May community update

Dear Grepolis players, it is time for another community update! Let’s see what cool updates we have brought to the game over the last few weeks…

Changes in Hero exclusivity status

Every time a hero is added to the game with an event, it first has an ‘exclusive’ status. This means he/she can be only recruited after winning it in the event. With version 2.186 we removed the exclusive status from the following Heroes, meaning they can be now unlocked just like the rest of the Council:

  • Ajax (War) – Improves Hoplites offensive and defensive stats.
  • Alexandrios (War) – Improves Archers offensive and defensive stats.
  • Eurybia (Wisdom) – Reduces costs for Triemes
  • Perseus (War) – Reduces offensive and defensive stats of enemy mythical units.
Ajax, Alexandrios, Aurybia and Perseus

Many small improvements in version 2.188

Version 2.188, which will be available world wide on May 15th, introduces some nice improvements requested by the community.

  • When a city ghosts and a player has units stationed in it, a new report will now be sent.
New report example
  • In the settings menu, it is now possible to choose, which reports and notifications are to be received.
New choices in settings menu
  • We have clarified in the Trade Overview which trades are to and from the Gold Exchange for ease of understanding.
Trade overview changes

What next?

Nature’s Wheel of Time event is coming again to Grepolis soon. In this edition, players can get a completely new hero – Philoctetes. While Philoctetes is assigned to a town, he will reduce the costs and recruitment time of Archers so he is perfect to recruit in your defensive cities!


Of course in the future we are planning to bring to the game even more changes. We are mostly looking for ideas that would make the game more convenient and easier to navigate, so if you have any ideas for improvements like that – share them with us!

We hope you enjoyed reading this community update. Stay tuned for future updates!


My main goal as a Lead Community Manager is to make sure players are happy and enjoy their time playing Grepolis.

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