Heroes Introduction

Recently we introduced the Island Quests! We are already collecting a lot of feedback regarding the challenges and the rewards. But I have to say – unfortunately – the Island Quests cannot unveil their full potential without the heroes. In this blog entry I will explain as much as I can about the heroes and why this feature goes hand in hand with the Island Quests.

As soon as the hero-feature will be made available on your world, you will see that there is an additional reward for each decision in your island quests.


All “evil” decisions will now additionally reward you with Coins of War, whereas “good” decisions grant Coins of Wisdom. These are new currencies exclusively used in order to acquire heroes. As you know, the spawn rate of Island Quests depends on your progress within the game. We still wanted to assure that all players receive the same amount of Coins per day, thus you will get some more Coins from Island Quests if they spawn rather seldom. If you finish all available Island Quests, you could gain 24 Coins a day.

Okay, so we got Coins. But how do we use them? The hero-feature will introduce a new element for the game interface, which you can click to access the Council of Heroes. This is the window where all hero-related topics can be found.


The first window to be seen is the recruitment tab. Heroes are hard to find and therefore you need to issue a calling first. Performing this will display two random heroes: One Hero of Wisdom and one Hero of War.


And you might have already guessed it: Heroes of War are bought using Coins of War, whereas Heroes of Wisdom are unlocked by spending Coins of Wisdom. Due to that, it will become much more important which decisions you make for your Island Quests.

If you don’t like the offered heroes, you can discard them and start a new calling, but that will take some time (6 hours). If you purchased one of the given heroes, the other hero will also fade away and you can start a new calling after 6 hours. You will always have the option to exchange Coins of Wisdom into Coins of War and vice versa, with a ratio of 2:1. This will be extremely handy if you lack just some Coins or if you already purchased all available heroes of one category.

Let’s assume we want to make use of a purchased hero. You can use him in two different situations: Attacking or making him an inhabitant of one of your cities. Not every hero is useful for both, but you have to decide for yourself! Using a hero for attacking is simple:


You will notice a new slot in each attacking window that lets you select any of your available heroes. If you decide to let a hero command your army, that hero will fight like a common unit, but on top brings in his special ability, if applicable. As soon as the fight is over, the hero will instantly be available for any attack again, except if he got defeated, which will result in the hero being wounded. A wounded hero will recover over the course of 12 hours, which can be halved using 50 gold. Be aware that you cannot use the resurrection time reduction when the remaining time is 2 hours or lower. This way, we wanted to prevent players from having infinite attacking or defense power by just using gold.

Some heroes entail their full potential if you assign them to one of your cities. Each town will have two residential slots that can contain any hero:



If you start assigning a hero, this will take exactly 1 hour. Again, we wanted to prevent players from instantly moving their heroes from town to town, just having them there for several seconds in order to defend against an attack. You should really think on where to use your available heroes! However, as soon as a hero arrives, he will provide his special ability to that town, if applicable. He will also help defending that town as much as he can. If the town gets defeated, the hero will be wounded, just as if he lost in an attack.

So much information and we might lose the overview … phew! Fortunately, there will be a hero overview tab in the Council of Heroes as well:


You will see all the needed information in there:

  • Hero name and portrait
  • Current level
  • Experience points
  • Health status (and time to recover)
  • Currently assigned town
  • Current target (if the hero is attacking)

Experience points are needed to level up the hero, which will further enhance his combat values by 10% and slightly improves his special ability for each levelup, up to the maximum level 20. You can gain experience points simply by investing resources for the hero’s training. On Speed 1 worlds, 1 spent resource counts as 3 experience points. The ratio will go down with increasing world speeds. We decided on this behaviour so the leveling pace is roughly the same on all game worlds. Players shouldn’t be forced to play on a faster world in order to level up their heroes faster:


