Community Update 2014

With 2014 gone, and incredible new things waiting ahead in this new year, I would like for this first community update to take a look back on the amazing things we accomplished last year, some were highly appreciated as others not so much.


Moving our servers for the Brazilian and US communities to a datacenter in the United States of America, this was for a faster and more responsive server for our players.

We tried something innovative, the Grepolis Focus Groups. By selecting from all communities a few players to work with our QA team to bring you a better game.

Fullscreen town overview:
Hard to believe it was just last year a go we implement the fullscreen overview for the town, I personally am so used to it I could’ve swear it was way before that! And I almost forgot how hard it was to get it working.

Heroes were release! Wow! So many things worth mention and we are still in February!

Valentines day! You can forget the crop circle in shape of a heart?

The Heroes are everywhere; this was the week we announced that the heroes would now get fully implemented.

The Easter event was being prepared to run for the first time both on browser and mobile!

We brought to you the Alliance finder – a new and powerful way to connect players.

And it arrived, almost 10 weeks perfecting it, and the team did it! The fullscreeen town overview was a reality!

During those 8 weeks the team really worked hard and at the end, we had a shining new beautiful app! And our summer event: Hephaestus’ Forge!

Hephaestus’ Forge was ready after 2 weeks of testing and was rolled out to all versions.

Lost messages:
Not all last year was good, and we still remember what happened with the lost messages, but we did grow from that!

Epic Battle
We announced the release of the our Thracian Conquest, as a partnership with the movie studio Paramount and their Hercules movie.

We introduced the concept of gold as a resource that could be trade in the market, and we got a lot of feedback both good and bad, but I am sure you all guess what was more and what was less.

We told what was in the pipeline still for the year, such as tackling issues like the bots, rebalancing parts of the game. And sadly, it was also the departure of Hercules and the end of the Thracian Conquest.

FIVE, not one, not two, three, four! But five year! We started our celebration of Grepolis with 5 events, leading up to war against Artemisia in the Persian conquest.
Side note: who can remember what was the icon for the birthday festival?


Halloween! The return of Democritus, and this time he was also available as a Hero!

Tyche granted us with her generosity and gifts, as the team were working on implementing more community suggestions.

So what was your favorites 2014 Grepolis moment?


Looking for answers to the important questions, like: Why have we never been to an empty room?

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8 comments on “Community Update 2014
  1. Mim le Fay says:

    So what was your favorites 2014 Grepolis moment?

    Of course: The Beta Focus Group!
    But it don’t work at the moment. When will they start again?

  2. Sunnysideup says:

    Heart crop circles <3

  3. MDGeist74 says:

    So what was your favorites 2014 Grepolis moment?

    The activation of the posts here. *cough*

  4. Urouge says:

    So what was your favorites 2014 Grepolis moment?

    definitely the valentne-heart, because it hadn’t any effects on the game…
    if the beta focus group wouldn’t be dead right now, this would be my favorite

  5. marc says:

    Play store says the app is not compatible with my new phone (Motorola droid turbo) any suggestions or info to help with this?

    • Ricardo Vitoriano says:

      Every day we are working on bringing the app to more devices, however I can’t say when it will come to that specific device.