Community update: Week 49

Ricardo Vitoriano

Last week we started a new beta server with the overhaul of the farming villages and lots of other adjustments in the early game phase. We already got lots of constructive feedback in the different forums and want to say thanks to everyone who played the new start phase on the beta and gave feedback, THANKS! We are still looking forward to receiving even more ideas from you. This really helps our team to improve the quality for you.

The browser version

Over the week the team has been working on bugs and on polishing the new Battle Point Villages.

The app version

This week in the app there were several bugfixes and preparations for the BPV. We are already in the process of deploying the new version on your local app store.

Weekly Stats

The following stats are for activity between 4th of December to the 10th of December:


  • 29 bug reports have been created this week
  • 32 bugs have been resolved this week
  • 7 bug reports have either been a duplicate or invalid
  • 36 bug reports are currently unresolved

Bugs hot-fixed during the week

  • N/A

Support activity

  • 4130 tickets opened
  • 4355 tickets answered
  • 4.57 hours average first response time
  • 983 tickets rated
  • 4.13 rate average (of 5)

See you next week!


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