Summary of the first Player Council event (November 3)

Hello Community,

On November 3rd, a first Skype call has taken place with InnoGames employees. The following is the Player Council’s summary of the event:

During the first part, InnoGames was telling us how their company works, how they determine their goals.

Like how they make decisions and how their deadlines work.

Also about how they get their ideas for the game.

It was to present us the company to feel more comfortable and introduce themselves.

During the second part, we had an exchange about some subjects:

– Our role

– World Wonders and the end of each worlds

– The mobile app (what we might be able to change and what is not currently feasible)

InnoGames was happy to know that some of players in the council have a large experience.

That will help them to improve the game.

Grepolis is one of the oldest games from InnoGames and they want to maintain the players.

For the next meeting, the council was tasked to organize the suggestions by priority and give it to InnoGames

For the Inner Council, the following members have taken part in this event:

  • SkarletWitch (GR)
  • HBB-1 (NL)
  • H.S.K.46 (RO)
  • Miknel (former EN)
  • florian799 (FR).

On InnoGames side, these members of the Grepolis development team were present:

  • Thorsten Schankin (Product Management)
  • Bernard Graham (Game Design)
  • Stefanie Schaumburg (Lead Community Management).

The Grepolis Player Council consists of player elected members of the community, representing the wishes & concerns of the player base. Select Player Council members take part in events with InnoGames to present their ideas & gain a general understanding about the development processes around Grepolis. The goal of this project is to gain a mutual understanding of community desires and development possibilities.

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3 comments on “Summary of the first Player Council event (November 3)
  1. Thass says:

    I expected more… far away more. It’s not detailed, just some post prepared in 5 minutes. 🙁

  2. Mim le Fay says:

    Dear GPC’s

    very welcome from my side to all of you.

    Unfortunately I haven’t catch exactly the message from your note. You have to choose between the question of World Wonder and the App? When will the next apointment for this wonderful discussion? Approximately in 90 days?


  3. dizzljoe says:

    That pretty much says nothing. Everything that was stated was that a call was made. Will we know what was talked about?