You probably noticed a maximum of 5 slots, some of which are locked. You can have a team of up to 5 heroes on each game world, so you should carefully pick your group. Those hero slots are not available off the bat. When we released information about the heroes in the roadmap, the community was pretty afraid of the balance between new players and veterans due to the ability to transfer heroes in between game worlds. That’s why all players will start with just one hero slot. Other slots are unlocked as follows:

Slot # Unlock requirement
2 Reach culture level 3
3 Reach culture level 4
4 Reach culture level 5
5 Unlocks for 800 gold or
600 Coins of Wisdom or
600 Coins of War

Now that I already mentioned the “transfer” ability, I will dig deeper into it. Your collection of heroes is always part of your game account. That means if you acquired for instance Leonidas on a game world once, you will never have to pay for him again. But this also means you will have to choose on which game world to use which heroes, as each hero can only be on a single game world at any time.


You can freely move heroes over to your game account or to your current game world, though each transfer process will take exactly 3 hours until completed. Fortunately, if a game world ends or you become defeated, the heroes of that game world will automatically be transferred to your game account.

As you may conclude, the introduction of heroes will enable a lot of new strategic opportunities. Before this blog entry ends, I would like to give you a peek at three prominent heroes which you might know from ancient greece:


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98 comments on “Heroes Introduction
  1. John. says:

    When this device will he set up?

    • Marcel Zons says:

      There is no set date yet, but since the development of the feature is pretty advanced, I can say “soon”. πŸ˜‰

  2. Warrior says:

    Then you can finish the play immediately because then your best and most loyal customer loses.

  3. Mythicalz says:

    Very impressive! After playing RPGs for over 15 years, I must say that this is a great addition!

    Any info when this will be available on EN61?

  4. Nathan says:

    if you already achieved cultural level 3,4,5 will it give the slots to you because when they added the new tutorial some people got all the quests no matter how advanced they were and some people only got some i personally got 4 or 5 but i was never given the chance to actually finish the tutorial (i was already playing on that world for a few months) because i was not given all the quests

  5. Fran5 says:

    Very exiting the new feature!
    Will be great use Heroes in the battles and also in the cities.

    BTW, I have a little question.. Would be only 5 heroes per player, for using only those 5 in all the worlds? wouldn’t be more?

    Hope I expressed well

    • Marcel Zons says:

      You can collect all heroes that exist. With the release of the feature, this will be 10 heroes in total, but we will add new ones over the course of time. πŸ˜‰

      So in theory, you could have unlocked a dozen of heroes, but you have to choose 5 which you will use on one game world. The remaining heroes can be used on other worlds then.

  6. Druvi says:

    Hey guys,

    Heroes sure look interesting,And thanks for balancing out the quests..Though the awards should be abit more hard to gain.

    Anyways can a hero be killed in battle?
    Or only be wounded?

    If only wounded can he be only healed by paying gold or is there like a time period he heals himself in?
    sorry if i missed that

    • Marcel Zons says:

      Heroes cannot be killed. Whenever they lose a battle, they will become wounded. It will always take 12 hours for the hero to regenerate, but you can reduce this time by using gold.

  7. Hasan says:

    Can our game account have infinite heroes(assuming 2 worlds end up around the same time and we get 10 free heroes)

    Also you said”This will be extremely handy if you lack just some Coins or if you already purchased all available heroes of one category.”. How many heroes are there in one category?

    • Marcel Zons says:

      You can unlock / purchase as many heroes as there are available in the game. The feature will start off with a total of 10 different heroes, so 5 Heroes of Wisdom and 5 Heroes of War.

  8. Robbyn44 says:

    In all honesty, I think it’s a needless complication of the game and I am afraid that all these “role play game” type additions will transform grepolis into something very different and not necessarily better. In my opinion, the quests already altered the game beyond what it’s acceptable (I am talking about the +30% defense bonus, a real nightmare that makes attacking pretty much useless and very frustrating) and I would rather prefer to see the quests removed and the heroes not implemented. In my opinion, the developers should better focus on improving the game as it is, by removing the bugs and finding ways to detect the multiaccounters and the usage of illegal scripts. Also, a real improvement would be the implementation of a non-simming way to win a world. Cause the world wonders ain’t one.

