Community update: Week 31

Ricardo Vitoriano

So this week was haunted by so many problems… and most of them because of the wallet, the system that controls the gold. Everyone here in the office is deeply sorry for all the issues that our players had to endure, as also a big thanks to all community managers, as they guided a huge mess way better that could’ve been imagined.

The browser version

In terms of moving forward the team worked on our next upcoming event- Spartan Assassins! The event takes place on  a follow up of our previous summer event and it was intentional to bring a more fitting conclusion to the previous event. but it was a surprise!

Also some changes to the market…

The app version

Cool new feature incoming! – Now changing cities in some building just became so much easier, but there are more goodies for you to discover with the up coming version.

Weekly Stats

The following stats are for activity between  30th of July to the 5th of August:


  • 19 bug reports have been created this week
  • 14 bugs have been resolved this week
  • 3 bug reports have either been a duplicate or invalid
  • 11 bug reports are currently unresolved

Bugs hot-fixed during the week


Support activity

  • 4629 tickets opened
  • 4832 tickets answered
  • 6.11 hours average first response time
  • 215 tickets rated
  • 4.14 rate average (of 5)

See you next week!

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12 comments on “Community update: Week 31
  1. Avatar Diodemus says:

    There was a big negativ feedback throw the different language versions against the packages. Why did Inno bring them now with another name into the worlds? This isn’t OK! Could you be so nice and explain why it comes into the game?

    • Ricardo Vitoriano Ricardo Vitoriano says:


      we are always very focused on the feedbacks that we get from our communities. And we are constantly looking for new ways to meet the expectations of them, one important one is to engage new users and bring them closer to the more experienced users, this is what is currently being tested. Again, this does not mean that it any feature currently being test will become permanent, it needs to also get the green light from the most important voice, the overall communities 🙂

      • Avatar Hasan says:

        I believe, given the fact that INNO is a german based company, you are having trouble understanding the players opinions. We are not looking for the ‘warfare packages’ to change into ‘builder’s package’ or ‘newbie package’. We do NOT want them at all.

        We want what we were promised hundreds of days ago. A new END GAME. We want the developers to put their focus on that issue, which is very important for us. We have tolerated stuff like rubbish events for long enough, in the hopes that we will get the end game. But the community won’t accept these ‘for sale packages’. If you are so concerned about helping noobs, improve the wiki, Make more helpful quests, and give them a REAL GOAL to aim for. Not something like building WORLD WONDERS.

        Surely new players are not necessary to start paying since day one. THUS, any paid service necessarily alienates them further away from enjoying the game. Make the packages free if they are to help the new players. We need to get closer to non-paying players too.

        “. Again, this does not mean that it any feature currently being test will become permanent, it needs to also get the green light from the most important voice, the overall communities :)”

        Sure, they should definitely not be made permanent. But we want to know why the developers are working on these in the first place? If there is so much time and energy with them, where is the end game i was promised in 2013 roadmap, and them again in 2014 roadmap only to find its place again in 2015 roadmap?

    • Avatar Tobias Winter says:

      From the game design perspective I can say that we also tried to design these beginners boosters as fair as possible to all players. Therefore we offer only items that are available also ingame. There are no longer units in the offer and no battle points boosts. The advantages a paying player can get by these boosters are strongly limited. Every offer can only be bought once and only within a time period of 5 days.

      • Avatar Diodemus says:

        Thanks for the answers
        Ricardo, how do you think bring the packages the new players closer to more experienced ones?
        Tobias, yes they are better than the first ones, but the third one is much to strong.

      • Avatar R.H.Stogus says:

        Please tell me how these so called beginner Packages balances the game. A few months ago the things called Warfare Packages were introduced to the beta system and was quickly shut down by EN and other servers because we knew this was not a good idea. Now you are bringing the SAME EXACT thing and changing the name. HOW IS THIS FAIR?

      • Avatar Hasan says:

        From a consumer’s perspective, I can say that you fail to handle your premium currency. Surely you need to improve on your services, before trying to extend them. It just is not acceptable that gold vanishes from my account, and then gets back after a week, but I am neither notified by an ingame notification, nor by an e-mail about the issue.

        Instead I am expected to write to the support to ensure the smooth functioning of my account, and to ensure that I get what I paid for. You need to spend time improving your “support design” not asking players to spend even more.

  2. Avatar Draba Aspera says:

    From the user perspective I can say that you have thrown the community feedback back in our faces, ignored it completely and not even bothered to announce these packages since you knew perfectly well what the community feedback would be.

    InnoGames wishes to milk game and players to its/their limit. You don´t want “to engage new users and to bring them nearer to the more experienced users” (the more experienced users can buy these packages as well, don´t they?), you only tried to find a way to milk some money out of beginners before they are leaving the game – which most of them will do as the stats show quite clearly. Shame on you.

  3. Avatar RandomPlayer says:

    Has rebalancing 4.0 been implemented? Also, any further changes to rebalancing planned?

    • Avatar Tobias Winter says:

      Currently there is nothing planned. What should be rebalanced in your opinion?

      • Avatar PlayerPoland says:

        Special Buildings!!!!! What about the distal portion of the balance? players remember

        • Avatar Tobias Winter says:

          I also remember the redesign of the special buildings and would love to see the changes in the game. After the rebalancing of the units and researches we decided to postpone the implementation of the changes on the special buildings. Changing so many buildings at once is a lot of effort. For now we decided to focus on other features (e.g. early game improvements to keep more players in the game and the new end game). But I am pretty sure that the rebalanced special buildings will find their way into the game somewhen.