Community update: Week 25

Dear Community,

Last week we updated our beta servers to version 2.115. With this version we implemented the new Awardsystem “Grepolisscore” and added plenty of new awards to the game. During the last couple of days we received plenty of feedback from players testing it on our beta servers and would like to thank you for sharing your opinion and ideas about the feature with us.
We are happy to announce that we will release “Grepolisscore” next week to all live markets. You can read more about the new Grepolisscore feature on our wiki page.
Next week we will do our global updates as usual on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Weekly Stats

The following stats are for activity between the 17th of June and the 23rd of June:


Browser Mobile Total
Currently open: 26 8 34
Reported this week: 8 0 8
Fixed this week: 5 1 6

Bugs hot-fixed during the week

  • 0

Support activity

  • 3627 tickets opened
  • 3874 tickets answered
  • 5.25 hours average first response time
  • 895 tickets rated
  • 4.03 rate average (of 5)

See you next week!

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2 comments on “Community update: Week 25
  1. Mattizin says:


    i like the concept of the Grepolis score but im really disappointed about how i got implemented.
    You get so moch GS just from the event awards. That is not fair at all. The Awards which you cant directly buy via money give in comparison way to less points. Also the Attackes, defenders and conquerer of the day Awards only count 1 per world. That makes absolutely no sense to me.
    With the current implementation the Grepolis Score just shows nothing about the player. It just shows how often a player clicked a button in a event or spend gold in it. It should represent actions the player did in the game not in the events.
    Please explain this decisions to me and consider to overthink it again, because the base idea is really good.

    • Nils U. says:

      Hi Mattizin,
      first of all thanks for your praise on the general concept.
      Concerning the Grepolisscore (GS) i understand that you were not happy about the “one time value” we provided towards the daily awards. To be honest we weren’t sure about the handling of those in the first place regarding granting points several times or not and handling that in the interface with several limitation itself.
      We thought that it might get to easy for the few players at the end of the world to mass GS by earning them as there wouldnt be much competition to some of the most hardcore players. That was why we decided to limit it to the one time earning of GS. But as they feedback from the community later was pointing in the other direction we were happy to change it to the wished solution.

      Concerning the awards for the events i’m not sharing your opinion on giving out to many points and the score being not meaningful by this. Why?
      Most important in nearly all cases the event rewards have the lowest Grepolisscore attached to it (total 250GS) to explicitly avoid that the events become the most relevant way to earn GS, that is why we also have in most cases 1-5 awards only per event with a exception for this years easter event which is related to its underlying design.

      The point that the GS could be more point out to the core to Grepolis. I think we already started by adding really a lot of combat and military related new awards with the release on the feature. With the last updates we added even more of those and we are planing on adding more of those step by step.

      Cheers Nils

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