    • Tiuz says:

      Also the +30% Attack Bonus is a nightmare, combined with +10% Attack Bonus you can attack at night with no real disadvantage. The other one is sleeping and won’t activate +30% Defensive Bonus, so the Night Bonus is more or less useless.
      Grepolis is more and more becoming a klick-adventure with RPG elements.
      Really neccessary improvements, for example the ally-forum, are left behind and more and more stupid new “great” features are developed.
      Grepolis should be a strategy game where communication with other players is the key fact to win a war. But now the team is just going to implement more and more RPG elements instead of fixing the broken communications channels at game (forum, chat).

      I hope they will use their new survey system and just release this new feature at servers where people want this “feature”.

      • Gustav1982 says:

        I am sorry, What? No real disadvantage during night. Let me sum up the defensive and attacking bonusses.

        -Amount of Units
        -Night Bonus
        -30% bonus island quest

        -Athene favor +20%
        -30% island quest

        Defending is currently so much more favorable I stopped attacking on all worlds because of this. I need a minimum of 4 cities to counter 1 defending city of my opponent. It is currently severly unbalanced.

  9. david3737s says:

    I don’t really understand why you keep trying to make this game more and more complex and time consuming. I’m not sure whether you actually appreciate how much time it takes to play the game properly already with 60+ cities. It becomes very hard to manage your own and taking cities off active players is a very tough challenge without you adding in even more defensive bonuses.

    One of the joys of this game is its relative simplicity in understanding that you attack and defend and how you do it, all of these add-ons you keep putting in do add very little to the serious players and many just don’t bother with them. The harder and more complicated you make it the more people that will just leave as its too much work. Every experienced player knows the burden of running a lot of cities and the drop out rate of players at that stage and things like this will only make it worse.

  10. Noz The Greek says:

    if I wanted to play world of warcraft, I can somewhere else. what happened to the war game?

  11. Antonio says:

    I agree with Robin44. The Quests and the Heroes, at least to many of us, are just another time consuming bother.
    It makes sense, though, that all slots get liberated till cultural level 5 because they will appeal to those that play for a month or two and quit. Come on, middle/top players have 70, 80… over 100 towns. So they will have a special power assigned to up to 5 towns, so what??
    You really should focus on finding a way that it doesn’t take 20 minutes to farm the barbarians to those who are present in 30 or 40 islands. If that time could be saved or spent in a more meaningful way, that would be a great improvement to the game

  12. Bend24 says:

    How much population will the Heroes take up? Just 1 pop spot or more? Just trying to gage how good they will be off the stats displayed. I am assuming the heroes will get better stats as they level? Or will just there special ability improve. Finally they have to be attached to a town to use their special ability right? If thy are attached to a town can you attack with them still or do they only act as defense in that town? Sorry for all the questions lol, but this looks good so far, may get back into grepo when these come out.

    • Marcel Zons says:

      Heroes do not take up population. Their combat values (like attack and defense) will improve by leveling them.

      The special ability can be applied both in attack or when putting the hero into a town. But some heroes only supplement attacks, while others are mostly useful when having them in a town.
      Helen for instance is best used in a town, where Hercules might be better in attack situations. πŸ˜‰

      • Yury says:

        “Heroes do not take up population”
        What about space on transport?
        Is it possible to send Heroes with naval fleet only without transport?
        Will they provide bonus for naval units also?

