March community update and Gold Exchange

Dear Grepolis Players, welcome to another community update. This time, we will mention some cool new features already available on our testing servers.

Attack screen changes

With version 2.185, we will add to the game a new, reworked attack window. It will make it possible to send attacks with different settings.

Attack screen with new attack possibilities

Types of attack

Types of attack are important for the worlds with Revolt command setting. On those worlds you can choose if you want to just send a regular attack, or one that will attempt to stir a revolt in the city.


The strategies are modifiers to how the battle is fought. They will only show up in the attack screen, if you completed corresponding researches. When sending an attack you can choose to use:

  • Breakthrough – enables your ships to enter a formation that allows transport ships to reach the shores safer, but at the same time your combat ships will be 50% less effective in fighting enemy army.
  • Stone Hail – allows your catapults to damage a random building in addition to the city wall (except for special buildings).


Spells available to use when sending an attack will depend on the gods you worship in your cities. If you do not have enough favor of one of the gods, the spell will not be possible to selects. Otherwise, you can choose one spell that will be cast immediately when sending the attack:

  • Heroic power (Athena).
  • Return from the underworld (Hades)
  • Helmet of invisibility (Hades)
  • Favorable winds (Zeus)
  • Aim of the Huntress (Artemis).
Choose as many spells as you want when sending the attack

Gold Exchange

The biggest feature we worked on for the last few months is Gold Exchange – a centralized system where players will be able to buy and sell resources in exchange for Gold, which will replace current Gold Trading system. Thanks to Gold Exchange, players no longer will be reliant on others when it comes to buying resources. Additionally, we hope that this feature, will provide our non-paying users with more chances to get earn some free Gold.

Marketplace window with Gold Exchange tab open

If our new Gold Exchange seems somehow familiar to you, you probably have seen it before in a different game. We inspired our Gold Exchange feature on a system already available in another game developed by InnoGames, our ‘older brother’ – Tribal Wars. Tribal Wars’ Premium Exchange system is very popular among players and we hope Grepolis players will also learn to appreciate it.

More details on Gold Exchange system you will find on our wiki page. As it is already available on our beta servers, do not forge to to check it out. We are very excited to know how you feel about this new feature!

What is coming next?

As the spring is finally approaching our office in Hamburg, we are working on some small fixes to our upcoming event – Mythical Hen. Stay tuned for the next updates!


My main goal as a Lead Community Manager is to make sure players are happy and enjoy their time playing Grepolis.

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One comment on “March community update and Gold Exchange
  1. Lord says:

    hi, first the changes on the atack screen are nice, especialy that u can choose Stone Hail , well it was an wish, since u introduced it some years ago. good u did it that fast.

    second, the tradechange wont help “provide our non-paying users with more chances to get earn some free Gold”
    because afte the market is saturated, u have to be online to get gold if someone buys something, because minutes maybee seconds after somewone buys something, there will be an active player who saturates the market again.
    furthermore u cant support/help other players anymore other players in donating some gold to them (or is there somthing like direct gold giving on the board?
    an other big piont is, that u now cant choose not to buy from or to an enemy or an special plaver, because some of them ar not worthy to get my help.
    well and your biggest concern seem that u cant trade oall the time because not allways ist someone online to fullfill your orders. its the same with regulary resource trading, so i guess u will change this system too.
    from my point of view i can only see two reasons to introduce this system, first taxes (i ask me for quite a while why u didnt introduced them in the first place) but u can do that in the old system as easily. second to control the market and sell rescources by yourself, without giving anyone some gold. i hope thats not the case but i have my doubts.