Community update: week 17 & 18

Dear community,

Welcome to our bi-weekly community update.

We prepared for you a short update on the last two weeks and a few sneak-peaks into the future.

Player Council – election time

The elections to the Local Player Council are running on 9 language versions: Germany, United States, Romania, Poland, The Netherlands, Italy, France, Czech Republic, English/International. Overall, there are 40 applicants from all participating countries. Don’t forget to cast your vote before May 13th!


The game was updated to the version 2.163 on 2nd May. The mobile version is pending approval and will be released in the near future.

With this version the council of heroes received sorting functionality, advisors show the exact time they’re ending their services and it is now visible which units will vanish when changing Gods. We were also working on preparations for the upcoming Nature’s Wheel of Time event, including the implementation of the new hero – Ajax – to the game. You can already check the event on our beta server.

Next version preview – v2.163

This update contains a lot of technical improvements which won’t be visible to the players as well as some improvements on the notifications about the world end coming soon. In the past, the game had to be reloaded for the window to show up. Now it will show up on brower and in the app after performing an in-game action. Additionally, battle reports will now always indicate that  Stone Hail was used during the attack, even if no buildings were destroyed. We also fixed Island Quests which were not always marked correctly as completed, if the quest required destroying NPC units. Another fix was connected with Mythical Hen’s recipe book, which should now always add the right ingredients to the crafting area.

The update will take place on Tuesday, May 15 for NL, SE and SK markets and on Wednesday, May 16 for other international markets.

Weekly stats

The following statistics represent activity between April 19th and May 2nd:

New tickets Answered tickets Av. resp. time Rated tickets Av. rating
Week #17  1870  1743  3.79  395  4.21
Week #18  1793  1664  3.64  417  4.16


Status Browser Mobile All
Open  12 3 15
Reported  14 2 16
Resolved  7 1 28

We wish you a nice weekend! 🙂


My main goal as a Lead Community Manager is to make sure players are happy and enjoy their time playing Grepolis.

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