        • Marcel Zons says:

          Heroes also don’t need space on transport ships. So you could have a naval army and assign a hero to it. Some heroes provide a bonus to naval units explicitly. πŸ˜‰

      • bend24 says:

        Thanks for the detailed response looking forward to the new elements these add to the game, figured you guys need some positive feedback with all the negativity coming from some players about it. Just wanted you to know not everyone feels that way πŸ™‚

  13. redsoxu571 says:

    I was just about to suggest a “hero feature” (the idea came to me while watching the miniseries Helen Of Troy), and then I noticed that one is already well underway, and in fact is largely what I had in mind! Fantastic, I look forward to it (and most importantly, I like how it appears to be a fun supplement, and not a game-changing mechanic).

  14. M. Schabel says:

    I can’t wait to try the heroes in game and battle. Hope they will soon appear on the public beta world. And I hope it won’t take long to get the coins to recruit them.

    I’m disappointed heroes like Leonidas have such low attack value. It is actually less than a common chariot on level 1! Also Leonidas should enhance attack like improving attack value or make the troops fight with heightened senses for more battle points, not passively enhance the defense. Maybe any of the other seven heroes will be a good attack boost. I’m just a bit disappointed it won’t be Leonidas, he should be totally bad ass.

    • Marcel Zons says:

      Rest assured that there will be heroes that are great for your attacks. Leonidas is already pretty powerful and I think that his special ability fits well to his lore. πŸ˜‰

  15. Nichy says:

    I have played a few online strategies and considered grepo as the best of all.
    What I liked is the dynamics, the way that most of the achievements during the game depends mostly by the player personality. Things like passion, character, love for the battle, stubbornness, team play and many many others are what matters.
    Please don’t kill this with the new features.

  16. Theogonia says:

    Excuse me but since when Helen is a Hero?Have you ever read some History-Mythology ?Take a better look for your names options please.

    • Stormy Amphitrite says:

      Yes. Please. If you are going to put this feature in place, don’t use Helen of Troy…hardly a heroine in ability or behavior. There are other options for a female character representing either wisdom or war: off the top of my head, Ariadne, Hippolyta, Atalanta, Cassandra, Antigone, Penelope…

      I frankly, as a female, feel rather insulted by the choice of “Helen.”

      • Marcel Zons says:

        Don’t worry. The feature will start off with several female heroes. Atalanta is one of them. πŸ˜‰

  17. cody111242 says:

    how do your heroes level up?

    • Marcel Zons says:

      As already mentioned in this article, you can spend resources for a hero’s training. πŸ™‚

  18. PsyKO. says:

    I have to say I like the feature, as it adds more depth to the game.

    It does however, as others have pointed out, run the risk of further extending the defensive bias of game play to the ultimate alienation of non-simmers, which I would hope is not what is intended.

    Further, it will take up more time for larger players and could become another complication they can do without, as opposed to adding to their enjoyment. Early on in a world game play is not time consuming, but soon becomes so.

    I would love to see an enhancement to resource production later in the game to negate the need for farming, thereby removing that advantage from the botters and scripters, and allowing players to fully enjoy new features rather than them becoming ‘another headache’ – the exact opposite of what is intended.

  19. Chev. says:

    Why make it more complex ?
    I believe you will lose many players, because of these added features !

  20. Yury says:

    A lot of questions arised with this new feature.
    1. Is it possible to send Hero as support? And what happens if 10 Leonidas meets in one city?
    2. Are Coins of Wisdom/War belong to game world or player account?
    3. No matter how was answer to question 2 – how to prevent the following behavour. Regiter in 10 worlds and during first month to get full set of heroes with only problem – which heroes left in Hiperborea and use in battle word.
    4. How many BP was assigned for Hero defeating?
    5. Currently most of active players like war and i dont see reason to select “Wise” Heroes. Helen provide not essential bonus to be selected.

