Community update: week 15 & 16

Dear community,

Welcome to our bi-weekly community update.

This time we will bring you a summary on the last two weeks and a short preview on the upcoming changes.

Player Council – candidates

The time to submit candidacies for the second term of the Grepolis Player Council has come to an end. We are now preparing for the elections on the language versions which had valid candidates. The in-game voting is currently scheduled to take place starting April 27, 2018.

Worlds starting

There are 20 new worlds coming to Grepolis starting from this week:

Planned start World World name
26.04.2018 en107 Heliopolis
26.04.2018 ru63 Закинф
26.04.2018 hu45 Zakrosz
26.04.2018 pt51 Farsala
26.04.2018 fr109 Kastoria
26.04.2018 br74 Lapithos
26.04.2018 no34 Ithaca
30.04.2018 nl60 Paros
30.04.2018 sk40 Olympia
30.04.2018 cz44 Trója
30.04.2018 us71 Ialysos
30.04.2018 pl70 Gonnos
30.04.2018 ar29 Smyrna
02.05.2018 it58 Oropos
02.05.2018 tr34 Knossos
02.05.2018 de94 Lato
02.05.2018 gr48 Calydon
02.05.2018 ro48 Calydon
02.05.2018 es71 Lalisos
02.05.2018 se37 Marathon


Browser version 2.161 was released on Tuesday, April 17 and Wednesday, April 18. The mobile version is still pending approval and will be released once both Android and iOS versions can be published in the respective stores, probably later this week.

In this version we added the possibility to deactivate tutorial arrows directly from the main user interface, for the more experienced players. Furthermore, we added highlight animations for the spells casted in the game and changed the order of the list items showing candidates for the upcoming player council elections. The update introduced also a few small bugfixes.

Next version preview – v2.162

This time the update focused on some community suggested features: display of the exact time when services of Advisors will end, a confirmation window informing about the loss of mythical units while changing gods and sorting functionality in the council of heroes. Part of the update includes a lot of technical changes connected to the upcoming event as well as a new hero – Ajax.

The update will take place on Wednesday, May 2.

Weekly stats

The following statistics represent activity between April 5 and April 18:

New tickets Answered tickets Av. resp. time Rated tickets Av. rating
Week #15 1989 1818 3.81 439 4.05
Week #16 1866 1748 4.01 439 4.21

Enjoy your week and stay tunned for more updates!


My main goal as a Lead Community Manager is to make sure players are happy and enjoy their time playing Grepolis.

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7 comments on “Community update: week 15 & 16
  1. Buffysara says:

    As a new LCM you should introduce yourself

    • Anna says:

      Hi Buffysara!
      Yes, I am the new LCM – you are very observant. 🙂 My name is Anna, I come from Poland and I have been working for InnoGames for almost 5 years. In the future you will see more posts written by me on this DevBlog so see you soon!

      • Mim le Fay says:

        Well, we all liked Steffi very much and would rather keep her. But sometimes that is not possible and unfortunately you have to say goodbye!

        So: Good bye Steffi!

        Anna: See you soon in German Forum. We are wanted to wait for your Grepolis Team Potrait there.

        • Steffi says:

          I’m not entirely gone yet, I’ll say my farewells when the day comes. 😉

          Until then: Anna is unfortunately not fluid in German, so she likely won’t be roaming around the German forums often, but that is up to her to decide. We still have Faey to cover all the rest and they sit next to each other. :p

  2. MDGeist74 says:

    There is a new manager at the community comes managers here..

    I overslept which update.. 🙂

    Greeted Me..

    The spoilt spirit out of the German forum..

    I like your name, reminds me of my early deceased daughter. Her name was exactly the same way.


  3. Thass says:

    I know it’s a longtime the wiki’s been updated but I just wonder the new skin isn’t still mobile responsive even though there are developed free responsive skins. I’ve tried Tweeki and it’s fantastic. It allows to create 3 (dropdown!!!) menu which is really missing on the wiki. (you know that really loooooooooooooooooooong scrolling down) It’s also customizable via own style extension, so… why not?

    • Steffi says:

      Thanks for putting that suggestion forward. Third party websites and skins always need to be checked for compatibility, especially in regards to our high security standards, but I’ll put that skin suggestion forward as it seems to look very mobile friendly. 😉