Community update: Week 5

reddit AMA session

Today, February the 4th around 4 PM CET (10 AM EST), the Grepolis’ development team will be available to answer all the questions you might have about the game in a so far unique reddit AMA session.

The team will be available for 2 hours. To not miss the start of the session, you can regularly check the subreddit section IAMA on Wednesday. The link will be posted on our international Facebook page, Twitter account and Google+ page as soon as its available.

Don’t miss out on this chance!

The great battle of Troy…

Just last week, we announced the name of our next upcoming event that was also shown in the InnoGames TV episode. So today I invite you to ask about the event directly to our development team. In the reddit AMA session.

The browser version was updated on beta

We activated the battle of troy on our beta servers and as end of event you can win Hector as a new hero!

The mobile version

The mobile team worked on polishing the app, fixing bugs and also on the settings about confirmation screens for spending gold.


Weekly Stats

The following stats are for activity between 22nd of January to the 28th of January:


  • 30 bug reports have been created this week
  • 23 bugs have been resolved this week
  • 13 bug reports have either been a duplicate or invalid
  • 22 bug reports are currently unresolved


Bugs hot-fixed during the week


Support activity

  • 5344 tickets opened
  • 5503 tickets answered
  • 5.79 hours average first response time
  • 300 tickets rated
  • 3.71 rate average (of 5)

Have fun in the AMA session!

Looking for answers to the important questions, like: Why have we never been to an empty room?

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5 comments on “Community update: Week 5
  1. Hasan says:

    Battle of troy: (adv feedback)

    Why are worlds with hero getting both the hero as well as culture level? Should not worlds without be compensated with an award like free commander for 2 weeks too? That HAD been the trend in the past?

    • Ricardo Vitoriano says:

      Right now it will not be possible to change this, but we will keep it in mind for future events!

  2. LEXX1981 says:

    when is the next one?

  3. LEXX1981 says:

    when is the next Rama