    • Marcel Zons says:

      1. Heroes cannot support other towns!
      2. Coins of Wisdom / War are part of a game world and can’t be transferred between worlds.
      3. Players can do this, but it will take a LOT of additional effort. So players who opt to do this are kind of rewarded, but we assume that just very few players are going to do that.
      4. A defeated hero grants 10 combat points.
      5. Just wait for the other Heroes of Wisdom. πŸ˜‰ Some of them are rather appealing in early and mid-game. But as you can exchange heroes quite easily, you might want to use your Heroes of Wisdom at times of peace. πŸ™‚

      • Yury says:

        1. This reduces the room for maneuver. Active players often send troops as support to nearest city and return it back just before CS.
        I hope simmoning hero will take exactly 3600 seconds without additional confirmations and “server errors”. πŸ™‚
        I already think about new tactics. πŸ˜‰

        3. I’m playing in Grepolis 1 year and already see many players from TOP-1000 of server which started to play in most worlds, conquered a few cities, estimated chance to win world and migrate to new one. Other danger, in old worlds – the winner was known and the crown was obtaited. Some players still play with low activity. This world will be used to upgrade Heroes – a lot of recources and high culture. So veterans will have big bonus in most case.
        Ok. If you say that is a “kind of rewards” i will keep this old world for future. πŸ™‚

      • Yury says:

        2. Coins of Wisdom / War will reset after lost last city and restart in the same world.

        And new question. All heroes should be assigned to one of the world, is it true?
        How to transfer heroes between world?
        Is it possible to play in only 2 world to keep all set of heroes or it will necessory to be registered in third world to exchange heroes between 2 worlds?
        In other words, is it possible to exchange heroes between 2 worlds or it will necessory, at first, unassign hero from world to free slot and then translate hero in free slot?

        • Marcel Zons says:

          You can always transfer heroes to your master account, which has (in theory) unlimited slots. Heroes who are part of your master account are not taking part in any world. So you could log into a world and then decide to take (up to 5) of the heroes in your master account into your current world.

          This means you can use the transfer feature even if you are only playing on one world. πŸ˜‰

      • bend24 says:

        Will the Heroes be worth more battlepoints as they level? This would make sense to me since when they level they will become much better and therefore much harder to defeat whether attacking or defending.

        • Marcel Zons says:

          Right now, this is not planned. But if the community sees this aspect as important, we can still think of implementing this. πŸ™‚

  21. Tomas says:

    I would like to say I think this is a great idea.
    It will bring more fun to the game and I think it isn’t too unbalanced like others may think…
    some people said that the new bonuses are too unbalanced and are overpowered.
    I’ve played Grepolis for a while now and I think this change isn’t bad like some others are saying…
    +30% defence bonus is overpowered? How? All the attacker needs to do is use the same one.
    I think these updates aren’t killing the game but for me are actually making it more enjoyable.

    Great work mods!

    • PsyKO. says:

      “I’ve played Grepolis for a while now and I think this change isn’t bad like some others are saying…
      +30% defence bonus is overpowered? How? All the attacker needs to do is use the same one.”

      It is extremely important to understand how the game works before commenting.

      +30% defence bonus applies to the city being defended. This means if you have 30 cities worth of support, you effectively have 90 cities of DLU taking into account a 25 wall, tower, and +30% defensive bonus.

      The attacking player can use a +30% attacking bonus on ONE city only, which frankly is barely worth it in the later stages of the game.

      This is what I mean by defensive bias, and I frankly don’t like it.

      More players would be retained by removing farming as I stated before, than would be retained by protecting casual players by restricting players’ ability to play the game (by conquering cities…..)

    • Moe says:

      “All the attacker has to do is use the same one”… yeah right. how many improved attacks can you accumulate? 14 at most, and that’s in theory. Then you attack a city of a player that is well defended. Let’s say 3000 Biremes. Takes a lot of LS to get through. Add 30% defense bonus, it takes even more. Way moren than 14 hypothetically 256 LS attacks. So do you think that this is fair? I don’t. I am an offensive player and right now, this game is just no fun anymore. The small amount of BP’s isn’t worth all the hastle….

