the wall damaging power should then be something like 1/2 of the catapult, because its also effective aginst units.

    Note: poseidons divine powers earthquake and sea storm are used frequently in battle, and because of this people save their favour of poseidon to gain an edge in battle, also because of this, the hydra and cyclops are not built very much.

    The centaur has good defensive stats, however it is still weak aginst ranged attacks, which are used very frequently in grepolis. increasing the ranged defense from 60 to 120 instead of 90 would help solve this problem.

    I hope that you will take my suggestions in consideration.

    Kinds regards,


    • Neo77 says:

      ยซi believe the changes will not be enough to improve the usage of the units. This is caused by the fact that either the divine powers of those gods are more useful than the units, or the units have a fatal weakness that severely reduces the usefulness in battle.ยป

      Totally agree!

      I suppose that the better way to strongly promote the use of divine units would be to have 2 different types of divine power, one to spend on units, other to spend on casts, at the same (or even different) regeneration rate. But that, would be a major issue in the game code…

  4. octours says:

    This rebalancing will happen in the worlds already open?

    • Marcel Zons says:

      Probably yes (like 90% probability ^^). But there is no final decision. Also, there will be a longer stage of testing before we affect any live worlds. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • maleda says:

        please think over. I do not want to write if rebalancing is good or is not good, but is sure that it changes the game. Do you think is right change the rules during the game?

        • Marcel Zons says:

          Grepolis is an Online game. It’s just natural that the gameplay may change in one way or the other as soon as updates get applied. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Karioza says:

        Hello any plans with peaceful world Hyperborea on CZ server? active players are under 1000 and its boring now can you add Heroes or Artemis on it because its peaceful world it can’t change the game ๐Ÿ˜‰ or end this world with adding world wonders?? many guys wants it! (i know you say go play on new server) but we have one rule (win/complete one world then move to other one) ty for any informations about it ๐Ÿ™‚ do your best!!


        • Marcel Zons says:

          Right now, there are no plans to activate the hero feature on old worlds. However, the new end game feature we are planning to implement might probably have a positive impact on Hyperborea worlds. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. McLenchen says:

    How about considering adding an attack bonus, speed bonus, or something in the lines of Helm of Invisibility power for breakthrough?

  6. HeroDog says:

    New Research Item:

    Galleon (ship): Speed same as colony ship, no offense, low defense.
    1. Sent as an attack – increases carrying capacity of the attack force by 10,000 per galleon ship.
    2. Sent as support – allows for sending resources to the support city AND the resources will sit in the harbor until the supported city elects to use them (move to warehouse). Note, an attack on the city *can* sink all galleons in the harbor and cause all resources on them to be lost.

    Sloop (ship): A fast version of the Galleon. Carrying capacity only 3500 resources.

    Please note: Use of the marketplace can transport resources much faster and with little risk. However, the amount of resources being sent is entirely subject to the level of the Marketplace (500 / level). These ships would be entirely outside that limitation. Also, if the receiving city’s warehouse is already full, then the received resources are lost. These ships will allow the resources to sit in the harbor until such time as the warehouse has sufficient space to take in the added resources. The risk is that the ships may be attacked while in the harbor and the resources could be lost.

    • Tobias Winter says:

      Hi HeroDog,
      Thanks for sharing your idea with us. I see a little risk in introducing another new ship into the game because it would increase the complexity. Having two different mechanics how to transport resources to other players (1. market place capacity and 2. galleon ship) would make the game harder to understand. So what is actually your initial problem behind the idea? Is it just the fact that the warehouse could be full, when sending resources to another city?

  7. Rontonimo says:

    I guess reading there was no date set. My question here is do the beta testers have to go through the building process the same as a live world, or is this expedited? I like the changes, all but to one or two units, but the change everyone is looking forward to that I talk to, is the Triremes. Some kind of week notice for this would be awesome.

    • Jordan Coutout says:

      The speed on beta world is a bit higher than on live worlds but still similar to ensure a proper testing.