February community update

Dear community,

Can you believe it is already 2019? After a busy end to 2018, we are happy to bring you yet another community update! What happened since last update? What will come in the future?

Casual Worlds

After releasing Domination, we were very busy working on Casual Worlds – a new, more relaxed version of Grepolis, which is intended for less hardcore players. On these worlds, one of the cities is always impossible to conquer and attacking other players is limited due to an attack protection feature.

Casual worlds were welcomed with mixed feelings by our players from all over the world, which we were not too surprised to hear. One of the main reasons for creating those worlds was making sure our new players have a safe space to learn Grepolis, without the fear of losing everything they worked towards.

New features

Since last update on this Dev Blog, we have brought both small and large game improvements with every update. Below, you can find a list of the ones more interesting to our players.

Version 2.173

With this version we marked alliances in Last Stand mode in the Domination Ranking screen, improved Hero descriptions, changed travel time for attacking bandits camp for the first 10 times as well as adding a more detailed tooltip to Athena’s Cornucopia in the main Domination screen.

Version 2.174

In this version, we adjusted the timers visible on the event icons, improved Academy tooltip to display the available culture points and added a star, which now marks islands valid for Domination on the strategic map view.

Island valid for Domination in the strategic map view

Version 2.175

This version came with a few improvements to the Domination endgame screens. We also created a new certificate for winning the Domination worlds.

New certificate for world winners

Version 2.176

In this version, we have added a timer to the World Wonder construction site screen, and the World Wonder alliance screen. This timer counts down to the beginning of the Age of World Wonders, once the world has reached the requirements for World Wonders to begin.

Timer to the World Wonder age

Version 2.177

This version brought a new feature, giving our players the ability to be able to see when their alliance members are online. We also added some small changes to the world selection screen to make it clear which type of world you are joining, and lastly adjusted the Domination Ranking window meaning you can directly access alliance profiles.

New online status in Grepolis

Version 2.178

We have adjusted the attack prevention functionality on Casual Worlds to provide an overall better experience. With the old system, the situation could arise where a larger player could attack a smaller player, but the same smaller player couldn’t attack them back. Now, it will only be possible to attack a player if they are able to attack you back in retaliation.

Version 2.179

With this version we made a few improvements to our mobile app, which included: the world selection screen now has new icons indicating the world type, a new confirmation window will now show up to confirm restart after a ban and live conquest reports can be now shared by the attacker.

Version 2.180

This version brought some adjustments to the World Wonders endgame starting conditions, to make it more consistent with the Domination endgame worlds and give a more dynamic feel to worlds based on player activity:

  • The initial requirements will remain unchanged (250 million at 6 months).
  • If the requirements have not been met at month 6, the reduction in points will take in to consideration activity on the world, and calculate a new target.
  • If the new points requirements still have not been met by month 10, they will then begin to be reduced every month (30 days) based on the difference between sum of the top 50 alliances, and the current target.
  • For a detailed explanation, please check out our updated Wonder Prerequisites on the Wiki.

Additionally, the world selection screen was improved to include a table with world settings, which will standardize world description across all our language versions.

New table with world settings

Version 2.181

We added a new visual representation of when a special bonus is active. From time to time we activate special augmentations for anniversaries or events (for example, Increased Favor production for the whole world). We received feedback that there was no visual prompt to show that these were happening, so we have added an icon which will give you the details of any effects currently active:

Icon and tooltip explaining active bonuses

Version 2.182

Following player feedback, we will make the area valid for Domination smaller. As a result of this change, once the Domination era starts, there will be less islands valid for Domination and there will be more focus on the center of the world. This change only influences worlds, which did not reach Domination era before this update.

What will come in the future?

We have ambitious plans for this year and you can be sure, we are not resting on our laurels. There will be new big features coming as well as many smaller improvements requested by the community.



My main goal as a Lead Community Manager is to make sure players are happy and enjoy their time playing Grepolis.

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