      • Marcel Zons says:

        With the next update, the defense bonus (from Island Quests) of 30% will be towned down to 5%. The attack bonus will also be changed from 30% to 10%.

        • A gamer Ro says:

          The worst idea… Weakened Defense will be downed at 5%

        • M. Schabel says:

          I don’t understand why attack bonus should be twice as strong as the defense bonus. It is difficult enough on new started world to establish oneself against veteran player or heavy gold user. These attacker has already the scale effect, premium, soon fully leveled heroes on their side, you need as normal new starting player every defensive bonus you can get! I think it is not fair to give the attacker a twice as strong bonus. Introducing the heroes make that situation even worse, because a level 20 offbonus hero will most likely offer much more attack bonus, than Leonidas on level 1 which offer only 10 percent, accourding to the videocast.

          • Marcel Zons says:

            Since new players will have get a level 20 hero after playing some tutorial quests, the difference will be leveled out a bit.

            The reason why the attack bonus will be twice as strong is that the defense bonus counts for all supporting units (also from other towns), but the attack bonus is only applied to one attacking town. πŸ˜‰
            You usually need several towns attacking in order to take over a defending town.

  22. Antonio says:

    I know that the call for ideas is over now so you may move or delete this post if you think it’s out of place or out of time, but a change that, IMO, would improve playing and bring more combats to the game would be the option to create colonies.

    You could choose to found cities or just colonies in empty spaces on islands. Colonies would be limited towns, with only resource creation and, perhaps, a limited amount of population. Colonies would produce directly in the mother town warehouses and wouldn’t require a culture slot. This way, players could spend time conquering these colonies to achieve resources and deny them to the adversary instead of spending it farming the barbarians.

    Colonies would have none or limited amount of population so they would have to be defended by the players cities. Having many colonies would provide many resources but it would be dificult to defend them all. Having few would be make it easier to defend but would generate less resources.

    A colony could be upgraded to city, if certain conditions were met, when the player wanted it and cities could be donwgraded to colonies also.

  23. Coffeeboy says:

    I’m looking forward to it.
    Just wanted to let you know that i think you’re doing a great job. Especially in the last time with all the new content and with the rebelancing soon.
    This will make grepolis way more interesting for me πŸ™‚

  24. NickTheGreek23 says:

    if a world ends and closes but players keep playing on this world, will heroes be available for these players or not?

  25. Icewolf97 says:

    Really nice work!
    But with them report changes? And the game? With all these variables it will lose a lot of players…

    • Marcel Zons says:

      We made simple and intuitive changes to the game due to the heroes wherever it was needed. So in the future, you will for instance have your attack reports adjusted so you can see all heroes that took part in defense or attack. πŸ™‚

  26. The Grep Rimmer says:

    There used to be a great game on the market called Grepolis v1.26.
    The reason it was great was it remained simple (build cities build units attack the enemy) whilst allowing you as a player to use your intelligence – a bit like chess.
    Whatever happened to it?

    This is a total game-changer. Very bad move

  27. madhugowda123 says:

    1.We want the heroes in 3D and not in pictures….
    2.In the picture of leonidas you have given a sword. But why is his attack type is sharp?
    3.Can we change their costumes, weapons, armors,etc? If no, why don’t you make that changes?
    4.If we buy all of the heroes what we should do with the remaining coins… Can we just upgrade their armors and weapons?

    • Marcel Zons says:

      1. Grepolis is a pure browser-based game, thus it will always be 2D instead of 3D. πŸ˜‰
      2. Well, I guess he is poking with his sword. πŸ˜‰ On a more serious note: We wanted to distribute our damage types among the available heroes. πŸ™‚
      3. The feature needs to be reduced to its most essential aspects. Grepolis is a game that is rather simple to understand. Equipment as in classical RPG games would make things unnecessarily complicated.
      4. We will be thinking of other purposes to spend your Coins in the future, but until then, we will release new heroes frequently. This way, you will regularly be able to spend your Coins. πŸ™‚

  28. Warrior says:

    Nevertheless, I never hope, on if the Inselquest without so-called heroes can’t exist. It is simply a too massive intervention into the play, and from the rewards I wouldn’t like to talk at all only. You kill almost and take the joy in this play from one. I can only hope really InnoGames considers the whole number once again. If your (InnoGames) moves really thus by, the players run away to You.

  29. Hasan says:

    Well, it this not an addition to the morale system?Players with 5 cities will have 4 heroes, while player with 50-100 cities won’t have anymore than 5.What is the chance of smaller player having a hero as opposed to the bigger one?

    Another thing, i hope you are fixing the quest timer before implementing heroes? I don’t want to keep clearing my cache every 4hrs, and wake in the middle of night for that idiotic purpose. And others already have a undue advantage over me, this will be a bit too much.

    I believe if the server and the developers fail to handle the load, there is no point in complicating the things.

    • Marcel Zons says:

      1. New players and veteran players who are both playing very active have the same speed at unlocking new heroes. πŸ™‚
      The veteran players with a lot of cities can still level his heroes much faster.

      2. We are still investigating the issue that some players have problems with the spawning of quests. As of now, it’s hard to reproduce this bug and we had many false alerts from players, which is making things even more complicated.

      • Hasan says:

        1) I mean we will only have 5 heroes, whether we have 5 cities or 50. players with 5 city will have hero in each city, while bigger ones can’t. Another question, from where can you send resources to level up a hero? Will it be only from the city, where the hero is currently located, or from all cities?

        • Marcel Zons says:

          It’s right that a larger player has to decide where to put his heroes. The decision will become tougher the larger you grow. But afterall, this is what tactics and strategy is all about! πŸ˜‰

          About your second question:
          You can send resources from any city, it doesn’t matter where your hero is located at.

          • Hasan says:

            Will the resources be sent via market, or just teleported like for farming villages?

          • Marcel Zons says:

            They will instantly be consumed and converted into experience points. You won’t have to mess around with the market. πŸ˜‰

          • M. Schabel says:

            What happens to unused experience points and coins if you get conquered, losing the last city, having to restart on the world. Are the unused experience point and coins lost, like the item in the inventory?

          • Marcel Zons says:

            Nope, they are not lost. You will keep them. πŸ™‚

      • 8ung says:

        Will the hero instantly gain a level after producing enough experience points with resources or is their a training-time like the building-time of a world wonder?

        How much will the highest level 20 cost?

        Are the cost the same for every hero or are there heroes which can be leveled with less resources than others?

        • Marcel Zons says:

          There is no training time. Levels will be granted instantly.
          Level 1 to 20 is around 10.000.000 experience points in sum. The needed experience points increase after each level, so the first few levels are achieved quite easily, whereas the last ones take considerably longer.
          Mind that on a speed 1 world, 1 resource counts as 3 experience points.

          • Hasan says:

            Can there be multiple heroes in 1 single town?

          • Marcel Zons says:

            You may assign up to 2 heroes to a single town. πŸ™‚

          • Hasan says:

            Can we have 2 same heroes in a single world?

          • Marcel Zons says:

            Since you can only buy each hero once, no. You cannot own Leonidas two times.

            But two players may each have Leonidas active in a world. πŸ˜‰

            So it is possible that a Hercules fights against another Hercules.

          • Hasan says:

            When there are only 10 heroes, will i only be able to have heroes in 2 worlds?(heroes can be transferred)

        • Marcel Zons says:

          That’s correct for now, but keep in mind that we will continuously release additional heroes, so you will be able to support more worlds at the same time using heroes.

  30. The Grep Rimmer says:

    Are there any plans to upgrade the simulator?

    • Jordan Coutout says:

      Yes, you will also be able to insert your heroes in the simulator πŸ™‚

  31. Franki says:

    When starting a new world, Heroes will be able to immediately transfer there or is there a waiting period?

    On the other hand, would not it be better to level up Heroes gain more battle points that giving resources?. It would be more logical, too, because as it is now, between a hero and Wonderland is not much difference … and latter were not well accepted by the community.

    • Marcel Zons says:

      1. There is not waiting period, though it may take some time if you take heroes away from a previous world (3 hours).

      2. Initially, we thought about that, too. But since some heroes are not really suited for combat, it would be hard leveling those.

      • Hasan says:

        have you considered leveling wisdom heroes with resources, while war heroes with bp?

        • Marcel Zons says:

          In the first concept draft, this was considered. But since it would be extremely hard to balance the leveling speed in this case, we dropped the idea. It’s also difficult to communicate different behaviours to the player and thus keeping the feature simple to understand.

      • Franki says:

        Would it not be a disadvantage for people just starting to play a world? and that they would meet Heroes at level 10 as they begin with fewer and further to Level 1

        Thanks for the reply

        • Marcel Zons says:

          We want to give new players a hero to start out with. This hero will probably be handed out having level 20 already.

          This way, old players just have more flexibility and a greater range of available heroes when they start on a new world. πŸ˜‰

          Rest assured that also our existing players will get this free level 20 hero as the feature will be released.

  32. HLR says:

    As a world ages I feel that adding available hero slots say up to 25 would make it more useful as a world ages.
    The number 25 is assuming you will end up with at least that many.

  33. Urien says:

    I acutally think, this hero stuff is making this, quite simple to understand, tough later on really complex game, more difficult, I mean I’ve been playing this game for a couple of years, and I loved it how it was. I was a litte bit pissed of by version 2, but I could live with it, but with the hero the game strategies are totally changed and it messes totally with my strategies, what forces me to rethink about all…
    But I must admit, I am really interested in seeing how it will work…

  34. Hasan says:

    when will we have a list of all 10 heroes available?

    • Marcel Zons says:

      Heroes will be publicly available on our Beta server pretty soon! Then you will be able have a first-hand look at them. πŸ˜‰

  35. Facundo says:

    It would be interesting if we could name our heroes so when you’re at war with an alliance (for example) you can name your hero “Alliance-name killer” or something.

    Also heroes would need to have its own hero type between brackets, imagine the funny situations when reading reports.

    E.g: “Terminator” (Hercules) attacked tour town..
    or “Terminator”(Leonidas)attacks…

    I hope you guys get it, it’s great to personalize things! πŸ˜€

  36. jallowe says:

    I too am unhappy with the addition of the island quests, and should be removed from the game. I enjoy Grepolis because it isn’t “Too” complicated. Keeping things basic, keeps a greater size audience happy. Introducing more features that take up more time drives players away. And I for one will no longer play if Heroes are introduced.

  37. simdavrob says:

    Unlike some of the people here I can’t wait for heroes to be introduced and have even started to play in the beta world to get an early look at them :o)

    As one of the worlds I play in is soon to close I can really see the benefit of being able to transfer them into future worlds.

    Keep up the great work!

  38. Holic says:

    I think Heroes and Quests are a very good idea for the game, because i was getting bored playing in 3 Worlds PT.

    A special thanks to the Dev team for making this game a much better one πŸ˜€


  39. Agnar says:

    These Heroes sound similar to what Evony offers..which i am a long time Evony player so it will be fun having heroes again in a game. It does make things challenging. However in Evony players can take heroes from other players if they conquest a city with the hero in it or if the player uses the hero in an attack and loses and the health of that hero is low.

  40. Kking1 says:

    Quests and farming are just boring activities which take away time from the real game, which should be about strategising withing the alliance and properly attacking/defending.

    Heros are just an un-necessary, time-consuming addition which is not in the spirit of the game.

    Clearly the audience here has mixed feeling what what i can read, i understand that the dev team has spent many resources on this feature but it is just a risky move for the future success of the game.